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Karma Cup 2021

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The 8th Annual Karma Cup - Digital Awards - 12 September 2021.

These are the Winners!

Category Indica Bud
1st place: Koots Canna - Ice Burn
2nd place: New Legacy XO - Ice Cream Cake
3rd place: Trap Canna - Project 4516

Category Hybrid Bud
1st place: DirtyDavel TD - M.A.C.
2nd place: Trap Canna - Apes in Space
3rd place: Cookies & Gas - Frosted Fruit Cake

Category Sativa Bud
1st place: Trap Canna - Chem Chillz
2nd place: Big Dog Farms - Panama Red
3rd place: DirtyDavelTD - Jealousy

Category Solventless Extract
1st place: OG_GlobbyJohnson - Grape Guava #6
2nd place: Chris Savoie - Mimosa
3rd place: Better Bee The Best Farms - Dude Where's My Bike

Category Solvent Extract 
1st place: FatCat Extract - AK-47
2nd place: FatCat Extract - Blue Cheese
3rd place: DirtyDavelTD - M.A.C.

Category High Terpene Extract
1st place: Caviar Extracts - Lemon Haze
2nd place: Golden Concentrates - Lemon Zkittles
3rd place: Better Bee The Best Farms & Big Dog Farms - Panama Red

Category Edibles
1st place: The Green Chef - Salted Caramel Double Chocolate Cookies 
2nd place: Flowers Inflour - Protein Skor Bars
3rd place: Faded Cannabis Company - THC Baked Fudge Brownie

Category Topicals
1st place: Euphoria Botanicals - Bliss Bombs
2nd place: Dab Skincare - Chill Stick
3rd place: Dr Errl Extracts - The Essence Of Karma

Category CBD Product
1st place: 4 Point Wellness - CBD Gummy
2nd place: Stone Queen Organics - 50/50 Oil
3rd place: Faded Cannabis Co - CBD Coffee

Watch here the full Digital Show

Party and Event Postponed till further notice. 




2021 Copa del Rey Colombia

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VI Edition Copa del Rey Bogotá, Colombia - 14th & 15th August 2021
National meeting of self-cultivators.

These are the winners!

Best Flower Outdoor
1st Place: Chappie Grow - Big Bull
2nd Place: Kusho Elevado - Cherry Punch
3rd place: Jonesie OG - Cherry Bomb

Best Flower Indoor
1st Place: Jonesie OG - White Fire OG
2nd Place: Kusho Elevado - Cherry Punch
3rd place: Killa Cultiva - Purple Punch

Best Solvent Extraction
1st Place: Jhonny Grasas - Desconocida Kush
2nd Place: Andres Pinzon - Tangie
3rd place: Chappie Grow - Uranai Babba

Best Mechanical Extraction
1st Place: Kusho Elevado - Tropsanto
2nd Place: Fania All Xtracts - Tangelato
3rd place: 11:11 Extractions - 11:11

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
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  • Entry LI
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