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Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair 2019

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Oregon Growers Cup is the premier cannabis cultivation competition in Oregon.

These are the Winners!

Category Indoors
1st place: Midnight Trich Farm - Lemon Punch
2nd place: Brave Heart Private Reserve - Sundae Driver
3rd place: Dog House - Drool

Category Outdoor
1st place: Decibel Farms - Orange Apricot x Mac
2nd place: Benson Arbor - Josh Dog
3rd place: Laughing Dog Farms - Tang Breath

Category Greenhouse
1st place: Cascade Chronic - Oregon OG
2nd place: The Plant - White Tahoo cookies
3rd place: Grateful Greenery - Golden Goat

Category Hemp
1st place: Black Tie CBD - Lemon Cream Diesel - CBG
2nd place: Grateful Beginnings - Special Sauce
3rd place: Kush Hemp - State 3 Farms

Category Solventless
1st place: Decibel Farms - South Fork Kush
2nd place: Portland Extracts - Garlic n Cream
3rd place: Stoney Acres - Citron Snacks

Category Pre-roll
1st place: Decibel Farms - Triple Chocolate Chip
2nd place: Gud Gardens - Gud Night
3rd place: Rebel Spirit Farms - Gobble Gobble

Best Cartridges
1st place: Decibel Farms - Banana Pie Live Resin
2nd place: O penVape Craft RESERVE - Silver Hawk
3rd place: Rolen Stone - Sweet Sherb

Best CBD Extracts
1st place: Bleu Cheese Keif - Bleu Cheese Keif
2nd place: Green Logic - Umpqua CBD Terp Crystals
3rd place: Angel Industries - Hemp CBD Drops

Best BHO
1st place: Stoney Acres - Animal Cookies 
2nd place: Green Queen Farms - Squirt Diamonts & Sauce
3rd place: Artifact Extracts - Pineapple UD Cake Live Resin

Best Hash
1st place: Nelson & Company - Death Star
2nd place: Decibel Farms - Live South Fork Kush
3rd place: Nelson & Company - Chem de la Chem

Best Topical: Angel Industries

Best Tincture: Trichome Farms

Best RSO: Rebel Roots

Indoor Grow Master: No Till Army

Outdoor Grow Master: Alter Farms

Emerald Cannabis Cup 2020

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Due to the corona virus, many award festivals and events for 2020 have been changed, rescheduled or cancelled.

The Emerald Cannabis Cup 2020 has been cancelled. The award ceremony will try to take place in March of 2021.

For a current list of updates click here

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI