2011 Marijuana Music Awards

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The Winners of the Marijuana Music Awards were announced the 5th of June at the Treating Yourself 2011 Expo in Toronto, Canada.



2011 Marijuana Music Awards results

Song of the year - Kronic Castle
by The Kul

Album of the year- 420 Mass
by DJ Slim

Best Artist - $100 Bag
by Mystic Roots

Best Rap, Hip Hop - High
by The Reallionaires

Best Rock, Pop -The High Life
by The BreezeWay

Best Reggae, Dancehall - Sinsemilla
by Elaine LilBit Shepherd

Best Dj Mix - Marie-Ganjugglin
by Diego Dj

Best Poetry - The Mellow Hippie
by Paul Bullock

Best Video - Legalize
by Musiciens Sans Frontieres

Best Hemp - It's Just A Plant
by Real One