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Homegrown Fantaseeds

Created on 16 March 2012. Posted in Breeders

Homegrown Fantaseeds Voted "best seed company" in the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup, and they have earned 6 more awards in the following years. Most of their initial stock of genetics came through the ...

Blue Haze - Homegrown Fantaseeds

Created on 03 March 2012. Posted in B

- 1st place Sativa Cup at the 2002 Cannabis Cup Homegrown Fantaseeds Blue Haze is a totally unique seed created by crossing the original Homegrown Haze and the original Blueberry.  The musky taste ...

Cheese - Homegrown Fantaseeds

Created on 31 August 2011. Posted in C

- 2nd place Indica Cup at the 2008 Cannabis Cup Homegrown Fantaseeds Cheese originated in the UK 15 year ago and since then has been the leading dominant strain in the history of the British scene, ...

2008 (Reggae) Cannabis Cup

Created on 27 November 2008. Posted in Cannabis Cup

... Haze The Green Place for Chocolope           Indica Cup   Kiwi Seeds for MT. Cook Homegrown Fantaseeds for Cheese Amnesia Seeds for LSD           Sativa ...

2005 420 IC Growers Cup

Created on 20 April 2005. Posted in 420 IC Growers Cup

... Cleaner Bx1           Indica Grower   DNA Genetics for L.A. Confidential Homegrown Fantaseeds for Shiva Paradise Seeds for Sensi Star           Sativa Grower ...

2003 HighLife Hemp Fair

Created on 25 February 2003. Posted in Highlife Hemp Fair

... Widow Spliff for Dynamite 't Bunkertje for Jack Herer Best Seeds Sensi Seeds for Jack Herer Hemcy Seeds for Shiva Shanti Homegrown Fantaseeds for Super Crystal ...

2001 Cannabis Cup

Created on 24 November 2001. Posted in Cannabis Cup

...        Indica Cup   Sagarmatha Seeds for 'Yumbolt' Amsterdam Seed Co. for 'Shiskaberry' Dutch Passion B.V. for 'Blueberry'           Sativa Cup   Homegrown Fantaseeds ...

2000 Cannabis Cup

Created on 24 November 2000. Posted in Cannabis Cup

... 'Blueberry' Paradise Seeds for 'Sensi Star' Homegrown Fantaseeds for 'Homegrown 2000'           Sativa Cup   Serious Seeds for 'Kalimist' Dutch Passion B.V. for 'Euphoria' ...

1997 Cannabis Cup

Created on 25 November 1997. Posted in Cannabis Cup

... Cream'           Dutch Hash Cup   De Dampkring for 'C5' Green House Tolstraat for 'White House' Dutch Flowers for 'Dutch Night'           Seed Cup   Homegrown ...