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2020 Jack Herer Cup - Las Vegas

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Due to the corona virus, many award festivals and events for 2020 have been changed, rescheduled or cancelled.

New Date> December 3th 2020 at Hard Rock Hotel.

For a current list of updates click here.

2019 Jack Herer Cup - Las Vegas

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Jack Herer Cup Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Cafe
December 12, 2019 Award Cateories

Industry Leader - Brother David’s

Legacy Award - Berner  - Cookies - Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr.

Freedom Fighter - Kitty Chopaka

Vape Pen - Hybrid - FUZE - Purple Gelato

Vape Pen - Sativa - Cannavative - Clementine

Vape Pen - Indica - CAMP - The Source Dispensary - Animal Face

Indoor Flower - Hybrid - W Vape - Rose Killer 

Indoor Flower - Sativa - Fleur - Miss Africa

Indoor Flower - Indica - Viva La Buds - Face on Fire #9

Sun Grown Flower - Hybrid - SOL -  Blue Dream

Sun Grown Flower - Sativa - SOL - Super Sour Diesel

Sun Grown Flower - Indica - SOL - GDP

Concentrates - Hybrid - FUZE - Purple Gelato

Concentrates - Sativa - FUZE - Blue Cookies

Concentrates - Indica - SRENE - Sequoia Sherbert  

Best New Product - Pheno Extoic Flower - Loaded Co.

Best Pre-Roll Nevada - Total Sales - Tahoe Hydro

Infused Pre-Roll - MMG - Crumble Cone 

Handcrafted Product - LV Cannagars

Best Dispensary Nevada - REEF

Best Dispensary Delivery - Jardin

Best Dispensary Staff - Jardin

Best Edible - Evergreen Organix - Gummies 

Best CBD Edible - Just Chocolate - CoCo Quinoabites

Best Topical - Diamond Cut CBD - 400 MG Healing Cream

CBD Flower - Old Soul Hemp Co. - Tahoe Kush 

CBD Pre-Roll - California Finest & Sherbinski ~ Nate Diaz Pack

Best Hemp Product - Trew Balance Lab - The Hemp Straw 

CBD / THC Product - Rove - 2:1 Vape Cart 

Cannabis Packaging - 420 Wholesale Packaging - Recycled Joint Tube

Nationwide Division

Vape Pen - Hybrid - Chief Stick x Dukes High Grade

Vape Pen - Sativa - Frog Mountain - Mimosa - 02vape Battery

Vape Pen - Indica - Cookies - Snowman - GPen

Indoor Flower - Hybrid - Dukes of Mendo -Grape Illusion

Indoor Flower - Sativa - Diamond Cut Exotics - You Moms OJ

Indoor Flower - Indica - Clout King - Peanut Butter Cup 

Sun Grown Flower - Hybrid - Pure Mendo - Zorro

Sun Grown Flower - Sativa - Silver Dragon - Forbidden GooJack

Sun Grown Flower - Indica - Massive Creations - ZRacer

Concentrates - Hybrid - Dukes of Mendo - Grape Illusion Rosin

Concentrates - Sativa - Green Matter- Lemon Fuel Live Resin

Concentrates - Indica - Silver Dragon - Pot Rocks

Patient Flower - Frosty Shrubbery - Sin Mint Cookies 

Patient Product - Savage Cannagarz

International Product - Folklore Mexico



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Lifetime Achievement
Tommy Chong

Legacy Award
Tim Blake - Founder of The Emerald Cup

Hemp Industry Leader
Bruce Perlowin - Hemp Inc.

Hemp Freedom Fighter
Russ Wilhelm

Cannabis Chef
Zairilla Bacon

Native American Cannabis Program
Ely Shoshone Tribe

Best CBD Product
Gaia Botanics - Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Best CBD Topical
Trew Balance - Trew Derm

Best CBD Capsules
Diamond Cut CBD - 1200mg Capsules

Best CBD Pre-Rolls
California Finest CBD Depot

Best CBD Tincture
Landracer CBD Solutions

Best CBD Vape Pen
KANA - Lemon Banana Sherbet

Best CBD Extract
H & M Industries

Best Vaporizer
Got Vape - Exxus Vaporizer

Best Vape Pen
VapeEz / SupCell - Chill Pod Vape System

Best Overall Cannabis Facility
Sol Cannabis - Washoe, Nevada


Best Indica Indoor Flower
Kush Company - Kush Co. OG

Best Sativa Indoor Flower
Tahoe Hydro - Mac Jack #13

Best Hybrid Indoor Flower
Viva La Buds - Black Card OG

Best Indica Greenhouse Flower
Sol Cannabis - Purple Kush

Best Sativa Greenhouse Flower
Sol Cannabis - Jack Herer

Best Hybrid Greenhouse Flower
Sol Cannabis - Black & Blue

Best Indica Vape
VVG - Vegas M Stick - Hell's OG

Best Sativa Vape
VVG - Vegas M Stick - Jack Herer

Best Hybrid Vape
Tryke - Khalifa Kush

Best 1CBD : 1THC Vape
Srene - LA Confidential

Best Indica Concentrate
VVG - Diablo OG

Best Sativa Concentrate
Tryke - Tangie

Best Hybrid Concentrate
Nectars Collective& Serious Seeds - Bubble Gum x Wedding Cake

