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Cannabis Industrie Awards 2020

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2020 Winners of The Cannabis Industry Awards (NL)
(Organized by for the first time in 2020)

The Entrepreneur of the Year - Wernard Bruining
The Coffeeshop of the Year - Coffeeshop Anna from Purmerend


2021 Cannabis Industry Awards

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cannabis industry australia.






Cannabis Industry Awards 2021 (AU)
The Awards are designed to honour Australian cannabis community pioneers and business professionals.

2021 Community Awards 
To recognise non-corporate contributions in the cannabis space, and their vital role in the history and future of this industry.

Life Time Achievement: Andrew Kavasilas
Advocate of the Year: Tom Forrest
Non - Profit of the Year: Australian Medical Cannabis Association
People's Choice: Dr. James Stewart
Woman of Weed: Emily Rigby
City of the Year: Brisbane
Education Award: Honahlee
Event of the Year: Australian Cannabis Summit
Stigma Award: Helen Kapalos

2021 Business Awards
To recognize the advancement made by organisations in the cannabis industry, business
awards are presented for innovation, excellence, and impact.

Business of the Year: Fresh Leaf Analytic
Product of the Year: Cannatrek T20 Flower Relax Daylesford
Service of the Year: CDA Clinics
Innovation Award: Lifespot Health Medihale
Hemp Award: Margaret River Hemp Processing Facility
Green Award: Greenfern Industries
Social Media Award: Cannabiz
Website of the Year: OZbongs
CBD Product of the Year: Lumir Tincture by Cannim
Doctor of the Year: Dr. James Stewart
Best Tech Award: Vertical Cannabis Technology
Media Award: Altmed
Startup of the Year: CBD Vets Australia
Cultivator of tne Year: Puro NZDispensary of the Year: Astrid Dispensary                      

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  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
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