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High Times World Cup 2018

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Winners of the 2018 World Cannabis Cup

Best Topical
1st Place: The F’in Miracle Pack by Sunnabis
2nd Place: Balanced Aromatherapy Healing Spray by Honey Pot
3rd Place: CBD Living Freeze 1 by CBD Living

Best Edible
1st Place: Tea Pot Calendula Guava Mango Black Tea by Honey Pot
2nd Place: Ritual Daytime Drops 20:1 by Elite
3rd Place: Velvet Sunshine Spicy Mango Limeade by Mary Jane Juice Bad Wizard

Best CBD Edibles
1st Place: Tea Pot Chamomile Lavender Peppermint by Honey Pot
2nd Place: Acai Berry Blast CBD Dark Chocolate by Chill in collaboration with Sol Distro
3rd Place: High CBD Full Spectrum Cannabis Tincture by Chemistry

Best CBD Flower
1st Place: C4 by Herbal Solutions with Walker Wade Labs
2nd Place: ACDC Cookies by Brown Dog with Med Tree Seeds
3rd Place: CannaGlue by Radicle Genetics in collaboration with Pincanna RX

Best CBD Concentrate
1st Place: CBD Strawnana Grown By Ohmega by Critical Concentrates in collaboration with Moxie and LA Kush
2nd Place: Star Tonic by Lightsky Farms
3rd Place: Goji DC by Moxie

Best Medically Infused Cannabis
1st Place: The Lemon Rock by Got Meds in collaboration with Hurricane Hydroponics
2nd Place: Wizard Wands by A.H.H.S.
3rd Place: Sunset Sherbert Plus by Critical Concentrates with Connected Cannabis and Brass Knuckles

Best Vape Pen Cartridges
1st Place: Lemon Skunk Super Oil by Indigo Pro in collaboration with Higher Vision and the Cure Company
2nd Place: Big Lemons by Gold Drop
3rd Place: Los Angeles Kush by LAK Vape with Los Angeles Kush

Best Non-Solvent Hash
1st Place: Hash Premium Full Melt GMO Rosin by Lake Effect in Collaboration with Divergent Flowers and Haramba Extracts
2nd Place: OG #18 by Greenwolf and Rosin Brothers
3rd Place: Black Dog Live Rosin by ICExtract Equipment in Collaboration with Nugsferdaze & Bugatti Extracts

Best Indica Concentrate
1st Place: Exclusive OG by Exclusive Melts
2nd Place: Bloodwalker OG by Critical Concentrates and LA Kush with Farmer StraightFire
3rd Place: Motor Breath by Higher Society Extracts

Best Sativa Concentrate
1st Place: Hi Tech by Critical Concentrates with Connected Cannabis and Brass Knuckles
2nd Place: Blue Print by Nameless Genetics in collaboration with Moxie
3rd Place: Super Lemon Haze Live Resin by Higher Society Extracts

Best Hybrid Concentrate
1st Place: Umami by Exclusive Melts
2nd Place: Lemon Gelato Diamonds by Connected Cannabis Co
3rd Place: Strawberry Blondie by Critical Concentrates and LA Kush with Farmer StraightFire

Best Indica Flower
1st Place: Fruit Roll-Up by Lumpy’s Flowers
2nd Place: Casino Kush by Cannabiotix
3rd Place: Creme de La Crème by Team Elite Genetics

Best Sativa Flower
1st Place: J1 by Team Elite Genetics
2nd Place: Jack by LoudPack
3rd Place: Nick’s Famous NTB Eastside by Herbal Solutions with Leaf Doctor

Best Hybrid Flower
1st Place: Kush Mountains by Cannabiotix
2nd Place: Peach Oz by Team Elite Genetics
3rd Place: Dosickeys by Northstar Holistic Collective

Best Preroll
1st Place: King Tarantula Lemon Tree Preroll by Ganja Gold
2nd Place: Loaded by Loaded with Connected Cannabis
3rd Place: World’s Finest Cannabis Leaf Magar by Midnight Roots in collaboration with Jean Calor Magar

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  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
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