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Canadian Cannabis Awards 2017

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Nov 30 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards Gala in Toronto

The winners of the Canadian Cannabis Cup Awards 2017 are

Licensed Producers
Top Licensed Producer
Best New Cannabis Product

    Decarb - Hydropothecary
    Argyle Softgels - Tweed Black Label
    Elixir No. 1 - Hydropothecary

Top Indica Flower

    Sedamen - MedReleaf
    Lasqueti - Broken Coast
    Raphael - Peace Naturals

Top Sativa Flower

    Wabanaki - Organigram
    Warwick 2 - Aurora
    Luminarium - MedReleaf

Top Hybrid Flower

    Pink Kush - Tilray
    Midnight - MedReleaf
    White Widow - Peace Naturals

Top High CBD Flower

    Avidekel - MedReleaf
    Dance Hall - Peace Naturals
    Yellow No 1 - Spectrum

Top High THC Flower

    Eran Almog - MedReleaf
    Pink Kush - Canna Farms
    Ambition - Aurora

Top Blended/Value Variety

    Blueberry Cheesecake - Organigram
    Bakerstreet Milled - Tweed
    Shake - Canna Farms

Top High THC Oil

    Aurora THC Drops (Indica) - Aurora
    Elixir No. 1 - Hydropothecary
    Champlain (Indica) - Aphria

Top High CBD Oil

    Avidekel - MedReleaf
    Aurora CBD Drops - Aurora
    Canna Oil 0|10 - Canna Farms

Top Licensed Producer Customer Service

    Peace Naturals

Top Licensed Producer Compassionate Pricing


Top Licensed Producer Packaging


Products & Places
Top Cannabis Accessories Shop, West

    The Next Level, Calgary
    BC Smoke Shop, Victoria
    The Joint, Saskatoon

Top Cannabis Accessories Shop, East

    The Hippy Co., London
    Tokyo Smoke, Toronto
    Bongia, Saint-Hubert

Top Vape Lounge, West

    Terp City, Victoria
    Cannabis Culture, Vancouver
    The Green Ceiling, Victoria

Top Vape Lounge, East

    Vapor Central, Toronto
    Higher Limits, Windsor
    Planet Paradise, Toronto

Top Hydroponic Retailer, West

    Pacific Northwest Garden Supply Ltd, Surrey
    Hydro-Lite, Edmonton
    Jon's Plant Factory, Burnaby

Top Hydroponic Retailer, East

    Homegrown Hydroponics, Toronto
    Yield of Dreams, Newmarket
    Brite-Lite Indoor Garden Centre, Gloucester

Top Clinic, West

    Natural Health Services
    Medical Cannabis Resource Centre Inc.
    National Access Cannabis

Top Clinic, East

    Apollo Cannabis Clinic
    Bodystream Medical Marijuana Services
    National Access Cannabis

Top Desktop Vaporizer

    Arizer Extreme Q

Top Portable Vaporizer

    Arizer Air
    PAX 3
    DaVinci Ascent

People & Social Media
Cannabis Crusader
Clinton Younge
Top Glassblower

    Redbeard Glass
    Mastah Glass
    Narc Glass

Top Cannabis Chef

    Cody Lindsay
    Jeff the 420 Chef
    Chef Derek Butt

Top Social Media Account, Facebook


Top Social Media Account, Instagram


Top Social Media Account, Twitter


Top Podcast

    The Cannabis Show
    The P.A.C.E. Radio Show
    Expert Joints

Top Advertisement

    Crop King Seeds

Cannabis Growing
Top Testing Lab

    Anandia Labs
    MB Labs
    Keystone Labs

Top Trimmer

    Twister T4, Keirton
    CenturionPro Gladiator, CenturionPro Solutions
    TrimPro Rotor, TrimPro

Top Seed Company

    Crop King Seeds
    DNA Genetics
    Dutch Passion

Top Extraction Equipment

    Q90, Vitalis Extraction Tech
    EV5 Hydrocarbon Extractor, Evolved Extraction
    The MEP, ExtractionTek Solutions

Top Nutrients Company

    Remo Nutrients
    Emerald Harvest
    General Hydroponics

Top Lighting Company

    EYE Hortilux
    Kind LED

Top Home Growing Box

    Grobo One Grow Box
    BloomBox, BC Northern Lights

Top Dispensary, West

    Aura Health Studio & Dispensary, Vancouver
    Farmacy Dispensary, Victoria
    Sunrise Wellness, Vancouver

