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2018 Cannabis Cup Winners Amsterdam

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2018 Cannabis Cup Winners

Melkweg Amsterdam 13-15 July 2018

 2018 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup


Winners of the Seed Company Competition


1st Place: Gelato 41 by Field Extracts x Connected Cannabis

2nd Place: Headbanger by Nature Boyz x Karma Genetics

3rd Place: Sour Power OG by Karma Squad x Flawless Extract


Hybrid Flower

1st Place: Biscotti by Connected Cannabis

2nd Place: Rainbow Rider by Karma Squad

3rd Place: Smarties by Kush for Breakfast


Indica Flower

1st Place: Wedding Cake by PhenoFinders Seeds

2nd Place: Spumoni by The Plug Seed bank x Alien labs

3rd Place: Gelato 41 by Connected Cannabis


Sativa Flower

1st Place: Gelonade by Connected Cannabis

2nd Place: Purple Strawberry Sherbert by PhenoFinders Seeds

3rd Place: Purple Lemon Punch by The Plug Seed Bank


Winners of the Coffeeshop Competition

Coffeeshop Edibles

1st Place: Amnesia for Time Bomb

2nd Place: Voyagers for Lemon Bubble Space Cake

3rd Place: The Dolphin’s †Dolphin Muffin


Coffeeshop Nederhash

1st Place: Barney’s Coffee Shop for Liberty Dry Freeze

2nd Place: Grey Area for Grey Crystals

3rd Place: Solo for Platinum Valley Ice O Lator


Coffeeshop Import Hash

1st Place: Amnesia for Amnesia Polm

2nd Place: Voyagers for Atlas

3rd Place: Grey Area for Golden Souls


Coffeeshop Flowers—”The Cannabis Cup”

1st Place: Barney’s Coffee Shop for Strawberry Jaffa

2nd Place: The Plug for Skittles

3rd Place: Voyagers for Chem Head OG

2018 IC 420 Growers Cup

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   ic-420/ic420cup 2018  








the ic 420 cup 2018, moved to Barcelona.
ic420cup -  First edition in Barcelona winners are:

    1st Club Flowers : Original Glue (GG4) by @weedyoubcn

    1st Grower Indica : Ice Cream Cake by @bezzle710

    1st Grower Sativa : Terpzilla Orange by @bezzle710

    1st Breeder Indica : Cherry Spice by @trichome_jungle_seeds

    1st Breeder Sativa : Old Red Sour by @oldschoolgenetics

    1st Hash : Fruit Bowl by @nature_boyz__

    1st Concentrates : Di Frutti by @karmagenetics X @flawlessextractscompany

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI