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2000 CC Tokers Bowl

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2000 - 1st Cannabis Culture Cup
by Dana Larsen (03 May, 2000)

Sixteen strains, two-dozen judges, a fun afternoon. On Saturday, February 5, three dozen of the Cannabis Culture staff, friends and lovers gathered at a secret location to sample and judge sixteen different strains of excellent marijuana.

Most of the plants were grown by the same grower, a friend in the Kootenays who likes growing out over a dozen varieties at a time. We appreciate his careful attention to the finer points of flushing and curing his bud, and have come to look forward to his harvests every four months.

We decided it would be fun to host our own personal Cannabis Culture Cup, a blind smoke-test of selected strains. Since the same grower produced the plants, we figured that this might be a fairer judging of the strains themselves, as the skill of the grower would not be a variable.

Marc Emery dutifully prepared packages for each judge, each strain identified only by number, their names not revealed until after all ballots had been returned. Aside from our Kootenay bud's bud, Marc tossed in a few samples from other growers he had available.

Judges were encouraged to bring their ballots and samples home with them, and many took two weeks of intensive study to fill out. Yet others managed to judge all sixteen strains within 6 hours. One small circle of judges took only two tiny tokes from each joint, before rating it and moving on to the next.

Judges were asked to give numerical ratings and comments in six categories: appearance, fragrance, texture, taste, aftertaste, stone. The seventh category, overall impact, was the one used to determine the winners.

Although the Burmese x Fuckin' Incredible and Blueberry were definitely the two favourites, there was less than 2 points difference between the top and bottom rated strains. None of the bud was schwag, and all had a unique fragrance and taste.

One strain which I feel was under-rated was the Thai. Some commentators called it "weak" while others called it "strong," perhaps indicating that some smokers didn't appreciate or understand the intensely cerebral effects of this pure Sativa.

We present a representative selection of judge's written comments on each bud. If some seem contradictory it's because that's what different judges wrote. One judge was inspired to name each strain after a character from "Cheers" which he felt encapsulated the herb's qualities.

2000 CC Tokers Bowl results






01   Vancouver Island Seed Co. Burmese x Fuckin' Incredible ...
02   DJ Short Blueberry ...
03   BC Seed Co. Northen Lights ...
04/05 TIE   Spice Of Life Seeds Shiskaberry ...
05/04 TIE   Vancouver Island Seed Co.
Romulan x White Widow
x Big Bud
06   BC Seed Co.
NL x Hawaiian ...
07   Vancouver Island Seed Co.
Nagano Gold ...
08   Mighty might Seed Co.
Purple Skunk ...


  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI