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Connoisseur Cup 2018

Connoisseur's Choice Concentrate 
1st Place: Grant Pharms - MMC

Overall Flower
1st Place: High Level Health Marijuana Dispensary - Skywalker OG
2nd place: In The Flow - Lemon Skunk
3rd place: High Level Health - Cookies & Chem

Industry LIVE Concentrates
1st Place: Green Dot Labs - Gunslinger
2nd Place: West Edison Cannabis Concentrates - Queen Cheese LIVE Resin
3rd Place: NuHi Distribution - Bordello LIVE Sugar Wax

Industry Med Concentrates
1st Place: Grant Pharms - Hulk Diesel
2nd Place: RM Extracts - Slazer Beam THCa & Terp Sauce
3rd Place: Mana Extract - East Coast Sour Diesel

Indica Flower 
1st place: The Green Joint - Hound Dawg 
2nd Place:  High Level Health - Gorilla Glue 

Sativa Flower
1st place: Chemmy Jones - In The Flow
2nd Place: The Health Center - Foco Sage

Best Hybrid  
1st place: High Level Health - Passion Orange
2nd Place: The Green Joint - Bio Diesel  

Best CBD Flower
1st place: Chickweed Farms - Boax

Best Pen's
1st place: Green Dot Labs FSE Pens - Headbanger - Passion Z - Tangelope - Berry Sanders
2nd place:  Evolab CO2 - Cherry Diesel
3rd place: Openvape - Bavarian Cream

Non Industry Flower
1st place: Only_ Fire_ 719 - Girl Scout Cookies  
2nd place: Rachel KillSmalls - Emerald OG  
3rd place: Kevin Eldoman - Fruity Pebbles 

Organic Flower
1st Place: Farmhouse Genetics - Cupcake
2nd Place: Lola's Garden - Fruity Pebbles
3rd Place: Chickweed Farms - Chocolate Diesel  

Non Industry Overall Concentrates
1st place: Twisty Treat Seeds - Diamonds 

Best Non Industry Concentrate Company
1st Place: Twitch Extracts
2nd Place: Twisty Treat Seeds
3rd Place: Mad710Skillz

Best CBD 
Sacred Body CBD

Best CBD Dabs 
Steve's Goods

Best Rosin 

Best Shatter 
Kayak / The Green Joint - Clemintine

Best Wax 
West Edison Concentrates - Cherry Lime Haze

Best Sauce
Green Dot Lab - Gunslinger

Best THCa 
West Edison Cannabis Concentrates

Best Badder 
Apothecary Extracts - Blueberry Cheesecake

Best Distillate 
Evolab Alchemy - The Green Joint 

Best Beverage 
Thin Green Line - Kombucha

Best Budder 
Quest Concentrates - TK Tangie

Best PHO 
Super Silver Haze - Excellent Extractions - Naturaleaf Tejon MMC

People's Choice Concentrates
Yoshi Extracts

People's Choice Distillate's
Slosson Hemp

Best Topicals
1st Place: Veedverks - Amelia CBD Topical
2nd Place: Evolve - NanoSpere Delivery Syst
3rd Place: Mary's Medicinals Elite - CBD Muscle Freeze

Non Industry Edibles
1st Place: Sam'z Creations -* Banana Strawberry 200mg Pudding
2nd Place: Twitch Extract & TGL - Kambutcha
3rd Place: Tricome Shidaki - Pound Cake

Industry Edibles
1st Place: Keef Cola - Keef Life Sativa Cranberry - Lime 100mg Thc 12 fluid ounces
2nd Place: Nature's High Edibles - Lemon Lime Sugar Expressions 10mg doses for 100mg Thc
3rd Place: Blue Kudu - Isle of Capri Blood Orange Dark Chocolate 10 doses for 100mg Thc