Oregon Cannabis Growers Cup

Oregon Cannabis Growers Cup 2022

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8th Annual Oregon Growers Cup

Cup Event & Award Ceremony held on December 3rd, 2022  in Riddle, OR

2022 Oregon Growers Cup winners

1st Place - Kaprikorn - Candy Rain
2nd Place - Luvli - Pressure
3rd Place - PDX Organics - Apple Mai Tai

1st Place - Southern Flame - Mimosa
2nd Place - Cannabis Fine - Doc Z
3rd Place - Left Coast - Peanut Butter Breath

1st Place - Cannassentials - Spritzer
2nd Place - Jiffy Pop - GMO
3rd Place - The Plant - Gary's Wedding

1st Place - PDX Organics - Apple Mai Tai 
2nd Place - Avitas - Gelato Punch
3rd Place - Erb - Jah Goo

Infused Preroll  
1st Place - BA Botanicals - J & S Donut Gelato 41
2nd Place - Decibel - Red Pop #6
3rd Place - Quantum Oregon - GMO

1st Place -  Black Tie CBD - Jealousy 
2nd Place - Black Tie CBD - Gushers
3rd Place - Mission Lago Farms - Pink Panther

1st Place - Co2 Company - Designer Runtz
2nd Place - Entourage - Black Jack
3rd Place - Quantum - Memory Loss

1st Place - Dr Jolly's - Super Silver Haze
2nd Place - Rolen Stone - Mega Runtz
3rd Place - Cannabis Nation - Memory Loss

1st Place - Piff Stixs - Bermuda 
2nd Place - Lofty Growers - Super Boof
3rd Place - Decibel - Mac Tyson #10

1st Place - Chalice (Bald Peak) Essential Oils

1st Place - Ledgend Drinks - Goji Cherry Elixir 

CBD Extracts 
1st Place - Black Tie CBD 

CBD Carts 
1st Place  - Firefly Extracts - Purple Kush

1st Place -  Bonafide Cannabis - Umami 

1st Place -  Rebel Roots - Sunshine

1st Place - Rebel Spirit Cannabis - Tangerine Tart

1st Place - Co2 Company - Strawberry 

THC Topical 
1st Place - Rebel Spirit Cannabis Salve

People's Choice
1st Place - Avitas

Growmaster Indoor 
1st Place - Green Clover Farms
2nd Place - Fenario Farms
3rd Place - Avitas 

Growmaster Outdoor 
1st Place - The Plant
2nd Place - Alter Farms
3rd Place - Million Elephants

Growmaster Greenhouse 
1st Place - Bliss Cultivation

Oregon Cannabis Growers Cup 2021

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Oregon Cannabis Growers Cup - 2021
12 pm - 8 pm, December 4th.

The Cup Event & Award Ceremony were held in Riddle, Douglas County, Oregon.

These are the winners!

1st place: Nelson & Company Organics - GMO
2nd place: Luvli - Pressure
3rd place: RNG Seeds - Forbidden Fruit

1st place: Dirt Dawgz - Orange Push Pop x Animal Mintz
2nd place: Stoney Acres - Royal Limez
3rd place: Alter Farms - Orange Asphalt

1st place: The Plant - Sherbacio
2nd place: Cannaessentiat - Tangies & Cream
3rd place: Grateful Greenery - OA Mac

1st place: Arrowleaf Hemp 
2nd place: Elli-Hou Farms (CBD) - Super Sour Lifter
3rd place: Black Tie CBD - BT Kush

1st place: Madrone Farms - Papaya
2nd place: Madrone Farms - Honey Banana
3rd place: Nelson & Company Organics

1st place: Rebel Roots farms - Blueberry Muffin Live Resin Diamonds
2nd place: Burnt River Farms - Samoa Cookies
3rd place: Halo + Hush - OG Kush

1st place: NW Kind - Blueberry Muffin #4
2nd place: Cannabis Nation Farms -Oregon Blueberry
3rd place: Halo + Winberry - Tropical Trainwreck

CBD Extracts
1st place: Angel Industries - Angel CBG-A Crumble
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

1st place: Rebel Spirit Cannabis - Gooble Gobble
2nd place: Decibel Farms - TRZ
3rd place: Trichome Farms - Runtz

Infused Pre-Roll
1st place: Decibel Farms - TRZ Loud
2nd place: Entourage Cannabis (CBDiscovery) - Powdered Donuts x Watermelon Zittes
3rd place: Quantum - Larry Byrd Breath

1 x 1
1st place: Chalice Brands (Bald Peak Farms) - Strawberry Remedy #9
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

1st place: Angel Industries - Rainbow Children
2nd place: Tj's Gardens - Tj's Indica Flower Blend
3rd place: Elysium Fields - Mob Boss

1st place: Rebel Roots Farms - Strawberry Guava
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

1st place: Major Drinks - Major Drink
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

CBD Vape
1st place: Firefly Extracts - Cherry Wife
2nd place: Higher Cultures - Harlequin 1:1
3rd place: Total Cannabinoid Company - Special Sauce

1st place: Decibel Farms - Wilson Zero #3
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

THC Topical
1st place: Angel Industries - Angel Muscle Lotion
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

CBD Topical
1st place: Horn Creek Hemp - Ruby's Max Strength
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair 2020

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Oregon Growers Cup is the premier cannabis cultivation competition in Oregon.

6th Annual Oregon Growers Cup - December 5th, 2020

These are the Winners!

