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2019 O'Cannabis Awards

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The O’Cannabiz Industry Awards Gala is a national annual event honoring Cannabis Professionals and Companies, recognizing excellence and innovation in the industry. The Awards, Conference, and Expo are held in Toronto, Canada.

2019 Edition: 25, 26, and 27 April 2019.

These are the Winners!



Best Agency / Consultant: Cannabis Compliance INC.

Best Cannainnovation: Pineapple Express Delivery

Best Marketing Campaign: 7Acres - Respect the Plant

Best News Source: Business of Cannabis

Best Security Sevice: 3 Sixty Secure Corp.

Best Testing Facility: A&L Laboratories

Brand of the Year: 48 North

Licensed Producer of the Year: Aurora

National Start-Up of the Year: Starbuds

Green Deed Award: Green Relief

Best Software: Ample Organics

Best POS / CRM Software: Cova Software

Best Cannabis Cultivation Product: Blue Sky Organics

Best Packaging: SIIVVA

Best Engineering Firm: Laporte Engineering

Best Packaging Supplies & Equipment: Paxiom



Outstanding Educator of the Year: Ashleigh Brown

Social Media Influencer of the Year: Jacqui Childs

Cannabis person of the Year: John Fowler

Attorney of the Year: Trina Fraser

Best Cultivator: Broken Coast



Best LP Customer Service: Cannafarms

Best Accessory: Boveda Packs

Best Blend Oil: Canntrust 1:1 Drops

Best CBD Oil: Cannatrust CBD Drops

Best Clinic: Canadian Cannabis Clinics

Best Pre-Rolls: Hexo Corp

Best Soft Gel: Tilray

Best THC Oil: Cannatrust THC Drops

Best Vaporizor: Utillian - Utillian 721

Dried Flower - Best Hybrid: Peace Naturals White Widow

Dried Flower - Best Indica: Tweed Baker Street

Dried Flower - Best Sativa: Hexo Corp Helios

Cannabis Product of the Year: Zeus Arc GT

Best APP: Strainprint Technologies LTD.



HighLife Cup 2021

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HighLife Cup 2021 - Live Stream, 4th June 2021. The Netherlands.
Watch it here:

Categorie A - Hybrids generally grown on hydroponics
1st place: Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck - Grapesidos
2nd place: Coffeeshop Greenhouse Secret Farmers - Mimosa
3rd place: Coffeeshop Mary-Jane - Narstie Glue

Categorie B - Weed commonly grown on soil 
1st place: Coffeeshop Greenhouse Secret Farmers - Dream's Gold
2nd place: Coffeeshop Magic - Naughty One
3rd place: Serious Seeds - Seriosa

Categorie C - Automatic flowering varieties 
1st place: Dutch Passion - Auto Cinderella Jack
2nd place: GrowersChoice - Tropicana Wedding Cake
3rd place: Seed Stockers - Martha Haze Auto

Categorie D - Haze varieties grown on hydroponics
1st place: Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck - Amnesia Haze
2nd place: Coffeeshop Cremers - Joe's Lemonade
3rd place: Coffeeshop 't Bunkertje - Golden G13

Categorie E - Haze strains grown on soil 
1st place: Coffeeshop Kosbor - Amnesia Mac Ganja
2nd place: Coffeeshop Cremers - DelaHaze
3rd place: Club Media - Silver Haze

Categorie F - Kush varieties
1st place: Coffeeshop Magic - Pink Pineapple Kush
2nd place: Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck - Cookie Kush
3rd place: Coffeeshop 't Bunkertje - Pineapple Kush

Categorie G - Skunk varieties
1st place: Dutch Passion - The Ultimate
2nd place: Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck - Cheese
3rd place: GrowersChoice - Brain Damage

Categorie H - Sativa (>70% Sativa-dominant)
1st place:  Coffeeshop Magic - RS-11 Gas No Brakes
2nd place: Gallery Colorado - Tangerine Dream
3rd place: Royal Queen Seeds - Royal Gorilla

Categorie I - Indica (>70% Indica dominant)
1st place: Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck - Kerosine Krash
2nd place: Coffeeshop Magic - Blue Ice
3rd place:  Coffeeshop Greenhouse Secret Farmers - Cookie and Cream

Categorie J - Amerikaanse varieties
1st place: Paradise Seeds - Sunset Paradise
2nd place: Coffeeshop Magic - Skilatti 2.0
3rd place: Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck - Runtz Muffin

Categorie K - Outdoor varieties
1st place: Zamnesia - Purple Punch
2nd place: GrowersChoice - Chocolat Sherbet
3rd place: Dutch Passion - Sugar Bomb Punch

Categorie L - CBD varieties (medical)
1st place: Seed Stockers - Critical XXL CBD
2nd place: Coffeeshop Gallery Colorado - OG Kush CBD
3rd place: Coffeeshop Relax - Strawberry CBD

Categorie M - Hash import
1st place: Coffeeshop Solo - Do-Si-Dos Double Filtered
2nd place: Coffeeshop Genesis - Black Mamba
3rd place: Coffeeshop Cremers - King Hassan

Categorie N - Nederhash
1st place: Coffeeshop Greenhouse Secret Farmers - God's Gift 
2nd place: Dutch Passion - Kerosine Krash
3rd place: Coffeeshop Gallery Colorado - Colorado Purple

Categorie O - Extracts
1st place: Coffeeshop Magic - Shaher Magic
2nd place: Coffeeshop Greenhouse Secret Farmers - Wedding Cake
3rd place: Coffeeshop Zero Zero - Jelly Hash

Overall Winners 2021

Highlife Hasj Cup 2021: Coffeeshop Magic - Shaher Magic

Highlife Weed Cup 2021: Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck - Amnesia Haze

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI