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2019 Nor-Cal Cannabis Cup

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2019 Nor-Cal Cannabis Cup Winners

Best Indica Flower
    1st place: Whoa-Si-Whoa - Greenstone
    2nd place: Blueberry Muffin - Sovereign
    3rd place: Dark Dosi - LitHouse
Best Sativa Flower
    1st place: Mothers Milk - Sovereign
    2nd place: Lemon Love - Atrium Cultivation
    3rd place: Orange Juice - Team Elite Genetics
Best Hybrid Flower
    1st pplace: Dosickeys - North County Pharms
    2nd place: Juicy Gushy - Atrium Cultivation
    3rd place: Animal Face - Fig Farms
Best Sungrown Flower
    1st place  Lava Cake - LitHouse
    2nd place: Grandpas T.I.T.S. - Relentless Enterprises Inc.
    3rd place: Sundae Driver - Honeydew Farms (Greenstone)
Best Pre-Roll
    1st place: Sunset Sherbert - GoldenSeed
    2nd place: Dark Dosi - LitHouse
    3rd place: Orange Creamsicl - Loudpack
Best Edible
    1st place: Peppermint Cannabis Infused Mints - Loudpack
    2nd place: Sour Smash Hybrid Gummies - Dixie
    3rd place: Chili Lime Crackers - Heavenly Sweets
Best Infused Product
    1st place: Trance - Lola Lola
    2nd place: Releaf Tinctures - Papa Barkley
    3rd place: Mother's Milk Geode - Sovereign
Best Indica Concentrate
    1st place: Banana Punch Live Diamonds - Raw Garden
    2nd place: Punch Berries Live Sauce - The Humboldt Cure
    3rd place: Dosidos - NUG
Best Sativa Concentrate
    1st place: Banana Pudding -  Apex
    2nd place: Premium Jack Sorbet - NUG
    3rd place: Sled Dawg - Apex
Best Hybrid Concentrate
    1st place: Starburst OG x Dosido - Apex
    2nd place: Kandy Kush - NUG
    3rd place: Strawberry Banana Live Resin Sugar - Cresco
Best Topical
    1st place: Topical Relief Balm - Papa and Barkley
    2nd place: Muscle Freeze - Mary's Medicinals
    3rd place: Roll On - Heavenly Sweets
Best Booth
    1st place: Ethos
    2nd place: Heavenly Sweet
    3rd place: Papa and Barkley
Best Product
    1st place: Mandarin Cookies - Ethos
    2nd place: Muddy Buddies - Heavenly Sweets
    3rd place: Dark Dosi - LitHouse
Best Glass
    1st place: SWITCH - Dr.Dabber
    2nd place: Dab Rigs - Dab Nation
    3rd place: Nectar Collector - Huni Badger

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
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