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Karma Cup 2017

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The winners of the 2017 Karma Cup are:


1st Place - Gorilla glue #4 by Teemu - Two Dope Boys - Unlicensed Producer
2nd Place - Locktite Pheno 777 (GG4 X Mt. Rainier) by Dirty Dave LTD
3rd Place - Purple God Green Crack by Seven Star


1st Place - Remo Chemo Kush by Phat Pharms    7
2nd Place - Ultra Banana by 91 Supreme    5
3rd Place - Meat Breath    by Teemu – Two Dope Boys - Unlicensed Producer


1st Place - Kandy (Trainwreck Pheno) by Phat Pharms
2nd Place - Them Valley Cookies by Phat Pharms   
3rd Place - Sativa Y by Thompson Caribou   


1st Place - Scout Master by Diamond Concentrates   
2nd Place - Dream by Everlasting Extracts   
3rd Place - Rock Star by Diamond Concentrates


1st Place - CBD Isolate by Miss Envy Botanicals   
2nd Place - Syringe by Miss Envy Botanicals   
3rd Place - ACDC CBD Isolate by Pharma Bee   


1st Place - White Schocolate Peanut Butter Cup by Sweet Jane Edibles
2nd PLace - Magic Cookie Cups by The Healing Garden
3rd Place - Sprinkle Donut X Fruity Pebbles Cereal Bar by Hamm’s Hash


1st Place - Blazed Salted Caramel Biscotti by Cannabiscotti
2nd Place - Thunder Bar by Light by Tribal Delights
3rd Place - Peppermint Trufle by Buddderfly


1st Place - [.....] by G Juice
2nd Place - Pure Distillate Vape CArtridge by High Grade Extractions
3rd Place - Pure710 Extreme by Pure710   


1st Place - Orange Crush by Glacial Gold
2nd Place - Scout Master by Diamond Concentrates
3rd Place - Gorilla Glue by Seven Star


1st Place - Frankies Incense Haze by Honey Badger Extracts
2nd Place - Lemon Haze by Hidden Valley Reserve
3rd Place - Thai Lights by Thompson Caribou   


1st Place - Ghost Train Haze/Shaved Ice by Teemu–Two Dope Boys–Unlicensed Producer
2nd Place - Headband Kush by Kind Selections
3rd Place - Super Silver Haze by Gold Star Rosin


1st Place - THC Distillate with Pink Terpenes by High Grade Extracts   
2nd Place - CBD Isolate + Strawanna Terp by Seven Star
3rd Place - Pink Kush Terp Rosin with Single Source Pink Kush Cannabis Terpenes by [.....]


1st Place - Recover by Bare Coconut
2nd Place - Fresh Balsam by Dr. Errl Extracts
3rd Place - Magik by Bare Coconut



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The results for the Dope Cup Colorado 2017 are in:

Best CBD Flower
1st Place - The Remedy by The Farm
2nd Place - Rubicon by The Green Solution

Best Indica Flower
1st Place - Holy Grail Kush by Denver-Rec
2nd Place - Skywalker Kush by High Level Health

Best Sativa Flower
1st Place - Cookie Dough by Denver-Rec
2nd Place - Pootietang by Starbuds

Best Hybrid Flower
1st Place - Granola Funk by Denver-Rec
2nd Place - Gorilla Glue #4 by B. Good

Best Flower Nose
1st Place - Persephone by The Green Solution
2nd Place - Willies Reserve Sour Diesel by Southern Charm Organics

Most Potent Flower
1st Place - Bio Star by High Level Health
2nd Place - Rood Dawg by Golden Leaf

Best Topical
1st Place - Mary Jane's Salve
2nd Place - Luxe Leaf Body Butter

Best Transdermal
1st Place - Evolve Nano Serum
2nd Place - Honest Herbal CBD Muscle & Joint cream

Best Tincture
1st Place - NectorBee Tincture Berry

Best CDB Edible
1st Place - CBD Hemp Capsules by Honest Herbal
2nd Place - TinQture Oral Tincture by Marqaha

Best Drink
1st Place - Ripple THC Packets
2nd Place - Canyon Cultivation The Coffee

Best Sweet Edible
1st Place - Coda Serendae Truffles
2nd Place - Binske Chocolate - Water

Best CBD Oil
1st Place - Raspberry Glue by Wonder Leaf
2nd Place - Harmonia by The Farm

Best CBD Wax
1st Place - Super Lemon Tsu by Ajaya
2nd Place - Durbon Tsu

Best THC distillate
1st Place - THC Distillate by NectorBee
2nd Place - Harmony Crystals by Harmony Extracts

Best THC Hashish/Bubble Hash
1st Place - Sleestack by The Proper Extracts
2nd Place - Sunny G by Dobble Extracts

Best THC Live Resin
1st Place - Ghost Claim HCFSE by Life Flower Dispensary
2nd Place - B. Good Lama by Concentrate Supply Company

Best THC Oil
1st Place - Jack Flash Sauce by Concentrate Supply Company
2nd Place - Sweet Paradise by Wonderleaf

Best THC Rosin
1st Place - Private Reserve Original Cheese by Allgreens LLC
2nd Place - B Good Witches Weed by Kenn Wall and Nomad Concentrates

Best THC shatter
1st Place - Blueberry Pure Shatter by NectorBee
2nd Place - Pinapple Fields by Dabble Extracts

Best THC Wax
1st Place - Lemon G by Harmony Extracts
2nd Place - Kosher Kush by Mahatma Concentrates


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