2009 Global Marijuana Music Awards

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Global Marijuana Music Awards2009 Global Marijuana Music Awards results

Song of the year - Brother Can you Spare A Dime?
by Johnny Reeferseed & The High Rollers

Album of the year- Ganja Plantation
by Rich Hardesty

Best Female Artist - I Feel High

Best Male Artist - Toke N Bounce
by Chief Greenbud

Best Hip Hop Song - LaLaLa (On That)
by Adult Film Stars

Best Rap Song - Posted on the Corner
by DJ Mercenary

Best Reggae Song - Cassava
by Andrew Mystic aka "PZ"

Best Dub Song - Mary Jane Dub
by SeeFARi

Best Blues Song - Seems Like The Blues
by Various Lazy

Best Rock Song - Not Backing Down
by Winter Springs

Best Country Song - Chickasaw County
by Jimmy Aldridge

Best Pop Song - Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
by Johnny Reeferseed & The High Rollers

Best Instrumental - Morphic Fields
by Jesse Batiuk

Best Experimtental Song - Pot in the Closet
by Wes Day

Best Acoustic Song - A Friend With Weed
by Chief Greenbud

Best Comedy Song - The Hit That Makes You Cough
by Chief Greenbud

Best Legalization Song - The Legalization Song
by Chief Greenbud

Best Dj Mix - High Rhymes
by Prophecy

Best Medical Song - Ital Medi
by Sahra Indio

Best Spiritual Song - Peaceful Village
by Seefari

Best Hemp Song - Hand Me The Lighter
by DJ Mercenary

Best Music Video - I Wanna Get High
by DJ Slim

Best Poetry - Agent X
by Hydropods