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Hash Plant - Sensi Seeds

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- 1st at the 2004 Cannabis Culture's Tokers Bowl

- 2nd at 2002 High Life Cannabis Cup - Seeds Hydro

This precious Afghani is descended from one of the finest hash-making cultivars ever brought from the Hindu Kush to the west. Cannabis strains known generally as hash plants are found throughout the countries that border these mountains, but very few have the pedigree of this Hash Plant - a living definition of the stocky, chunky, beautifully sticky Afghanica genotype. The direct ancestor of Hash Plant was developed in the Northwest USA and came to Holland as a few carefully-transported female cuttings. Upon arrival, the tiny, fragile Hash Plant clones were given a safe home in the Sensi Seed Bank breeding labs, where this outstanding cultivar quickly proved her worth, becoming an important building-block in several other Sensi hybrids.

Hash Plant stays compact during her extra-short flowering time. Her tight, resin-drenched flower clusters develop a brittle surface when dried and give off a deep, rich Afghani aroma that’s undercut with a hint of hashish. When smoked, her dominant flavour is the spicy-sharp bite of smouldering resin glands, a sensation which quickly becomes indistinguishable from her effect. The instant vaporization of those layers of sparkling trichomes accelerates Hash Plant’s rapid, blissful and breathtakingly powerful body-stone.

Climate: Hash Plant can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.
Height: Hash Plant will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.
Flowering: Short flowering period (40 - 45 days) Hash Plant will have a comparatively short flowering time.
Yield: Hash Plant can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains
Type: 90% Indica. The Hash Plant strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.

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Hawaiian Snow - Green House Seed Co.

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Hawaiian Snow

2nd Place Cannabis Cup at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.

1st Place Cannabis Cup at the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup.

1st Place Indoor Bio Cup at the Spannabis 2007 Champions Cup.

1st Place at the 2007 IC420 Growers Cup.

The Hawaiian Snow is very sticky, with a great Hazy smell and taste and exhibits a monster THC content and yield.  Hawaiian Snow gives a powerful creative high and a delightfully smooth stoned feeling. THC: 23.7% CBD: 1.1% CBN: 0.8%   Flowering time Indoor for the Hawaiian Snow is between 12 to 13 weeks.  Outdoor harvest will have finished by the beginning of November in the Northern hemisphere and and by late July in the Southern hemisphere. Yield (Indoors): 550 to 600 gr/sqm.


Type : Indica / Sativa
Genetics : Hawaiian, Laos.
Flowering indoor:
12 weeks with a yield up to 700 gr/m2.
Flowering outdoor: Ready by the last week of October (North hemisphere) Yield up to 1200 gr/plant.
Height : Medium
THC Level : 23.7%

Holy Grail Kush - DNA Genetics

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Holy Grail Kush

- 1st Place Hybrid Cup at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.
- 2nd Place Indoor Hydro Cup at the Spannabis 2011 Champions Cup.

DNA Genetics crossed their Kosher Kush with The OG #18 resulting in the The Holy Grail Kush! This cross produces large resinous buds that reak of OG #18/Kosher goodness.  New carbon filters are highly recommended as the smell can be over powering!  The Holy Grail is great for the beginner as well as the Master grower. The experienced growers can take her to the limit, pushing the nutrient uptake to the very edge and being rewarded with aromatic plants with the strength and yield not to be matched!

Kosher Kush x The OG #18
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Yied: 500 - 650 gr/m2

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  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
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