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2019 Oklahoma Cannabis Cup

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2019 Oklahoma Cannabis Cup Winners

Best Indica Flower
1-Orange Cheddar - The Pound
2-Orange Apricot - Emerald Wholesale
3-Forbidden Fruit - Stability Grows
Best Sativa Flower
1-GG4 - Full Moon Pharm
2-Tropicana Cookies - New Leaf Medicinals
3-Truffle Butter - Exotic Genetix
Best Hybrid Flower
1-Chem D x I-95 - Emerald Wholesale
2-Gelato Cake - Green Rush Gardens
3-G.A.S. - Korova/Sublime Brands Products/Connoisseur Cannabis
Best Sungrown Flower
1-Snowland - Helix Extract
2-Starmalade - Green N' Pink
Best CBD Flower
1-HGDP CBD - Craft Cannabis
2-Bronx Goo - Sticky Tree Farms
3-CBDutch Treat - Cloudi Mornings
Best Pre-Roll
1-Kief Infused Funk Indica Pre-Roll - Gorilla Gardens
2-Holy Roller - Tb4u Farms & Rt.66 Xtracts
3-Jeffrey Infused Pre-Roll - Fire Leaf
Best Edible
1-Strawberry Fruit Bar - OK Nice Cream
2-Maple Bacon Krispi Barz - Fire Leaf x Outlaw Edibles
3-Caramel Pot Pops - Mr.Mack's
Best CBD Edible
1-Honey Almond Protein Bar - Too Sticky
2-Helpful Mango Sativa Tincture - Simple Cure
3-Raspberry Lemonade Gummies - Edipure
Best Vape Pen Cartridge
1-Grandaddy Purp Cart - Korova / Sublime Brands Products / Connoisseur Cannabis
2-Wedding Cake Cart - Electraleaf
3-White Pineapple - Fire Leaf x Oklahoma Dab Lab
Best Indica Concentrate
1-Grape Ape Full Spectrum - White Mousse Oklahoma x Red River Pharms
2-Wright White Live Sugar - Tb4u Farms & Rt.66 Xtracts
3-Member Berry Live Diamonds - Head of Honey x Diamond Labs
Best Sativa Concentrate
1-Lemon Cheese Quake - Fire Leaf x Oklahoma Dab Lab
2-Oklahoma Mimosa Full Spectrum - White Mousse x Rock Top Wellness
3-Blue Cookies Live Resin Sugar-Terpenetics
Best Hybrid Concentrate
1-Fruity Pebbles OG - Fire Leaf x Oklahoma Dab Lab
2-Canuck Cookies Diamonds - SoloS Extracts
3-Kief Chief Full Spectrum - White Mousse x Rock Top Wellness
Best Non-Solvent
1-Purple Punch Live Rosin - Helix Extract
2-KS Blend Live Rosin - Kiamichi Skies
3-Forbidden Fruit Live Rosin - Stability Grows x Country Hash
Best Topical
1-Colorado Cures Pain Cream - Lotus Gold Dispensaries
2-R.L Remedy Healing Lotion - Redbud Elixirs
3-THC Infused Lotion - Mr.Mack's
Best Hemp Derived CBD Product
1-CBD BHO Badder - White Mousse Oklahoma x CBD Plus USA
2-Holos Botanica Eye Cream - Terpenetics
Best Infused Product
1-Moon Rock - New Leaf Medicinals
2-ALTRD Moon Rock - Releaf Labs/ ALTRD
3-Infused Grape Moonrock - Xen Xtracts
Best Product
1-Mandarin Cookies - Ethos
2-Seeds - Mystic Magic
3-Cup Tee - Helix Extracts x High Times Cannabis Cup Shirt

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
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