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2021 High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan

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High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan 2021 -  Digital Awards Show, 8th July 2021

The High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice Edition is aimed to identify and award the best cannabis products in all of Michigan, all across a wide range of different categories, all to be judged by the people of Michigan.

These are the Winners!

Rec Indica Flower Winners
First Place: LocalGrove - MAC 1
Second Place: Cloud Cover - Wookie Girl '91
Third Place: Superior Selections - Holy Clifton

Rec Sativa Flower Winners
First Place: Heavyweight Heads - Orangutan
Second Place: LocalGrove - Trufflez
Third Place: Pure Options - Moonbow 112

Rec Hybrid Flower Winners
First Place: LocalGrove - Runtz
Second Place: Cloud Cover - Frozen Dessert
Third Place: Pure Options - Rainbow Belts

Rec Pre-Rolls Winners
First Place: Pure Options - Moonbow 112 Pre-Roll
Second Place: Cloud Cover - StrawNana Pre-Roll
Third Place: LocalGrove - Runtz Pre-Roll

Concentrates Winners
First Place: Cloud Cover - Queso Perro Badder
Second Place: Redbud Roots - Bio Cheese Hash Rosin
Third Place: Candela - Purple Punch Live Rosin Crumble

Rec Vape Pens Winners
First Place: The Clear - Blue Razz Vape
Second Place: Element Pure Live - Cherry Pie Live Resin Cartridge
Third Place: Lightsky Farms x Real Leaf Solutions - Lilac Diesel Vape

Rec Edibles: Gummies Winners
First Place: Afternoon Delite - Blue Lemonade Fruit Bombs
Second Place: True North Confections - Strawberry FieldsGummies
Third Place: Mindy's - Glazed Orange Clementine Gummy

Rec Edibles: Non-Gummies Winners
First Place: KIVA - Churro Milk Chocolate Bar
Second Place: Dream Edibles - Cosmic Caramel Sea Salt Bon Bons
Third Place: High Life Farms - Mint Cookies & Cream Bar

Rec Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules
First Place: Michigan Organic Rub x Pincanna - Vanilla Mint Extra Releaf Rub
Second Place: Chill Medicated - Extreme Rub 750mg THC: 250mg
Third Place: Zilla's x Lightsky Farms - Blue Botanic Balm

Med Flower Winner
First Place: LocalGrove - Runtz
Second Place: Empire - Lemon Cherry Gelato
Third Place: Pure options - Moonbow 112

Med Pre-Rolls Winners
First Place: LocalGrove - Runtz Pre-Roll
Second Place: Empire - Space Runtz Pre-Roll
Third Place: Pure Options - garlic Breath Pre-Roll

Med Edibles Winners
First Place: Covert Cups - Take 420 Cups
Second Place: True North Confections - Electric Watermelon Gummies
Third Place: Afternoon Delite - Strawberry Banana Orange Fruit Chews

Hemp-Derived CBD Winners
First Place: Zilla's - Michigan Raw Honey - Peach
Second Place: Orange County CBD - CBD Gummy Bears
Third Place: Rogue Origin - Lifter CBD Flower


Watch here the full Digital Awards Show.



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