Nimbin Mardi Grass

2012 Nimbin Mardi Grass

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Nimbin Mardi Grass Cannabis Cup 2012Nimbin Mardi Grass, May 5th & 6th 2012.

The Nimbin Mardi Grass is Australia's Cannabis Festival and occurs usually the first weekend in May in Nimbin, New South Wales in Australia. Mardi Grass is 5th & 6th May 2012.

It’s a two day festival filled with cannabis related activities such as the Cannabis Cup and joint rolling competitions.

2011 Nimbin Mardi Grass

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Nimbin Mardi Grass 2011

Australia's 2011 Nimbin Mardi Grass, April 30th & May 1st.

New at Nimbin Mardi Grass: Cannabis Cookie Cup (CCC)

Cannabis Cookie Cup 2011. Entries in by wednesday 27th 6pm... Cup winner announced sat evening in Town Hall at Cannabis cooking show.

For the first time there is a LOCAL BAKERS competition to see just who does make the best NIMBIN COOKIE Sorry folks this competition is serious business we are told by the MEDICINAL CANNABIS SUPPORT GROUP organising it. Only Nimbin cookie sellers can enter, but what you can do for them, is be a judge!

(Video) Nimbin Cannnabis Cup 2011: Weed Speedrolling Contest

more info: Mardi Grass 2011 Program

2009 Nimbin Mardi Grass

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2009 HEMP Olympix Champions results

These are the results of the 2009 HEMP Olympix Champions


1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Blind Roll Final

Bob The Builder (31 sec.)



Artistic Roll Final

Bob The Builder for
Marijuana Obama
George for
Bunch Of Tulips
Rex for
Peace Symbol

Adverse Conditions Final

Bob The Builder (23 sec.) Simon

Speed Roll Final

Celia (26 sec.) Bob The Builder

Bong Throw Mens Final

Brendan (39.2 meters) Maccio (35.1 meters) Tuttz (35.0 meters)

Bong Throw Womens Final

Rachael (35.7 meters) Celeste (33.9 meters) Liz (30.8 meters)

Growers Ironperson Men

Fin (67 sec.)  Patrick (81 sec.)  Adrian (82 sec.)

Growers Ironperson Women

Brendan (79 sec.) Maccio (88 sec.) Tuttz (91 sec.)