Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup (PMHC)

Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup 2017

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7th Annual PMHC October 6-8 2017 Saskatoon

The winners of the 2017 Prairie Medical Cannabis Cup (PMHC)


A - Sour Tsunami (Fractal Farms)

B - The Truth (TCC)

C - Super Silver Haze (Private Grower MMAR) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

D - Cookie (Continental Group)

E - Critical Mass (Continental Group) - 1ST PLACE WINNER

F - Strawberry Cough (Continental Group) - 2ND PLACE WINNER



A - Lindsay OG (Liberty Farms) - 1ST PLACE WINNER

B - Shishkaberry (Twelve High Chicks)

C - Remo Chemo Kush (Phat Pharmer)

D - God Quad (Continental Group) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

E - Strawberry Kusk (Continental Group) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

F - Tuna Kush (Private Grower)



A - Zombie Kush (Phat Pharmer) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

B - Pineapple Express (Twelve High Chicks)

C - Gorilla Glue Number Four (Teemu Selanne - PRIVATE GROWER MMAR) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

D - White Castle (TCC)

E - Zeus (Private Grower MMAR)

F - Master Bubba (Continental Group) - 1ST PLACE WINNER



A - Liberty Cut Cookies Shatter (Liberty Farms)

B - Romulin Shatter (Lone Tree Concentrates - Grown By Reasonable Farms)

C - Sour Bubba Shatter (TCC)

D - Astro Glue Rosin (Sunshine Rosin)

E - Ghost Train Haze Rosin (Teemu Selanne - PRIVATE GROWER MMAR)

F - Terpsauce Distillate Mix (TCC)

G - Blueberry Distillate (The High Guys) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

H - Super Silver Haze Budda (Private Grower MMAR)

I - Skywalker OG Live Resin (Diamond Concentrates)

J - Crown OG Live Resin (Diamond Concentrates)

K - Kush Salad Distillate (Valley Pure)

L - Purple Syrup Rosin (Sunshine Rosin)

M - Pineapple Live Resin (Continental Group)

N - Strawberry Kush Live Resin (Continental Group)

O - Pineapple Shatter (Continental Group) - 1ST PLACE WINNER

P - Strawberry Kush Shatter (Continental Group) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

Prairie Medicinal Cannabis Cup 2016

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The winners of the 2016 Prairie Medical Cannabis Cup (PMHC)


1st Place - Cheese X Kush - Private Grower (E) 

2nd Place - Gape Gum - Whole Leaf Healing Tree (B) 

3rd Place - Rockstar - Private Grower (D)


1st Place - Alien Kracker - The Natty Roots Seed Co. (B)

2nd Place - Strawberry Kush - Canuck Chronic Gardener (C)

3rd Place - Lady Bug OG - Phat Pharmer (A)


1st Place - Super Silver Haze - Dave Elder (B)

2nd Place - Power Plant "Heisenberg Cut" from Dutch Passion - Cannacopeia Consulting (C)

3rd Place - Sugar Jack - Budbuddy's Private Grower (E)


1st Place - Terpfire - Pink Tuna (H)

2nd Place - Terpfire - Big Budda Cheese (I)

3rd Place - Kind Selections - Strawberry White Cookie (G)

Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup 2013 - The Winners

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3rd annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup - 2013.

These are the winners.

Best Sativa

1st Place - Davy Jones

2nd Place - Super Lemon Haze

3rd Place - Cookie Wreck

Best Indica

1st Place - Blueberry

2nd Place - Black & Blue

3rd Place - Tuna Kush

Best Hybrid

1st Place - Cookie OG

2nd Place - Burmese

3rd Place - Blueberry Jam

Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup 2014 - The Winners

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Here's the winners of the annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup  - 2014.


1st Place - Pineapple Chunk by Help Sask Grow

2nd Place - Watermelon by THC Company

3rd Place - Super Lemon Haze by Hemp Man


1st Place - Conkushion by Med Man

2nd Place - Annihilator by THC Company

3rd Place - Remo's Kush by Urban Grower


1st Place - Grape Gum by B&B Hydro

2nd Place - King Bubba by Fraser Valley Coop Grow And Concentrates

3rd Place - BTW by Jeff Mcnab Highway 10