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Arjans Haze - Green House Seeds

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Arjans Ultra Haze

- 2nd place Sativa Cup at the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Arjan's Haze #1 it's an absolute must for all cannabis connoisseurs and breeders alike, and is a very special plant that has a lot of superior qualities.  Haze #1 effect is extremely psychoactive high, strong and long lasting. Its cannabis seeds produce a spicy, minty sativa taste. Flowering indoor is about 11 weeks with a yield of 600-800 gr/sqm. Flowering outdoor finishes at the end of October in the Northern hemisphere, or in May in the Southern. Production can reach 1500 gr/plant. Green House Arjan's Haze #1 produce massive buds and superior quality with spectacular THC concentration. An extraordinary champion for the most demanding growers.

Type : Mostly sativa
Flowering : Photoperiod
Outdoor Harvest : October
THC Level : 22.3%
Characteristics : Extremely psychoactive high, strong and long lasting

Arjans Ultra Haze - Green House Seeds

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Arjans Ultra Haze

- 1st place at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup.
- 2nd place at the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Green House Ultra Haze #1 genetics are Neville’s Haze, Cambodian, Laos. It is a strong sativa high, a rocket fuel!  Its effect is a very psychedelic feeling.

Flowering indoors takes about 13 weeks and its cannabis seeds will deliver ripe sativa buds with heavy density and amazing resin. Expect a yield up to 900gr/sqm. Flowering outdoor: Ready at the end of November in the Northern hemisphere and in June in the Southern one. Massive yield: up to 1300 gr/plant.

Type :
Mostly sativa
Flowering : Photoperiod
Genetics : Neville’s Haze, Cambodian, Laos
Outdoor Harvest : November
THC Level : 21.6%
Characteristics : Very intense sativa high, a real blast. A very psychedelic feeling.

BC God Bud - BC Bud Depot

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- 1st Place Indica Cup at the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup

This is the plant that put Canada on the map, the feminized version of the BC God Bud. You cannot get any better than this - the BC God Bud will cut through any Kush any day of the week! A popular plant among professional cultivators, these very dense and heavy crystal-coated nuggets make for outer-body experiences. One hit can make you ready for bed. A BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup Winner for World's Best Indica, the BC God Bud packs some of the most powerful flavor findable on Planet Earth. She is also extremely pungent and needs to be double-bagged to be discreet. Excellent medical benefits from this multiple BC Bud Depot award winner.

Genetics: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Specifics: BC God Bud Feminized
Flavour: Soothing powerful taste
Flowering Time: Indoor: 8-9 weeks / Outdoor: Mid-October

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