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2016 Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference

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In the 11th Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference 2016 - The Caregiver Cup the festivities ended with the award ceremonies. Winners in all categories received a trophy and a hand blown glass piece with the event lazed-engraved in a transparent bead. Act Labs supplied the potency testing and the MMM Report staff and friends supplied the judges score for taste, aroma, and appearance.

These are the winners!

Best Sativa

1st Place - Durban Poison by Dave Laclair

2nd Place - Eastside OG by Leafdoctor

3rd Place - Whitefire OG by Light Sky Farms

Best Indica

1st Place - G-Cut by Leafdoctor1

2nd Place - The White by IDK Farms

3rd Place - Blackwater by Big Daddy’s Organic Bud

Best Hybrid

1st Place - Blue Gun by David Evans

2nd Place - Candy Kush by Doc Deadhead

3rd Place - Chemstar by DC Chronics

Best Concentrate

1st Place - G-Cut Full Nug Run by Leafdoctor1 & Zombie Labs

2nd Place - Girl Scout Cookies by Light Sky Farms

3rd Place - Cannatonic by Breeze

Best Edible

1st Place - Diet Coke Candy by Captain Kirk

2nd Place - Lemon Bread by Big Daddy’s Organic Bud

3rd Place - Watermelon Gummies from Donkey Shrub

High CBD

Cannatonic #4 by Doc Deadhead

Solventless Concentrate

Lemon Skunk by Greenways

12th Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards

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OMCA 2013
These are the results of the 2013 Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards

1st place - Ray Bowser - Dr. Who 
2nd place - Danny Nguyen - Grand Daddy Purple 
3rd place - Ray Bowser - Mad Scientist   

Daniel Brannan - Pink

Danny Nguyen - Wee's Concentrate  

Danny Nguyen - 
Obama Kush  

Danny Nguyen - Obama Kush  

Danny Nguyen - Obama Kush 

Mary Anne Sanford - Vortex  

William BraveHeart Green - StarKiller  

11th Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards

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OMCA Bud Poster 2012
These are the results of the 11th Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards

Overall winners:
Ray Browser and Homegrown Natural Wonders - Mad Scientist
Greg Bennet - Grand Daddy Purple
Jason Breazeale of Farmageddon - Grape Ape

Homegrown Natural Wonders - Orange Cream Soda

Vanessa Martinez - Pine Double Apple

Vanessa Martinez & Touch of Grey grown by Homegrown Natural Wonders -  TIE – Pine Double Apple

Hansen Farms - Blue Dream

Homegrown Natural Wonders - Orange Cream Soda


  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI