Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair 2019

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Oregon Growers Cup is the premier cannabis cultivation competition in Oregon.

These are the Winners!

Category Indoors
1st place: Midnight Trich Farm - Lemon Punch
2nd place: Brave Heart Private Reserve - Sundae Driver
3rd place: Dog House - Drool

Category Outdoor
1st place: Decibel Farms - Orange Apricot x Mac
2nd place: Benson Arbor - Josh Dog
3rd place: Laughing Dog Farms - Tang Breath

Category Greenhouse
1st place: Cascade Chronic - Oregon OG
2nd place: The Plant - White Tahoo cookies
3rd place: Grateful Greenery - Golden Goat

Category Hemp
1st place: Black Tie CBD - Lemon Cream Diesel - CBG
2nd place: Grateful Beginnings - Special Sauce
3rd place: Kush Hemp - State 3 Farms

Category Solventless
1st place: Decibel Farms - South Fork Kush
2nd place: Portland Extracts - Garlic n Cream
3rd place: Stoney Acres - Citron Snacks

Category Pre-roll
1st place: Decibel Farms - Triple Chocolate Chip
2nd place: Gud Gardens - Gud Night
3rd place: Rebel Spirit Farms - Gobble Gobble

Best Cartridges
1st place: Decibel Farms - Banana Pie Live Resin
2nd place: O penVape Craft RESERVE - Silver Hawk
3rd place: Rolen Stone - Sweet Sherb

Best CBD Extracts
1st place: Bleu Cheese Keif - Bleu Cheese Keif
2nd place: Green Logic - Umpqua CBD Terp Crystals
3rd place: Angel Industries - Hemp CBD Drops

Best BHO
1st place: Stoney Acres - Animal Cookies 
2nd place: Green Queen Farms - Squirt Diamonts & Sauce
3rd place: Artifact Extracts - Pineapple UD Cake Live Resin

Best Hash
1st place: Nelson & Company - Death Star
2nd place: Decibel Farms - Live South Fork Kush
3rd place: Nelson & Company - Chem de la Chem

Best Topical: Angel Industries

Best Tincture: Trichome Farms

Best RSO: Rebel Roots

Indoor Grow Master: No Till Army

Outdoor Grow Master: Alter Farms