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SECRET CUP FINALS – January 2017


1st Overall and Best Non Solvent #20 Zkittlez Rozin by Fieldz from the Terp Hogz

2nd Overall and Best Solvent #21 Biker Kush Shatter from Karma Genetics

3rd Overall #22 Peach Ringz Rosin – 3rd Gen Family Farms x Moonshine Melts

Best Budder #15 The Bhoyz with Forbidden Jilly Fruit HCFSE

Conoisseur’s Choice

#14 Terp Team Official – NA


1st Overall – for the second year in a row #38 Supreme OG from Supreme OG

2nd Overall – #33 Jerp OG from Jerpponicx Delivery Service

3rd Overall and the Soil to Oil Award – #36 Blazing Ape OG from The Blazing Ape


1st Overall Baked Duck x KC Concentrates – Jelly Donut Fudge Bar

2nd Overall Big Daddy’s Edibles – Craisin Crazy Cookie

3rd Overall Calvin and Globz – Cookies and Cream Cake Pop

Test Results

High THC 84.5% THC #16 P.E.A.C.E. Oil Pineapple Express 10* Rosin

High CBD with 82.02% CBD Ringos Gift Sap by White Buffalo Extracts x Miller Creek Farms x Sohum Seeds

High Terps with 137.4mg of terps was #15 The Bhoyz with Forbidden Jilly Fruit HCFSE

The Secret Cup - Desert Cup

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The Secret Cup - Desert Cup 2016 was held in January, in Phoenix, Arizona.

These are the winners!

Best Overall

1st Place/Best Shatter - Ghost Train x Tangie Shatter by Glorious Extracts

2nd Place - Tahoe OG Shatter by The BHOys

3rd Place/Best Non Solvent - 9lb Tangie Rosin by Only the Strong Concentrate Company

Best Budder

#22 by KC Concentrates

Connoisseur's Choice

#6 by SeeCo

Soil to Oil/Best Flower

1st Place - Purple Kryptonite into Purple Kryptonite Shatter, #5 into #30 by Arizona Cannabis Society

2nd Place - Mountaineer Madness by Flower Rich Extracts

Highest Terps

6.08% - Tangie Shatter by Haggard Extracts

Highest THC

83.97% - SFV Shatter by AZ Terps

Highest CBD

76.3 - Harlequin Tsunami CBD Sap by Blue Sky Farms

The Secret Cup Finals 2015

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The Secret Cup Finals were held in December 2015 in LA, California.

Congratulations to the hundreds of hashmakers who competed across the country and in Europe!

These are the winners!

Best Overall

1st Place - Zkittlez 90 Micron Full Melt by Terp Hogz X Moon Shine Melts X 3rd Gen Family X Dying Breed Seeds

2nd Place - Epoxy OG Rosin Shatter by Peace Oil X A Greener Today

3rd Place-  Jews Gold Pure Live Resin Shatter by Team 10 Extracts X Unregisterd X Cali Kush Farms

Conoisseur's Choice

The Blood Orange Sorbet Shatter by Brutal Bee Concentrates

Best Budder
Gorilla Glue #4 Sugar by Madrone Farms X Canna Refinery Co

Highest THC
78.77% - Banana Cookies Shatter by Bhonafide Extracts

Highest CBD
10.27% - SK SFV Shatter by Dukes of Errl

Highest Terps
13% - Shark's Breath Sap by Vandweller Extracts

Soil to Oil and Best Flower
Concentrate Kings and Cannasuer Collective
Supreme OG and Supreme OG Sap

Secret Cup Beast Coast Winners 2015

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The Second Annual Secret Cup Beast Coast took place in August 2015.

These are the winners!

Best Overall

1st Place - 12  Holy Grail OG Shatter by Boondock Alchemists

2nd/3rd Place (tie breaker)

Blue Chem Pull n Snap by Deep Woods Extracts

Bettie Page Shatter by Van Dweller Extracts

Conoisseur's Choice

Chem 4 Budder by Terp Logic

Best Non-Solvent

East Coast Sour Glue Rosin by Mega Raw Melts

Best Budder

Viper Cookies Live Resin by Ra Extracts

High THC

Alpine Og Shatter by 2 Peaceoil

Soil to Oil

Sunnyvale Kush by Dobb's Dabb

Sunnyvale Kush Shatter by Dobb's Dabb


1st place - Girl Scout Glue by Zigzag

2nd place - Sunnyvale Kush by Dobb's Dabbs

3rd place - Strawberry Banana by Dab Bee x FullBlown Extracts