Hash Bash Cup

Hash Bash Cup 2022

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 Hash Bash Cup 2022 Winners!



1st - Cresco Labs - Do-Si-Lato

2nd - SOB - Wedding Pie


1st - Cresco Labs - Marshmallow OG

2nd - SOB - Tropicana Cookies


1st - Pegasus Green - Garlic Breath

2nd - MichiganTerpFarmz - Blueberry Sieve



1st - Shattered Jays - Black Berry Pie

2nd - Shattered Jays - Chocolate Covered Strawberry



1st - Every Damn Gram - Strawberry Lemonade Taffy

2nd - Liquid Gold - Snickers Drops




1st - Michigan Extract - Grape Valley Kush

2nd - Michigan Extracts - Cherry On Top


1st - Cresco Labs - Marshmallow OG Budder

2nd - Cresco Labs - Glazed Apricot Gelato Sauce


1st - Waterboy Extracts - GMO Cookies

2nd - Wojo Wax - Tropic Keyes


1st - Michigan Wax Wizard

2nd - ?????

Hash Bash Cup 2021

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The 2021 edition of Hash Bash Cup in Ann Arbor, Michigan (July 9th to 11th) featured the 2020 Hash Bash Cup Awards presentation.

Hash Bash used to be held on April 1st annually and is now held on the first Saturday each April at noon at the University of Michigan. The event's purpose is to influence federal, state, and local marijuana policy with speakers, live music, street vending, and sometimes civil disobedience.

These are the winners!

Indica Cup: Terpie Monster - Sorbet #4

Hybrid Cup: Let's Cheef - Point Break #4

Sativa Cup: Pure Clouds - Bahama Mama

Solventless Cup: Wojo Wax - Tropic Driver

Solvent Cup: Cresco Labs - Hon Solo Burger #7

Pre-Roll Cup: Pure Clouds / North Coast Cannagars - Bahama Mama / North Coast Blunt

Cartridge Cup: Cresco Labs - Head Band Live Resin

Medically-Infused Product Cup: Northern Connections - Liquid Loud Soaring Strawberry

Topicals Cup: Tub Love Bath Co. - 100mg CBD Bath Bombs

Baked Goods Edible Cup: Zilla's Edibles - Traditional Cannabutter Cookies

Candy Edible Cup: Every Damn Gram - Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Chew


Hash Bash Cup 2019

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 Hash Bash Cup 2019

1st Place TOPICALS
- (t1)Me My Wife and Trees w/ Love Lotion
2nd Place TOPICALS- (t2)Lake Erie Coastal Relief w/Pops Salve

1st Place EDIBLE BAKED GOOD - (bg1)DC Chronics w/Carrot Cake Truffels
2nd Place EDIBLE BAKED GOOD - (bg5)Mitten Moms w/Brownie

1st Place EDIBLE CANDY- (ce3)Me My Wife and Trees w/Carrot Baked
2nd Place EDIBLE CANDY (ce4)Munchery 420 w/Candies Almond

1st Place CARTRIDGES - (c1)Shattered Thoughts w/ Goji OG
2nd Place CARTRIDGES - (c2)CoCo Extracts w/Blue Zkittles

1st Place HYBRID FLOWER - (hf13)Canna Boys w/MAC
2nd Place HYBRID FLOWER - (hf9)Totally Herbal Care w/Watermelon Zkittles

1st Place INDICA FLOWER - (if6)Totally Herbal Care w/O.Z. Kush
2nd Place INDICA FLOWER - (if3)Detroit Flower Company w/Dead Head

1st Place SATIVA FLOWER - (sf4)Totally Herbal Care w/Orange Zkittles
2nd Place SATIVA FLOWER - (sf3)Bullet proof Genetics w/White Master Star Daughter

1st Place CONCENTRATE SOLVENT - (s12)Canna Boys w/Macicana
2nd Place CONCENTRATE SOLVENT - (s7)Twist'd Terps w/GG#4

1st Place CONCENTRATE NON SOLVENT - Wojo Wax w/ Créme De Mint
2nd Place CONCENTRATE NON SOLVENT - Special Blend Gardens colab with Red Roc w/Melonade #7

1st Place MEDICALLY INFUSED PRODUCT - Totally Herbal Care w/ Dirty Zprite Hippie Cigarette
2nd Place MEDICALLY INFUSED PRODUCT - Ravenwood Family Farms w/moonrocks


Hash Bash Cup 2018

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Winners of the Hash Bash Cup 2018

Baked Goods - Lake Effect w/Pink Polar Bear with their COOKIE DOUGH
Candy - B) The Me My Wife & Trees Team with their DABBLE PIE ALA MODE


INDICA - #5 Lake Effect w/ OG Turtle Juice and their MOTORBREATH
SATIVA - #1 Totally Herbal Care & MiTerpFarmz and their BANANA OG
HYBRID - #1 Totally Herbal Care & MiTerpFarmz and their ZKITTLEZ

SOLVENT - A) Highway 710 and their BLUEBERRY HAZE
NON-SOLVENT - #3 Green Thumb for President w/Nugs for Daze with their Blackdog Premium Live Rosin

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