1x1: Cannaessentials -Monkey Trick 

Category Indoors
1st place: Luvli - Imperial Eagle
2nd place: Fox Hollow Flora  - Grape Fluff
3rd place: Three flavors farms - Peanut Brittle 

Category Outdoor
1st place:  Decibel - Banana PUNCH #6
2nd place: Atlas Collective - Lemongrass
3rd place: Million Elephants - Do si Do

Category Greenhouse
1st place: Grateful Greenery  - Blueberry Muffin #4
2nd place: State3 - Eastwood Glue
3rd place: Cascade Chronic - Moto Perpetuo Farm Chronic Diesel

Category Hemp
1st place: Bakers Ranch Botanicals - White CBG
2nd place: Hemp Worldwide Farms - Cherry Chocolate
3rd place: Fusion CBD - Sour Special Sauce

Category Solventless
1st place: Highland Provisions - Sundae Driver
2nd place:  Decibel - Bananna Punch Live Rosin
3rd place: Decibel -GMO Live Rosin

Category Pre-roll
1st place: Luvli - Rasberry Beret
2nd place: Trichrome Farms - Glazed Apricot Gelato
3rd place: Decibel - Blueberry Muffin

Category Infused Pre-roll
1st place: Decibel - Bananna Punch 
2nd place: Quantum - Cement Shoes
3rd place: CBD Discovery -Chocolate Grape Diesel

Best Cartridges
1st place: CBD Discovery - Bluescotti
2nd place: Highland Provisions - Strawberries & Cream
3rd place: Firefly Extracts - Gelato 

Best CBD Extracts
1st place: Horn Creek Hemp -Super Special Sauce Keif
2nd place: Black Tie CBD - Afghani Hash
3rd place: Green Logic - Umpqua Terp Crystals

Best BHO
1st place: Artifact Extracts - Slurricane Rocks & Sauce
2nd place: Orgone - Wookie Cookie
3rd place: CBD Discovery - Gorilla Loops

Best HashDecibel - Wedding Crasher

Best Topical: Rebel Spirit Farms - Rebel Spirit's Topical

Best Tincture: Siskiyo Sungrown -THC MCT OIL

Best RSO: Siskiyo Sungrown - THC Cannabis Oil

Best Drinkable: Odyssey Oregon - Fitzroy Jamican Cream

Best CBD Vape: Black Tie CBD - Sour Pebbles

Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair 2019

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Oregon Growers Cup is the premier cannabis cultivation competition in Oregon.

These are the Winners!

Category Indoors
1st place: Midnight Trich Farm - Lemon Punch
2nd place: Brave Heart Private Reserve - Sundae Driver
3rd place: Dog House - Drool

Category Outdoor
1st place: Decibel Farms - Orange Apricot x Mac
2nd place: Benson Arbor - Josh Dog
3rd place: Laughing Dog Farms - Tang Breath

Category Greenhouse
1st place: Cascade Chronic - Oregon OG
2nd place: The Plant - White Tahoo cookies
3rd place: Grateful Greenery - Golden Goat

Category Hemp
1st place: Black Tie CBD - Lemon Cream Diesel - CBG
2nd place: Grateful Beginnings - Special Sauce
3rd place: Kush Hemp - State 3 Farms

Category Solventless
1st place: Decibel Farms - South Fork Kush
2nd place: Portland Extracts - Garlic n Cream
3rd place: Stoney Acres - Citron Snacks

Category Pre-roll
1st place: Decibel Farms - Triple Chocolate Chip
2nd place: Gud Gardens - Gud Night
3rd place: Rebel Spirit Farms - Gobble Gobble

Best Cartridges
1st place: Decibel Farms - Banana Pie Live Resin
2nd place: O penVape Craft RESERVE - Silver Hawk
3rd place: Rolen Stone - Sweet Sherb

Best CBD Extracts
1st place: Bleu Cheese Keif - Bleu Cheese Keif
2nd place: Green Logic - Umpqua CBD Terp Crystals
3rd place: Angel Industries - Hemp CBD Drops

Best BHO
1st place: Stoney Acres - Animal Cookies 
2nd place: Green Queen Farms - Squirt Diamonts & Sauce
3rd place: Artifact Extracts - Pineapple UD Cake Live Resin

Best Hash
1st place: Nelson & Company - Death Star
2nd place: Decibel Farms - Live South Fork Kush
3rd place: Nelson & Company - Chem de la Chem

Best Topical: Angel Industries

Best Tincture: Trichome Farms

Best RSO: Rebel Roots

Indoor Grow Master: No Till Army

Outdoor Grow Master: Alter Farms

Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair 2018

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Oregon Growers Cup is the premier cannabis cultivation competition in Oregon.

These are the Winners!

Category Indoors
1st place: State 3 Farms - Ghost OG
2nd place: Wicked Kind - Mac 1
3rd place: PDX High Standars - Mac 1

Category Outdoor
1st place: Million Elephant - Forbidden Fruit
2nd place: Alter Farms - Purple Wildfire
3rd place: Decibel Farms - Purple Punch

Category Greenhouse
1st place: Grateful Greenery - White Tahoe Cookies #1
2nd place: West Coast farms - Trainwreck
3rd place: Cascade Chronic ' Blurkle #3

Category Concentrates
1st place: Rebel Roots Farms - Sugarfruit
2nd place: Chilly´s Garden ' Lemon Banana Sherbet
3rd place: Sterling Gold ' Headbanger

Category Solventless
1st place: Nelson & Company - Scott´s OG Live Resin
2nd place: Decibel Farms - Wedding Cake
3rd place: Halfway 2 Happy Farms - Bleeding Rose

Category Pre-roll
1st place: Toking Blunts - Purple Hindu Kush
2nd place: Trichome Farms - Black Widow
3rd place: Mixed Guds - GUD Gardens

Best Cartridge: Rebel Roots Farms

Best Hash: Nelson & Company

Best Hemp: Green Logic

Best Tincture: Genesis Pharms

Best RSO: Genesis Pharms

Grow Master: State 3 Farms

People´s Choice: Alter Farms