Karma Cup 2022

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 The Karma Cup 2022 Winners


Indica Bud
1st place: Dirtydave Ltd - Mutant Breath
2nd place: Koots Canna - Pine Mentz
3rd place: Mr. Nice - Krazy Runtz

Hybrid Bud
1st place: Headwater Cannabis - Khalifa Mints
2nd place: Dave's Master Extracts - Jungle Cake
3rd place: The Drip by Cookies & Gas - White Guava

Sativa Bud
1st place: Paradise Valley Botanics - Cherry AK47
2nd place: The Drip - Tropicana Cookies
3rd place: Dirtydave Ltd - Siurricane

High Terpene Extract
1st place: Caviar Extracts - Tropicana
2nd place: Honey Badger Extracts - Loud Mouth
3rd place: London Donovan - Mac 2

Solvent Extract
1st place: FatCat Extract - Northern Lights
2nd place: Dave's Master Extracts - Tropicana Punch
3rd place: FatCat Extract - Rockstar

1st place: Ohcannabis - Wedding Slurr
2nd place: Flavor Farm - Black Garlic
3rd place: Severed Heads - Mint Slushie

1st place: Sugarsmiths - CBD Wellness Gummy
2nd place: AnneTrev - Chocolate Caramel Jewels
3rd place:  Vior - Pink Flora


1st place: Cannabisbiscotti - Chronic Cookies and Dreams
2nd place: Sofa King Good Bakery - Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Stuffed Pretzels
3rd place: NOCER - Blueberry Delight

1st place: DAB Skincare - Chill Stick
2nd place: Dr. Errl - Fresh Balsam
3rd place: DAB Skincare - Migraine Mellow