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2007 Global Marijuana Music Awards

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Global Marijuana Music Awards2007 Global Marijuana Music Awards results

Song of the year - Marijuana
by Nicky Amini ft. Afroman

Album of the year- Easy Duzzit
by Dr. Mooch

Best Rap song - I smoke
by Oddballaz

Best Reggae- Sweet Sensei
by Freesound

Best Rock, Best Pop & Best Comedy - Smoke That Weed
by Nice Peter

Best Country - Sweet Hydro
by Sean Reefer ft. The Resin Valley Boys

Best Blues Song - Smokin & Drinkin
by Howard Glazer ft. The EL 34's

Best Experimental - Dr. Jackel vs Mr. Highed
by Stony Kurtis

Best Instrumental - Metal Thunder
by Minya

Best Hemp song - Reggae on the Farm
by Sahra Indio

Best Spiritual - Puff for Peace
by Jet Baker

Best "The Bush" song - The Bush Song
by Nice Peter

Best Legalization - Our Own Destiny
by Calypso Val

Best Medical - How Do I Smoke
by Real One

Best Music Video - Tree of Life
by Human

Best Poetry - The Passing Of a Joint
by Paul Bullock

2005 Nimbin Mardi Grass

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2005  Nimbin Cannabis Cup results
"This year it was decided to separate the two judgings, and just have the two categories".



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize


Bubble Hash


Silverberry, Hash Plant, Durban


Rainbow Dreaming


Louses Liquorice