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Fruity Thai - Ceres Seeds

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Fruity Thai

- 2nd Place Indica Seeds Cup at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup

Fruity Thai is a tropical surprise, a blend of 'Dutch' varieties and original thai give you the best of both sides of the Indica/Sativa spectrum: A fresh & sweet retro- flavor, and a clear 'high' effect, combined with a excellent yield and lots of THC resin.

"Fruity Thai has a wonderful clear high effect and very nice retro-taste" - Essensie Magazine

Have you ever faced the dilemma of choosing between quality and quantity? By crossing a top-class plant from Northern Thailand with an endearing Indica bred in Holland for generations, Ceres Seeds found the solution: Fruity Thai. This award winning Fruity Thai is a beautiful, lush plant with a Sativa appearance, but don’t be fooled: this classy lady has all the force of a solid Indica, she produces a large quantity of buds with a lovely cerebral effect that leaves a smile on your face.

Fruity Thai takes 8-10 weeks to mature, giving off a mild scent during the growing period. Under the right circumstances, Fruity Thai will easily yield over half a kilo of superior crop, experts can expect to be rewarded even more.

Type: Sativa x Indica crossing
Indoor flowering: 55 - 65 days
Indoor yield: 1,2 gram per watt of light
Outdoor harvesting: End October
Outdoor yield: Depending on climate
Greenhouse yield: ca. 700 grams per plant

G13 Haze - Barney's Farm

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G13 Haze

- 1st Place Cannabis Cup at the 2007 High Times Cannabis Cup 

By crossing the G13 with their favorite Hawaiian Sativa Barney's Farm takes thi legend to an even higher level. The resulting plant yields an extraordinary density of flower structure with heavy resin production. G13 Haze grows medium short and compact for a Sativa-dominant strain, and is ideal for SOG and ScrOG gardens. Not only does G13 Haze offer good, healthy yields and a high THC level, the smoke is worth savoring, as well. The intense aromas and flavors of fruit and spice lead to powerful, cerebral effects.



Flowering time: 70-80
Genetics: g13/hawaiian
Harvest time: mid/end october
Height: 70-80cm
Cbd: 0.7%
Thc: 21%
Type: sativa dominant
Yield: 500gr/m2

Great White Shark - Green House Seeds

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Great White Shark

- 2nd place at the Bio Cup 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Green House Seeds Great White Shark variety was the first ever prize winner of the BIO cup back in the day of 1997.

The high you get from this outstanding specicmen is strong and enticing and really unforgettable – a must to be tried. Great White Shark has an intense fragrance with her odours suggesting flowers and fruits but with underlying winters green. You can expect results from this all round winner in around 8 weeks.


Type : Indica / Sativa
Flowering : Photoperiod
Genetics : Super Skunk x Brazil x India
Flowering Time : Medium
Outdoor Harvest : end of September
Height : Medium
THC Level : 14%
Characteristics : very strong body effect, stoned and long lasting

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