Best Dispensary Nevada
Jardin Dispensary

Best Pre-Rolls
Cannagars - Rose Gar

Best CBD Flower
FLEUR - Fire Angel

Best Disposable Vape Pen
VVG - Vegas M Stick

Best Edible
Evergreen Organix - Chocolate Chip Cookie

Best 1:1 Edible
Day Dreamers Chocolates - Mint

Nevada Hemp Farmer of The Year
Jenkins Family Hemp Farm

Best Patient Flower
Nethan Price - Space Dust


Best Indica Indoor Flower
Decibel Gardens - Purple Punch

Best Sativa Indoor Flower
Diamond Cut Exotics - Your Mom's OJ

Best Hybrid Indoor Flower
Dukes of Mendo - Grape illusion

Best Indica Greenhouse Flower
Emerald Cut Cannabis - Warheadz

Best Sativa Greenhouse Flower
Happy Green Gardens- Swayz

Best Hybrid Greenhouse Flower
Silver Dragon Cannabis - Goo Jack

Best Indica Vape
Rove - Mountain Goo

Best Sativa Vape
P2 - Train Wreck

Best Hybrid Vape
Chief Stick - Dukes OG

Best Indica Concentrate
First Class Cana - Watermelon Clusters

Best Sativa Concentrate
Dip n Dabs - Dosi Orange #9

Best Hybrid Concentrate
Massive Creations - Massive Melts

Best Infused Flower
First Class Canna - MoonRocks

Best Edible
Chill - Acai Berry Blast

Best Pre-Rolls
Duke Royales - Grape illusion


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Lifetime Achievement - Senator Tick Segerblom

Industry Leader - Cindy Brown

Best Flower
Indica – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Purple Punch)
Sativa – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Blackjack)
Hybrid – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Sundae Driver)

Best Greenhouse Flower
Indica – SOL Cannabis (GDP)
Sativa – SOL Cannabis (Allen Wrench)
Hybrid – SOL Cannabis (Supler Glue)

Vape Pen Cartridge
Indica – FlavRx (Granddaddy Purple)
Sativa – Vegas Valley Growers (Ghost Train Haze)
Hybrid – Vegas Valley Growers (Tick's Dream)

Best Concentrates
Indica – Moxie & Growers Circle (BRO-G Live Resin)
Sativa – Matrix Nevada (Tangilope)
Hybrid – Vegas Valley Growers (Trippy Slippers)

Best Edible Over All
EvergreenOrganix (Expresso Dark Choc. Bar)

Best CBD Edible
GTX- (Full Spectrum Gummy Bears)

Best Pre-Rolls
Pinnacle Pre-Rolls By Lit Farms - Super Lemon Haze

Best New Dispensary
NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

Most Unique Dispensary
Green Cross Farmacy

Best New Product
E-NJOINT -The Hero Combuster

Best New CBD Product
Land Racer - CBD Solutions

Best Overall CBD Product
Cannabella - CBD Breath Spray

Best Cannabis Topical
Nevada Botanical Science - Trichomic

Best Cannabis Accessory
Original Kavatza - Mary Jane Clutch

Industry Innovators
Area 51 Extracts

Best Patient Flower
Nathan Price - North Genetics- Beyond Dreams


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Lifetime Achievement-Jeannie Herer


Vape Pen Cartridge
Hybrid – Bhang Vegas Valley Growers (Segerblom Haze)
Sativa – Bhang Vegas Valley Growers (Tange)
Indica – Bhang Vegas Valley Growers (Herijuana 2.0)

Hybrid – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Gelato 45)
Sativa – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Blackjack)
Indica – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Tahoe Hydro OG)
Greenhouse outdoor – Common Sense Botanical (Gelato 45)

Hybrid – Melting Point Extracts (Agent Orange)
Sativa – Pisos (Jack Herer Shatter)
Indica – Tryke (Khalifa Kush Shatter)
Hash – Silver State Trading (Royal Jelly)

Best Product
Silver State Trading – California Finest (Blackberry Prerolls)

CBD – Silver State Trading – Trokie – 50 mg CBD Trokie

Vape Pen Cartridge
Hybrid – FlavRX (Tropical Train Wreck)
Sativa – Jah and E-NJoint (SoCal Jack)
Indica – FlavRX (Black Label)

Hybrid – Dying Breed Seeds (OG Eddy)
Sativa – Green Mile (Superjack-Advanced Nutrients)
Indica – California Finest (Motorhead Kush)

Hybrid – Dying Breed Seeds (OG Eddy)
Sativa – Tryke (Strawberrry Cough Shatter)
Indica – California Finest (Motorhead Kush)

THC – Bhang – (Nugum 200mg per pack)

Best Product