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Karma Cup 2020

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The Karma Cup Awards Ceremony was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 13th 2020.

These are the Winners!

Category Indica Bud
1st place: Phat Pharms - Forum Punch
2nd place: Koots Canna - Dosi Pop
3rd place: Betterbee - Pink Beard

Category Hybrid Bud
1st place: Phat Pharms - Wedding Cake
2nd place: Dirtydave LTD - The Mac
3rd place: Elevated Prairies - Mimosa

Category Sativa
1st place: Unlicensed Producer - Banana Punch
2nd place: Phat Pharms - Mimosa
3rd place: Dirtydave LTD - Slurricane

Category High Terpene Indica
1st place: Arcana Extracts / Betterbeethe /Bestfarms - Pink Beard
2nd place: Golden Concentrates - LA Affie / DNA
3rd place: Hystar Extracts - Medi

Category High Terpene Sativa
1st place: Hystar Extracts - Crown Royal
2nd place: Hystar Extracts - Blend: Custard Cream / Blue Gelato
3rd place: Private Producer - Critical Haze

Category Indica Shatter
1st place: Dave's Master Extracts - Papaya Sorbet
2nd place: ICC /Interior Cannabis - Foul Mouth
3rd place: Twotoefarmz - Platinum Scout

Category Sativa Shatter
1st place: Dave's Master Extracts - Dark Angel
2nd place: Private Producer - Locktite
3rd place: Private Producer - Kali Mist " Classic Cut"

Category Live
1st place: Hystar Extracts - Sweet Tooth
2nd place: Hystar Extracts - Matanuska Thunder
3rd place: Dr.Eerl - Blueberry

Category Solventless
1st place: Unlicensed Producer - Ghost Train Haze
2nd place: High Grade Extracts - Pink Anxiety
3rd place: Medman Brand - Medman Headband

Category CBD
1st place: Terpfire Extracts - Kush Budder
2nd place: ICC - Angry Wife CBD Sauce
3rd place: 4 Point Wellness - CBD Gummy Cube Strawberry Watermelon

Category Pre-roll
1st place: Fukushima Preroll Factory - 2 gram Fatman Moonrocket- Greasy Pink Bud, Ice Cream Sauce, Karma Kush Kief
2nd place: ICC - Foul Mouth Shatter Blue Magoo Budder Twisted Citrus

Category Edible
1st place: Sofa King Good Bakery - Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
2nd place: Mr. Nice Guy - Reefers Peanut Budder Cup
3rd place: The Giggles Brand - Almond Milk Chocolate

Category Topical
1st place: Dab Skincare - Chill Stick
2nd place: Bare Botanix - Recover
3rd place: Dr.Errl - Fresher Balsam

Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair 2018

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Oregon Growers Cup is the premier cannabis cultivation competition in Oregon.

These are the Winners!

Category Indoors
1st place: State 3 Farms - Ghost OG
2nd place: Wicked Kind - Mac 1
3rd place: PDX High Standars - Mac 1

Category Outdoor
1st place: Million Elephant - Forbidden Fruit
2nd place: Alter Farms - Purple Wildfire
3rd place: Decibel Farms - Purple Punch

Category Greenhouse
1st place: Grateful Greenery - White Tahoe Cookies #1
2nd place: West Coast farms - Trainwreck
3rd place: Cascade Chronic ' Blurkle #3

Category Concentrates
1st place: Rebel Roots Farms - Sugarfruit
2nd place: Chilly´s Garden ' Lemon Banana Sherbet
3rd place: Sterling Gold ' Headbanger

Category Solventless
1st place: Nelson & Company - Scott´s OG Live Resin
2nd place: Decibel Farms - Wedding Cake
3rd place: Halfway 2 Happy Farms - Bleeding Rose

Category Pre-roll
1st place: Toking Blunts - Purple Hindu Kush
2nd place: Trichome Farms - Black Widow
3rd place: Mixed Guds - GUD Gardens

Best Cartridge: Rebel Roots Farms

Best Hash: Nelson & Company

Best Hemp: Green Logic

Best Tincture: Genesis Pharms

Best RSO: Genesis Pharms

Grow Master: State 3 Farms

People´s Choice: Alter Farms

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI