2007 Global Marijuana Music Awards

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Global Marijuana Music Awards2007 Global Marijuana Music Awards results

Song of the year - Marijuana
by Nicky Amini ft. Afroman

Album of the year- Easy Duzzit
by Dr. Mooch

Best Rap song - I smoke
by Oddballaz

Best Reggae- Sweet Sensei
by Freesound

Best Rock, Best Pop & Best Comedy - Smoke That Weed
by Nice Peter

Best Country - Sweet Hydro
by Sean Reefer ft. The Resin Valley Boys

Best Blues Song - Smokin & Drinkin
by Howard Glazer ft. The EL 34's

Best Experimental - Dr. Jackel vs Mr. Highed
by Stony Kurtis

Best Instrumental - Metal Thunder
by Minya

Best Hemp song - Reggae on the Farm
by Sahra Indio

Best Spiritual - Puff for Peace
by Jet Baker

Best "The Bush" song - The Bush Song
by Nice Peter

Best Legalization - Our Own Destiny
by Calypso Val

Best Medical - How Do I Smoke
by Real One

Best Music Video - Tree of Life
by Human

Best Poetry - The Passing Of a Joint
by Paul Bullock