Harvest Moon Cup

1st Annual Harvest Moon Cup 2015

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The First Annual Harvest Moon Cup by Eden Medicinal Society was held on the 24th of October in Vancouver (BC), Canada. The Harvest Moon Cup was launched to give a chance for the top cannabis producers in the Pacific North West to compete to see who produces the high quality flowers. Judges received samples of each entry (40+) in three categories (indica, sativa,hybrid) and voted online based of flavor, potency, aroma, appearance, and overall enjoyment. The main event included a live broadcast of the Urban Grower and a live performance by the Snoop Dogg who announced the following winners.

Best Sativa

1st Place - Super Lemon Haze by Guano

2nd Place - Lemon Lime Jones by West Hill Runners club

3rd Place - White Widow by MGL Gardens

Best Indica

1st Place - OG Kush by Urban Grower

2nd Place - Master Kush by Lonny

3rd Place - Lindsay OG by Bakersview Farms

Best Hybrid

1st Place - Green Crack x God Bud by Destiny Grow Systems

2nd Place - HeadBand Kush by Urban Grower

3rd Place - Girl Scout Cookies by Heavenly Daze

High CBD

1st Place - CBD Renee by Great Gardener

2nd Place - Envy #4 by Miss Envy