Emerald Cannabis Cup

Emerald Cannabis Cup 2016

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The Winners of the Emerald Cannabis Cup 2016.


1st Zskittles by Dookie Brothers

2nd Purple Candy Kane by Greenshock Farms

3rd Strain #8 by Gen / Terp Hogz / Dying Breed



1st Rainbow Gummeez by Molecular Farms, LLC

2nd CDB Nordle by Chalawa Farms

3rd Tropical Punch by Abatin Wellness Center



1st OARA Probiotic Cannabis Chocolate - Dark by OARA Chocolate

2nd Native Seed Lift Bar by Native Seed

3rd Mediroon CBD by La Vida Verde


Emerald Cannabis Cup 2015

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The 12th edition of the world renowned Emerald Cannabis Cup was held in December at Sonoma County, in California.

These are the winners!

Best Flowers

1st Place - Cherry Limeade by Mean Gene from Mendocino, Freeborn Selections/Aficionado

2nd Place - Lemonhead OG by Josh Pope, THC

3rd Place - Purple Candy Cane by Greenshock Farms Mendocino

Best CBD  Flowers

1st Place - Critical Mass CBD by Matthew Cirincioni, Chalawa Farms

2nd Place - Cannatonic by Duncan McIntosh, Singing Frogs Family Farm

3rd Place - Love 'n Hope by Jude Nagle, Mendocino

Best Ice Water Hash

1st Place - Platinum Cookies by Aidan Carroll/Uriah Hamilton, Iced Out Extracts/Emerald Family Farms

2nd Place - Massive D by 3rd Gen Fam/Terphogz/Dyingbreed Seeds/Moonshine Melts

3rd Place - Kimbo Kush 6 by Brad Colbert, Trinity Concentrates (washed by Head Hunter Extracts)

Best CBD Concentrate

1st Place - Vitamin CBD Solventless Sap by Blue River Extracts with CA Growers Guild and Bubbleman

2nd Place - Remedy by Talking Trees Farms

3rd Place - The Last Laugh #2 CO2 Concentrate by The Highest Grade/Coastal Seeds

Best Rosin Concentrate

1st Place - Sour Eddy AKA Edband by 3rd Gen Fam/Terphogz/Dyingbreed Seeds/Moonshine Melts

2nd Place - 3rd Gen Lem by 3rd Gen Fam/Terphogz/Dyingbreed Seeds/Moonshine Melts

3rd Place - Massive D by 3rd Gen Fam/Terphogz/Dyingbreed Seeds/Moonshine Melts

Best Dry Sieve Concentrate

1st Place - Mendo Marmalade by Soul Evolution Enterprise

Best Edible

1st Place - Lifted: Cherry Mango Bites by Angela Evans

2nd Place - Jimmy Crack Corn by Jimmy Beene

3rd Place - Irie Protein Bar 125mg, Vegan Gluten-Free by Lisa Clamp & George Clamp, Irie Soul Baked Shop

Best CBD Edible

1st Place - CBD Raw Sipping Cacao by Om Edibles

2nd Place - Lemon Zest Canna Roon by Humboldt Harvest

3rd Place - CBD Waska by Dylan Pillsbury, Waska Farms

Best Topical

1st Place - Balm, Cannabis and Calendula by Levi Strom, Awakened Topicals

2nd Place - Royal Budline Chai Blend by Vanessa Vaudo, Royal Budline

3rd Place - Archipelago Herbal Salve-ation  by Adrienne Chow

Best Tincture

1st Place - Hummingbird Lane Blue Dream Tincture by Kimberly Chilcutt, Hummingbird Lane All Natural

2nd Place - High CBD OG Kush by Russell, High CBD Genetics

3rd Place - Hummingbird Lane Platinum OG Tincture by Kimberly Chilcutt, Hummingbird Lane All Natural

Best CBD Tincture

1st Place - CBD Elixir - Coconut by Humboldt Harvest

2nd Place - CBD Tincture by Duncan Gamlen, Lasoma Patients Collective

3rd Place - Super Focus by Fred Marshall/Jude Thilman, Bhutan/CBD Mendo

Emerald Cannabis Cup 2014

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December 13-14, 2014

The 11th Anniversary Emerald Cannabis Cup 2014

Celebrating the harvest of sun-grown, outdoor cannabis varieties, the 11th Emerald Cup attracted more than 600 entrants in the outdoor flower bud competition alone, and an estimated audience of 10,000 people. The annual event, held at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, north of San Francisco, has long been established as California's preeminent, outdoor, organic, medicinal cannabis competition.

The first place went to first-time entrant and long-time gardener Joe Peinado of Mendocino for his "Sweet Serenade"; a customized breed of Diesel x Ogre (26% THC). Second place was awarded to Mean Gene and Aficionado Seeds, for their Black Lime Reserve. Third place went to growers Budonymous and Ganja Girl Scout, for their strain of Cheese.

This year saw also multiple entries of CBD-related cannabis products, with winners in the categories CBD Flowers and CBD Topicals.

The top ten flowers:

1 – Sweet Serenade – Diesel x Ogre.
2 – Black Lime Reserve – Oil Can x NL x Lime Afgani x PK x Chemdawg SR.
3 – Budonymous' & Ganja Girl Scout's Cheese; from clone.
4 – Sin Valley OG – SFV OG x Blue Power.
5 – Zkittlez; from clone.
6 – Zkittlez #8; from clone.
7 – Tar Hill Cannabis Reserve – OG Kush x Chemdawg.
8 – Pearly Sweetcakes, Clementine – Agent Orange x Skunk #1 x Lebanese Blueberry.
9 – Eden Farms, Durban Poison; from clone.
10 – Cherry Limeade #9 – Cherry Pie S1 x Blacklime F2.

The top three CBD flowers:

1 – Guerilla Meds – ACDC x Purple Legend (14.73% CBD, 7.98% THC).
2 – Harle-Tsu – Sour Tsunami x Harlequin (21.05% CBD, 0.86% THC).
3 – Bohemia Botanica – from clone (10.16% CBD, 11.12% THC).

Emerald Cannabis Cup 2013

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The Emerald Cup 2013December 14-15, 2013

The 10th Anniversary Emerald Cannabis Cup 2013

For the 10th annual Emerald Cup, the only outdoor organic marijuana competition in the world, medical cannabis patients, growers and interested people gathered over the weekend in Santa Rosa, CA. There were awards in the category Flowers and Hash and about 130 entries from the Emerald Triangle and another 130 entries from around California.

The first place went to an outdoor grower of DNA Genetics’ Lemon Skunk from Monterey, CA. Second place went to Cherry Cola from Sonoma County Collective. Judges gave third place to Mendocino’s Mean Gene for his Cherry Limeade- a cross between Jigga’s Girl Scout Cookies and an old NorCal Black Lime.

First and second place in the hash category went to third-generation Mendocino growers and hash-makers Boo Boo Bubble for their OG and Girl Scout Cookies bubble hash.

The top ten flowers:

1 – Darin’s Lemon Skunk – DNA Lemon Skunk Clone
2 – Sonoma County Collective Cherry Cola – Cherry Cola Clone
3 – Mean Gene Cherry Limeade – Jigga’s GSC X NorCal Black Lime
4 – Aficionado Seeds Royal Sour (SD x Purple Kush x Highland Afgani) – from seed
5 – Kirt’s Larry OG
6 – Heidi’s Girl Scout Cookie (O.G. x Durban X F1)
7 – Emerald Triangle Seeds’ Atomica OG (Haze x Blueberry x Urkle x TW x OG)
8 – Stoney Creek Libations’ Sour Strawberry (Sour Bubble x Strawberry Cough x SD)
9 – Sherbet – Clone
10 – Fuzzy Sugaree (SK5 x Blue Widow x KC36)

Emerald Cannabis Cup 2012

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Emerald Cup 2012December 15, 2012

9th Annual Emerald Cannabis Cup 2012

The Emerald Cup is the only outdoor organic marijuana competition in the world, it's a California-based event in which only outdoor, sun-grown, organic marijuana and concentrates are allowed. Medical cannabis patients, growers and interested people gathered in Redway, CA. on 15 december. The top 20 entrants were announced, with the Top 10 being allowed to actually come up on stage, accept their awards, and give speeches. Two hundred strains of marijuana were entered (compared to last year's 108 entries), as well as a couple dozen concentrates.

Top twenty flowers:

01 - ChemDawg (unspecified)
02 - Cry Baby OG (unspecified)
03 - In The Pines (Pineapple)
04 - Sugaree (unspecified)
05 - Girl Scout Cookies ( CherryPie x OG)
06 - Amnesia Kush (unspecified)
07 - Larry OG (Larry OG x SFVOG)
08 - Purple Master (Purp x Sweeth Tooth x Sour Diesel)
09 - Fortune Cookie (OG x East Coast Sour Diesel)
10 - Blue Dream (unspecified)
11 - OG Benny (OG x Benny)
12 - Bluedream (unspecified)
13 - Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze)
14 - Bio Diesel (Sour Diesel x Sensi Star)
15 - White Lightning (Coffee Kush x Sugaree)
16 - OG Chemdawg (SFVOG x Chemdawg)
17 - Blue Ultima (4 x hybrid)
18 - Pineapple Master ( Pineapple Kush x Purple Master)
19 - Deadhead OG (Chemdawg x Tahoe OG)
20 - Big Sur Holy Weed (Mexican landrace x old school cali indica)