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2021 High Times Cannabis Cup Nevada: People's Choice

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High Times Cannabis Cup Nevada 2021: People's Choice Edition
Winners announced virtually on Sunday 19th December 2021.

These are the winners!

Best Indica Flower
1st place: The Grower Circle - Pellegreeno
2nd place: Aether Gardens - Slurricane #7
3rd place: Floravega - Chernobyl

Best Sativa Flower
1st place: Matrix - Super Sour Diesel
2nd place: Medizin - Chloe
3rd place: Floravega - Tropicanna Punch

Best Hybrid Flower
1st place: Virtue - Diamond Dust
2nd place: Medizin - White Truffle
3rd place: Fiore - Wedding Pie

Best Pre-Rolls
1st place: Verano - Swift Lifts Gelato Pre-Rolls
2nd place: Qualcan - Drago Pre-Roll
3rd place: Cannabiotix - Kush Mountains Pre-Roll

Best Infused Pre-Rolls
1st place: The Grower Circle - Cosa Nostra Infused Pre-Roll
2nd place: Camp - Animal Face Infused pre-Roll
3rd place: Featured Farms x Nature's Chemestry - OG Kush Infused Pre-Rolls

Best Sativa Concentrates
1st place: City Trees - Apricot Crumble Sativa Live Resin Sauce
2nd place: Matrix - Durban Tang Sativa Live Resin Syringe
3rd place: Verano - G Wagon Sativa BHO Live Badder

Best Indica Concentrates
1st place: Aether Gardens - Banana Ice Water Indica Live Rosin
2nd place: Melting Point Extracts - Duct Tape indica Live Resin Sauce
3rd place: Huni - Peach Crescendo Indica Live Resin Budder

Best Sativa Vape Pens
1st place: City Trees - Apricot Crumble Sativa Live Resin Vape
2nd place: Matrix - Tangilope Sativa Live Resin Vape Pen
3rd place: Meidzin - Hawaiian Butterscotch

Best Indica Vape Pens
1st place: Church - Runtz Indica Vape
2nd place: Rove - Lychee Indica Vape Pen
3rd place: Camp - Rainbow OG Live Rosin Indica Vape

Best Edibles: Gummies
1st place: Shango - Watermelon Gummies
2nd place: Dixie - Tropic Twist Gummies
3rd place: Encore Edible - Berry Burst Indica Gummies

Best Edibles: Non-Gummies
1st place: Qualcan - Fruity Rice Crispy
2nd place: Incredibles - Black Cherry 1:1 Bar
3rd place: Dixie - Fruit Punch Elixir


  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI