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2001 Stony Awards

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Stony Awards Logo2001 - 2nd Stony Awards

The 2nd Annual Stony Awards Show featured a tribute to Cheech & Chong (Tommy Chong accepted in person, Cheech Marin via video). The Best movie category was split in two - one for the more serious films and the other for stoner comedies. That year's winners were Traffic and Road Trip. Brian McCann ("Raymond" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien) hosted hosted the show at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City.


2001 Stony Awards results

Best Stoner Movie Road Trip
Best Movie Traffic
Best Actor Michael Douglas
Best Actress Kate Hudson
Best Pot Scene Scary Movie
Best Documentary Grass
Best Soundtrack Album Grass
Stoner of the Year Ari Gold
Lifetime Achievement Award Cheech and Chong


2000 Stony Awards

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Stony Awards Logo2000 - 1st Stony Awards

The High Times Stony Awards (a.k.a. the Stonys) started as a way to celebrate marijuana and drug use in the movies. The first awards show, in 2000, was hosted by the Upright Citizens Brigade (featuring SNL's Amy Poehler) and took place at New York's Anthology Film Archives. That year's top movie was Doug Liman's Ecstasy-fueled Go.



2000 Stony Awards results

Best Movie Go
Best Actress Sarah Polley
Best Actor, Comedy Jason Mewes
Best Actor, Drama Kevin Spacey
Best Director Doug Liman
Best Pot Scene Dick
Best Tripping Scene Go
Best Documentary The Source
Best Re-Release Yellow Submarine
Best Stoner Movie Being John Malkovich
Best Theatrical Production Reefer Madness
Lifetime Achievement Award Dennis Hopper


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