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Sensi Star - Paradise Seeds

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Sensi Star

- 1st prize Highlife Cannabis Cup 1999 (Bio category)
- 1st prize High Times Cannabis Cup 1999 (Indica category)
- 2nd prize High Times Cannabis Cup 2000 (Indica category)
- Plant of the Year 2003, High Times magazine
- 1st prize Highlife Cannnabis Cup 2004 (Bio category)
- 2nd prize Highlife Feria Barcelona 2004
- 3rd prize International Cannagraphics 2005
- 3rd prize Copa La Bella Flor Spain 2005
- 3rd prize High Times Cannabis Cup 2005
- 2nd prize Champions Cup Spain 2005
- 3rd prize Highlife cup 2009 (hydro)
- Plant of the Year 2009/2010 Spain (soft secrets)
- 1st prize Highlife Cannnabis Cup 2010 (Hydro category)

Sensi Star is one of the strongest Indica’s you will ever encounter. It’s a great plant, producing powerful and very compact buds, crowned with legendary amounts of resin. Although mostly indica, she retains a complex high that warps both body and soul. Introduced in 1995, this strain’s stability was improved in 1997 to deliver a strong plant with big fan leaves and nice thick buds.

Sensi Star works well in a sea of green set-up with 20 plants per square meter potted close together. It is best to let them grow for approximately 2 weeks before entering the 12/12 light cycle. If the strong side branching is allowed to remain and flower, she needs a little extra space. Hydroponic and soil methods are equally suitable. Prospects for gardening this plant outdoors are good in temperate zones, where she will reach approximately 2 meters (6 feet) and produce an average of 400 grams in a successful season.

This headstrong indica produces rock hard colas that have a lemony / metal scent and taste. This strong characteristic aroma speaks for itself. Some smokers find the buzz to be a very strong body stone, while others report a high with more energetic cerebral properties as well as a body sensation. THC levels have been reported at 20 percent for this variety, making it a one-hitter quitter. She is one of the worlds finest cannabis strains.

Type: Mostly Indica with a hint of Sativa
Flowering time: 56-63 days indoors. Outdoors beginning of October (n.L.)
Yield: 350-450 g per m2 indoors. Outdoor 400 - 500 grams per plant
Suitable environments: Indoors. Outdoors between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L.
Effect /Buzz: Strong body high possible cerebral effect
Smell/Taste: Pungent
THC: 15-18%

SFV OG Kush - The Cali Connection

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3rd Place Indica Cup at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup

The SFV OG Kush is a solid yielding plant that will flower in 8 weeks. The longer the flower time the better the end result will be, with a heavy lemon pinesol smell.

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Smell/Taste: Heavy lemon pinesol

Shiva Skunk - Sensi Seeds

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Shiva Skunk

The Lord of Bhang is one of many titles given to the Hindu deity Shiva, and it’s said that he discovered the amazing properties of cannabis while meditating amidst a stand of ganja plants. Of all the gods, Shiva is most frequently seen to enjoy cannabis in all its forms and many of his devotees imbibe hashish as a sacrament. As the most powerful of the Skunk family and thus among the most potent Indica-dominant strains ever made available, Shiva Skunk is named in honour of the Lord of the Dance.

Shiva Skunk was an instant hit when released as NL#5xSK#1 in 1987. That simple string of letters and numbers instantly grabbed the attention of any grower who recognised the two famous parents. A new strain combining distinct and stable genotypes is always a noteworthy event, and that working-title indicated a great deal more. NL#5xSK#1 offered growers a taste of ‘cannabis cubed’ - a super-hybrid embodying the two most powerful cannabis strains known at the time. Before being formally named, Shiva Skunk was already building a reputation as the next step in marihuana breeding.

Both parents influence the prolific bud structure and knock-down potency of this strain. Later in flowering Shiva Skunk’s buds bulk up sharply and become encrusted with a trademark layer of oversized Trichomes, courtesy of the one and only Northern Lights#5. Remarkable hybrid vigour allows Shiva Skunk to out-perform even its distinguished parents for yield and resin content.

Bouquet is musky and dank with sweet-citrus undertones; smoke is thick and resinous, described as ‘creamy’ by fans, sometimes ‘oily’ or ‘heavy’ by novices. Shiva Skunk’s extra strong body-mind effects range from red-eyed and giggly to adventurous to deeply contemplative. This is not a smoke to be taken lightly. Remember that Lord Shiva’s primary title is The Destroyer!

Climate: Temperate / Continental. Shiva Skunk can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.
Height: Shiva Skunk will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.
Flowering: Short flowering period (45 - 55 days)
Yield: Shiva Skunk® can produce a very large yield, but cannot be recommended to the novice grower.
Type: 85% Indica

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