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Dope Cup Washington 2018

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 Dope Cup Washington 2018 Winners

Best Topical
Runner Up:
Green Revolution - Solace
Winner: Verdelux - Salvation A Cannabis Topical
Best Capsule or Pill
Runner Up: Green Revolution - Moijos
Winner: Essence - Essence Cannabis Sativa Tablets
Best Sublingual
Runner Up: Drift Sublingual - Calm Cinnamon
Winner: Fairwinds - Lifestyle Sativa
Best CBD Edible
Runner Up: Craft Elixirs - Pioneer Squares Pineapple Crush
Winner: Verdelux – Pink Sapphire
Best Drink
Runner Up: ‘Olala – Fruit Punch 10mg
Winner: ‘Olala – Honeydew Melon 10mg
Best Savory Edible
Runner Up: Baked Blvd. – Sky High Ranch
Winner: Journeyman – 100mg Couch Potatoes Chocolates
Best Sweet Edible
Runner Up: Wave Edibles – Sea Turtle
Winner: Craft Elixirs – Pioneer Squares Pink Lemonade
Best Vape Cartridge
RunnerUp: Smokey Point Productions – Smokey Point Vape Cartridge
Winner: Canna Organix – Canna Whupass-Blackberry Kush (Sour Diesel- Strain-Terpene Profile)
Best CBD Distillate
Runner Up: Solstice – Sour Tsunami
Winner: Doctor and Crook – ACDC
Best CBD Oil
Runner Up: Optimum Extracts – Medi-Haze “C02 Extraction”
Winner: Optimum Extracts – Renegade RX “C02 Extraction”
Most Potent CBD Oil
Runner UP: Optimum Extracts – Remedy “C02 Extraction”
Winner: Optimum Extracts – Medi-Haze “C02 Extraction”
Best CBD Shatter/Taffy
Runner Up:  Pacific Northwest Growers – Sour Tsunami
Winner: Rogue Raven Farms – AVI Shatter
Best CBD Live Resin
Runner Up: Oleum Extracts – Firetonic CBD Live Resin
Winner: Olala – CBD Dream
Most Potent CBD Live Resin
Runner Up: Olala – CBD Dream
Winner: Solstice – Shurman
Best CBD Isolate
Runner Up: Dank Czar – Lemon Diesel CBD Isolate
Winner: Canna Organix – CBD Crystalline
Most Potent CBD Isolate
Runner UP: Dabstract – Pearl CBD Crystalline
Winner: Canna Organix – CBD CrystallineDoctor and Crook – Dutch Chocolate
Best THC Distillate
Runner UP: Doctor and Crook – Dutch Chocolate
Winner: Dabstract – THC Distillate
Best THC Oil
Runner Up: Rogue Raven Farms – Mint Gelato Qwiksand
Winner: ‘Olala – Mr. Tusk Fresh Flower Oil
Best THC Wax/Budder
Runner Up: Dabstract – Tropicanna Cookies Cake Icing
Winner: Royal Oil – Skunk #1 X Super Lemon Haze
Best THC Shatter/Taffy
Runner Up: Millenium Extracts – Dutch Treat
Winner: RSOGO – Ghost Train Haze
Best THC Hashish
Runner Up: Pacific NW Roots – Yamaka
Winner: Pacific NW Roots – Koffee
Best THC Rosin
Runner UP: Gold Leaf Gardens – Koloa Sunrise Hash Rosin
Winner: Gabriel – Sunny G
Best THC Live Resin
Runner Up: Dabstract – Sour Cherry Pie Live Resin Gems N Juice
Winner: Dabstract – Strawberry Banana Live Resin Opal Sugar
Best THC Isolate
Runner UP: Dabstract – Gods Gift THCa Crystalline
Winner: Oleum Extracts – THCA Wizard Stones
Best Pre-Roll
Runner Up: The Virginia Company – Kosher Kush
Winner: DogHouse Supreme Cannabis – Tangieland #5
Best Infused Pre-Roll
Runner Up: Oleum Extracts – Purple Punch Crystalline Cone
Winner: Phat Panda – Tropicanna Firecracker
Best Indoor Grown Hybrid Flower
Runner Up: NW Nectar – Galactic Glue/Grease Monkey
Winner: Freddy’s Fuego – LA Cookies
Best Indoor Grown Indica Dominant Flower
Runner Up: Gabriel – Sherbert
Winner: Millennium Green – Platinum Girl Scout Cookies
Best Indoor Grown Sativa Dominant Flower
Runner Up: North Coast Growers – Super Silver Haze
Winner: House of Cultivar – Strawberry Shortcake
Best Sun Grown Hybrid Flower
Runner Up: Canna Organix – Gelato
Winner: Lazy Bee Gardens – Jack of Spades
Best Sun Grown Indica Dominant Flower
Runner Up: Lazy Bee Gardens – Grandma Andersons Cookies
Winner: Canna Organix – Dos-si-dos
Best Sun Grown Sativa Dominant Flower
Runner Up: Grass Valley – Where’s My Bike?
Winner: Lazy Bee Gardens – Tesla Tower
Best CBD Flower
Runner UP: Liberty Reach – Canna-Tsu
Winner: Solstice – Shurman
Most Potent CBD Flower
Runner UP: Tikun – Avidekel
Winner: Liberty Reach – Canna-Tsu
Best Terpene Proile
Runner Up: Dank Czar – Lili’Koi
Winner: Liberty Reach – Tropicanna Cookies
Most Potent Flower
Runner Up: Phat Panda – Trophy Wife
Winner: Phat Panda – GMO


Dope Cup Washington 2017

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 Dope Cup 2017

Here are the winners from the Dope Cup, 2017. Held on April 23rd, Seattle, Washington. 


Best Nose

1st Place - Fruity Pebbles by North Coast Growers

2nd Place - Jack Of Spades by Lazy Bee Gardens. 


Most Potent Flower

1st Place - Gorilla Glue #4 by Hannah/Dawgstar

2nd Place - Gorilla Glue #4 by North Coast Growers


Best CBD Flower

1st Place - Shurman #7 by Solstice Grown

2nd Place - Sour Tsunami by North Coast Growers


Best Hybrid Flower

1st Place - Gorilla Glue #4 by North Coast Growers

2nd Place -  Cherry Pie by Leaph/ NW Elixirs


Best Indica Dominant 

1st Place - Brandywine by Doc and Yeti

2nd Place - Strawberry Banana by North Coast Growers


Best Sativa Dominant

1st Place - Red Headed Stranger by Doc and Yeti

2nd Place - Tesla Power by Lazy Bee Gardens



Best Rosin

1st Place - Sour D Hash Rosin by Gold Leaf Gardens

2nd Place - Honey B/Lemon Skunk by House Of Cultivar


Best Hashish / Bubble / Temple Ball 

1st Place - Gorilla Glue Full Melt hash by Gold Leaf Gardens

2nd Place - Cannalope Kush Hash by Hash Dog


Best Live Resin

1st Place - Magneto Honey Crystal by Oleum Extracts

2nd Place - Blueberry Cookies by Solstice Grown


Best Oil

1st Place - Lemon OG Kush by Doctor and Crook

2nd Place - Cheese by Gaga Platinum Extracts