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2019 Central Valley Cannabis Cup

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2019 central valley cannabis cup








Winners of the 2019 Central Valley Cannabis Cup

Best Edible
1st Place: Gem Guice by Space Gem
2nd Place: Tropic Twist Gummies by Dixie
3rd Place: Sour Watermelon Fruit Chews by Smokiez

Best Sativa Flower
1st Place: Orange Soda by Team Elite Genetics
2nd Place: Gelonade by Connected
3rd Place: Candyland by Top-Shelf Cultivation

Best Indica Flower
1st Place: Whoa Si Whoa by Top-Shelf Cultivation
2nd Place: Cherry Meringue by Lumpy’s Flowers
3rd Place: Bacio by Scoopz

Best Hybrid Flower
1st Place: Lemon Trill by Lumpy’s Flowers
2nd Place: Nova Cane by Team Elite Genetics
3rd Place: Orange Cookies by Talking Trees Farms

Best Sun-Grown Flower
1st Place: Venom OG by Honeydew Farms
2nd Place: Orange Creamsicle by LoudPack
3rd Place: Galactic Gas by Alien Labs

Best Preroll
1st Place: Super Sour D by Nug & Amplified
2nd Place: 22OG by 22 Red
3rd Place: Fruit Punch by Fire AF

Best Indica Concentrate
1st Place: Papaya Sauce by Apex
2nd Place: Triangle Kush Sauce by Raw Garden
3rd Place: N’Ice Cream Sauce by Connected

Best Hybrid Concentrate
1st Place: Bacio Sauce by Apex
2nd Place: Pink Lemonaid Live Resin by Talking Trees Farms
3rd Place: Gelato Punch by LoudPack

Best Vape Cartridge
1st Place: Dosi Punch Cartridge by Raw Garden
2nd Place: Banana OG Cartridge by Raw Garden
3rd Place: Wedding Cake by Uptown Canna Co

Best Topical
1st Place: Sugar High Body Creme by High Gorgeous
2nd Place: Mimosa Cream by CAD
3rd Place: Synergy Bath by Dixie

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI