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2018 Cannabis Cup Winners Alaska

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Winners of the First Alaska Cannabis Cup
The first Alaska Cannabis Cup in the city of Wasilla. 

Here are the winners of the first Alaska Cannabis Cup:

Best Indica
1st Place: Strawberry Banana by 2 Bros Growin’
2nd Place: Frosted Cherry Cookies by Patrick Reagan Ak Legend Garden Center
3rd Place: Thunder Kats by Swamp Donkey Seeds

Best Hybrid
1st Place: Mac by Patrick Reagan Ak Legend Garden Center
2nd Place: Mimosa by Great Northern Cannabis
3rd Place: Platinum Huckleberry Cookies by Peace Frog Botanicals

Best Sativa
1st Place: Grapefruit Juice by The Frost Frontier
2nd Place: Citrus Sunshine by The House of Green in Collaboration with BAM Alaska
3rd Place: Skunk Haze by Perpetual Perplextion

Best CBD Flower
1st Place: Critical Mass by Catalyst Cannabis Co

Best Indica Concentrate
1st Place: Anser Indica Shatter by AK RIME

Best Sativa Concentrate
1st Place: Tangie Live Resin by Good Cannabis

Best Hybrid Concentrate
1st Place: Grease Monkey Live Resin Sugar Silk by Einstein Labs
2nd Place: Purple Phantom Cookies by AK Canna Dudes with Ryan Walker
3rd Place: Bore Tide Shatter by AK RIME

Best CBD Concentrate
1st Place: Somango Shatter by AK RIME

Best Edible
1st Place: Leangria by Rico Rossi in Collaboration with Calm N Collective
2nd Place: Stoned Age Dark Chocolate Cannaroons by Top Hat Concentrates
3rd Place: Mini Truffles by Einstein Labs

Best CBD Edible
1st Place: CBD Full Spectrum Oil by Hempire Co

Best Vape Pen
1st Place: Stairway to the Sour D Cartridge by Frog Mountain Co in collaboration with O2Vape
2nd Place: Green Crack Cartridge Powered By Top Hat Cannabis by Top Hat Concentrates
3rd Place: Cannatonic CBD Vape Cartridge by Good Titrations

Best CBD Vape Pen
1st Place: Ignite CBD Spearmint by Ignite

Best Preroll
1st Place: Purple Berry Kush Preroll by High Tide Farms

Best Topical
1st Place: CBD Rollief by Alaska Botanicals by Andrew Campbell in Collaboration with Canna Dudes and Denali Dispensaries


  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI