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 Cannabis Business Awards 2022 Miami

Hope Award - CannaMoms
Most Influential Individual - Alyssa Boston
Business Executive of The Year - Alex Pasternack
Industry Organization of the Year - Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Lab
Most Valuable Brand - Sunshine Cannabis
Activist of the Year - Dr. Uma Dhanabalan
Advocate of the Year - Richard Delisi
Political Industry Representative of the Year - Hugh Giordano
Non-Profit of the Year - Regulate Florida
Business of the Year - Lbs Distribution
Best Medical Center - Trulieve
Most Innovative Company / Product - Magical Butter
Best Flower - Sunshine Cannabis
Best Extract - 710 Labs
Best Hemp Product/Company - Industrial Hemp Farms
Best CBD Product - Just CBD
Most Influential Media Source - Sensi
Educational Achievement Award - Dr. Michelle Weiner
Cultivation Achievement Award  - Donald Pake
Psychedelic Achievement Award  - Zappy Zapolin & Lamar Odom, Iter Investments
Cannabis Achievement In Sports - Jim Mcmahon
Woman of the Year Award - Holly Bell
Lifetime Achievement Award - Steve Fox 



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 COLORADO CBA Globes 2020


Hope Award - American Medical Refugees

Business Executive of the Year - Seam McAllister

Industry Organization of the Year - NORML

Leading Brand of the Year - Wolfpac

Advocate of the Year - Alexis Bortell

Political Industry Representative of the Year - Gov. Jared Polis

Business of the Year - Viola

Best Dispensary - Diego Pellicer

Best Flower - Gary Payton (Cookies)

Best Edible - Dialed in Gummies

Best Extract - Persy Rosin (1710 Labs)

Best Hemp Product - Envirotextiles

Best CBD Product - Pure Spectrum

Cultivation Achievement - Dark Horse Genetics & Rare Darkness (Tie)

Industry Leader Award - Vicente Sederberg

Lifetime Achievement Award - Charlotte Figi

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