Jack Herer Cup

2019 Jack Herrer Cup - Las Vegas

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Jack Herer Cup Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Cafe
December 12, 2019 Award Cateories
Due to the corona virus, many award festivals and events for 2020 have been
changed, rescheduled or cancelled. For a current list of updates click here.

Industry Leader - Brother David’s

Legacy Award - Berner  - Cookies - Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr.

Freedom Fighter - Kitty Chopaka

Vape Pen - Hybrid - FUZE - Purple Gelato

Vape Pen - Sativa - Cannavative - Clementine

Vape Pen - Indica - CAMP - The Source Dispensary - Animal Face

Indoor Flower - Hybrid - W Vape - Rose Killer 

Indoor Flower - Sativa - Fleur - Miss Africa

Indoor Flower - Indica - Viva La Buds - Face on Fire #9

Sun Grown Flower - Hybrid - SOL -  Blue Dream

Sun Grown Flower - Sativa - SOL - Super Sour Diesel

Sun Grown Flower - Indica - SOL - GDP

Concentrates - Hybrid - FUZE - Purple Gelato

Concentrates - Sativa - FUZE - Blue Cookies

Concentrates - Indica - SRENE - Sequoia Sherbert  

Best New Product - Pheno Extoic Flower - Loaded Co.

Best Pre-Roll Nevada - Total Sales - Tahoe Hydro

Infused Pre-Roll - MMG - Crumble Cone 

Handcrafted Product - LV Cannagars

Best Dispensary Nevada - REEF

Best Dispensary Delivery - Jardin

Best Dispensary Staff - Jardin

Best Edible - Evergreen Organix - Gummies 

Best CBD Edible - Just Chocolate - CoCo Quinoabites

Best Topical - Diamond Cut CBD - 400 MG Healing Cream

CBD Flower - Old Soul Hemp Co. - Tahoe Kush 

CBD Pre-Roll - California Finest & Sherbinski ~ Nate Diaz Pack

Best Hemp Product - Trew Balance Lab - The Hemp Straw 

CBD / THC Product - Rove - 2:1 Vape Cart 

Cannabis Packaging - 420 Wholesale Packaging - Recycled Joint Tube

Nationwide Division

Vape Pen - Hybrid - Chief Stick x Dukes High Grade

Vape Pen - Sativa - Frog Mountain - Mimosa - 02vape Battery

Vape Pen - Indica - Cookies - Snowman - GPen

Indoor Flower - Hybrid - Dukes of Mendo -Grape Illusion

Indoor Flower - Sativa - Diamond Cut Exotics - You Moms OJ

Indoor Flower - Indica - Clout King - Peanut Butter Cup 

Sun Grown Flower - Hybrid - Pure Mendo - Zorro

Sun Grown Flower - Sativa - Silver Dragon - Forbidden GooJack

Sun Grown Flower - Indica - Massive Creations - ZRacer

Concentrates - Hybrid - Dukes of Mendo - Grape Illusion Rosin

Concentrates - Sativa - Green Matter- Lemon Fuel Live Resin

Concentrates - Indica - Silver Dragon - Pot Rocks

Patient Flower - Frosty Shrubbery - Sin Mint Cookies 

Patient Product - Savage Cannagarz

International Product - Folklore Mexico



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Lifetime Achievement
Tommy Chong

Legacy Award
Tim Blake - Founder of The Emerald Cup

Hemp Industry Leader
Bruce Perlowin - Hemp Inc.

Hemp Freedom Fighter
Russ Wilhelm

Cannabis Chef
Zairilla Bacon

Native American Cannabis Program
Ely Shoshone Tribe

Best CBD Product
Gaia Botanics - Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Best CBD Topical
Trew Balance - Trew Derm

Best CBD Capsules
Diamond Cut CBD - 1200mg Capsules

Best CBD Pre-Rolls
California Finest CBD Depot

Best CBD Tincture
Landracer CBD Solutions

Best CBD Vape Pen
KANA - Lemon Banana Sherbet

Best CBD Extract
H & M Industries

Best Vaporizer
Got Vape - Exxus Vaporizer

Best Vape Pen
VapeEz / SupCell - Chill Pod Vape System

Best Overall Cannabis Facility
Sol Cannabis - Washoe, Nevada


Best Indica Indoor Flower
Kush Company - Kush Co. OG

Best Sativa Indoor Flower
Tahoe Hydro - Mac Jack #13

Best Hybrid Indoor Flower
Viva La Buds - Black Card OG

Best Indica Greenhouse Flower
Sol Cannabis - Purple Kush

Best Sativa Greenhouse Flower
Sol Cannabis - Jack Herer

Best Hybrid Greenhouse Flower
Sol Cannabis - Black & Blue

Best Indica Vape
VVG - Vegas M Stick - Hell's OG

Best Sativa Vape
VVG - Vegas M Stick - Jack Herer

Best Hybrid Vape
Tryke - Khalifa Kush

Best 1CBD : 1THC Vape
Srene - LA Confidential

Best Indica Concentrate
VVG - Diablo OG

Best Sativa Concentrate
Tryke - Tangie

Best Hybrid Concentrate
Nectars Collective& Serious Seeds - Bubble Gum x Wedding Cake

Best Dispensary Nevada
Jardin Dispensary

Best Pre-Rolls
Cannagars - Rose Gar

Best CBD Flower
FLEUR - Fire Angel

Best Disposable Vape Pen
VVG - Vegas M Stick

Best Edible
Evergreen Organix - Chocolate Chip Cookie

Best 1:1 Edible
Day Dreamers Chocolates - Mint

Nevada Hemp Farmer of The Year
Jenkins Family Hemp Farm

Best Patient Flower
Nethan Price - Space Dust


Best Indica Indoor Flower
Decibel Gardens - Purple Punch

Best Sativa Indoor Flower
Diamond Cut Exotics - Your Mom's OJ

Best Hybrid Indoor Flower
Dukes of Mendo - Grape illusion

Best Indica Greenhouse Flower
Emerald Cut Cannabis - Warheadz

Best Sativa Greenhouse Flower
Happy Green Gardens- Swayz

Best Hybrid Greenhouse Flower
Silver Dragon Cannabis - Goo Jack

Best Indica Vape
Rove - Mountain Goo

Best Sativa Vape
P2 - Train Wreck

Best Hybrid Vape
Chief Stick - Dukes OG

Best Indica Concentrate
First Class Cana - Watermelon Clusters

Best Sativa Concentrate
Dip n Dabs - Dosi Orange #9

Best Hybrid Concentrate
Massive Creations - Massive Melts

Best Infused Flower
First Class Canna - MoonRocks

Best Edible
Chill - Acai Berry Blast

Best Pre-Rolls
Duke Royales - Grape illusion


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Lifetime Achievement - Senator Tick Segerblom

Industry Leader - Cindy Brown

Best Flower
Indica – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Purple Punch)
Sativa – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Blackjack)
Hybrid – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Sundae Driver)

Best Greenhouse Flower
Indica – SOL Cannabis (GDP)
Sativa – SOL Cannabis (Allen Wrench)
Hybrid – SOL Cannabis (Supler Glue)

Vape Pen Cartridge
Indica – FlavRx (Granddaddy Purple)
Sativa – Vegas Valley Growers (Ghost Train Haze)
Hybrid – Vegas Valley Growers (Tick's Dream)

Best Concentrates
Indica – Moxie & Growers Circle (BRO-G Live Resin)
Sativa – Matrix Nevada (Tangilope)
Hybrid – Vegas Valley Growers (Trippy Slippers)

Best Edible Over All
EvergreenOrganix (Expresso Dark Choc. Bar)

Best CBD Edible
GTX- (Full Spectrum Gummy Bears)

Best Pre-Rolls
Pinnacle Pre-Rolls By Lit Farms - Super Lemon Haze

Best New Dispensary
NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

Most Unique Dispensary
Green Cross Farmacy

Best New Product
E-NJOINT -The Hero Combuster

Best New CBD Product
Land Racer - CBD Solutions

Best Overall CBD Product
Cannabella - CBD Breath Spray

Best Cannabis Topical
Nevada Botanical Science - Trichomic

Best Cannabis Accessory
Original Kavatza - Mary Jane Clutch

Industry Innovators
Area 51 Extracts

Best Patient Flower
Nathan Price - North Genetics- Beyond Dreams


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Lifetime Achievement-Jeannie Herer


Vape Pen Cartridge
Hybrid – Bhang Vegas Valley Growers (Segerblom Haze)
Sativa – Bhang Vegas Valley Growers (Tange)
Indica – Bhang Vegas Valley Growers (Herijuana 2.0)

Hybrid – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Gelato 45)
Sativa – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Blackjack)
Indica – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Tahoe Hydro OG)
Greenhouse outdoor – Common Sense Botanical (Gelato 45)

Hybrid – Melting Point Extracts (Agent Orange)
Sativa – Pisos (Jack Herer Shatter)
Indica – Tryke (Khalifa Kush Shatter)
Hash – Silver State Trading (Royal Jelly)

Best Product
Silver State Trading – California Finest (Blackberry Prerolls)

CBD – Silver State Trading – Trokie – 50 mg CBD Trokie

Vape Pen Cartridge
Hybrid – FlavRX (Tropical Train Wreck)
Sativa – Jah and E-NJoint (SoCal Jack)
Indica – FlavRX (Black Label)

Hybrid – Dying Breed Seeds (OG Eddy)
Sativa – Green Mile (Superjack-Advanced Nutrients)
Indica – California Finest (Motorhead Kush)

Hybrid – Dying Breed Seeds (OG Eddy)
Sativa – Tryke (Strawberrry Cough Shatter)
Indica – California Finest (Motorhead Kush)

THC – Bhang – (Nugum 200mg per pack)

Best Product