Top Dispensary, East

    CannDo, Toronto
    Eden, Toronto
    MMJ Canada, Hamilton

Top Dispensary Indica Flower, West

    Pinkenstein, Aura Health Studio & Dispensary, Vancouver
    Nuken, Trees Dispensary, Victoria
    Death Bubba, Cannabis Culture, Vancouver

Top Dispensary Indica Flower, East

    Pink Kush, CannDo, Toronto
    Death Bubba, MMJ Canada, Hamilton
    Sour Pink Glue, Health Cannabis Inc., Etobicoke

Top Dispensary Sativa Flower, West

    Cali Orange, Sunrise Wellness Foundation, Vancouver
    Chocolope, Karuna Health Foundation, Vancouver
    Lamb’s Bread, Aura Health Studio & Dispensary, Vancouver

Top Dispensary Sativa Flower, East

    White Widow, Eden, Toronto
    Tamara Jane, Pacifico, Hamilton
    Blue Dream, CannDo, Toronto

Top Dispensary Hybrid Flower, West

    Gorilla Glue, The Herbal Health Centre, Medical Marijuana Store, Kamloops
    Durban Berry, Urban Earth Med, Vancouver
    Cotton Candy, Trees Dispensary, Victoria

Top Dispensary Hybrid Flower, East

    Bruce Banner, MMJ Canada, Hamilton
    Rainbow Kush, Herbal Bud, Halifax
    White Castle, MMJ Canada, Hamilton

Top Dispensary High CBD Flower, West

    CBD Shark, Sunrise Wellness Foundation, Vancouver
    Sunkiss, Aura Health Studio & Dispensary, Vancouver
    Nero, Ross' Gold, Kelowna

Top Dispensary High CBD Flower, East

    Barbara Bud CBD, Temple Medicinal, Sault Sainte Marie
    CBD Rene, MMJ Canada, Hamilton
    CBD Critical Cure, Natural Green Healing, Hamilton

Top Dispensary Edible, West

    Clearly Medicinal Syrup, Headstash
    THC Infused Syrup, Thompson Caribou Concentrates
    Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Baked Edibles

Top Dispensary Edible, East

    Medicated Gummies, MOTA
    Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Blessed Edibles
    Firebars, Eyebake Medibles

Top Dispensary Oral Extract, West

    Phoenix Tears CBD, Nu
    Phoenix Tears, Purely Medicinals
    MediCaps, Headstash

Top Dispensary Oral Extract, East

    THC Honey Tears, Green Island Naturals
    Calm CBD Spray, Calyx
    Pink Kush Tincture, Cronica Farms

Top Dispensary Vaped or Smoked Extract, West

    Distillate Pen, Little Farma
    Platinum LHO, Horatio Delbert Concentrates
    Elite Shatter, Trees Dispensary, Victoria

Top Dispensary Vaped or Smoked Extract, East

    Blue Dream, BIOCAN
    Girl Scout Cookies Pen, Alair
    Honey Stick, Pharmabee

Top Dispensary Branding, West

    Farmacy Dispensary, Victoria
    Eden, Vancouver
    Aura Health Studio & Dispensary, Vancouver

Top Dispensary Branding, East

    Eden, Toronto
    Pacifico Health and Wellness, Hamilton
    MMJ Canada, Hamilton

Committee-Driven Categories
Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Mark Ware
Startup of the Year
Wheaton Income
Product of the Year
Arizer Solo
Deal of the Year
Canopy acquires Mettrum
Innovation of the Year
Tweed Main Street
Innovator of the Year
Chuck Rifici
Top Non-profit
The Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids
Most Progressive Public Office
New Brunswick
Most Progressive Researcher
Dr. Jonathan Page
Top Effort Affecting Policy Change
Jonathan Zaid
Writer of the Year
Jenna Valleriani
Top Charitable Initiative
Canopy Growth Corporation
Campaign of the Year
CannaConnect Caddies, CannaConnect
Most Promising Licensed Producer
Tantalus Labs
Special Categories
Brand of the Year
Tokyo Smoke
Celebrity Advocate
Melissa Etheridge
Top Lift Reviewer
Michael Pasini, m1kek9
Employer of the Year
James E. Wagner Cultivation

Top 10 Employers of the Year(in alphabetical order):

    7 Acres
    Canadian Cannabis Clinics
    Delta 9 Bio-Tech
    Green Relief
    GrowWise Health
    Homegrown Hydroponics
    James E. Wagner Cultivation
    Megawatt HydroCulture

Emerald Cannabis Cup 2017

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The world renowned Emerald Cannabis Cup was held December 9 & 10 2017 at Sonoma County, in California.

The Winners of the Emerald Cannabis Cup 2017

1st – Molecular Farms – Lemon Crush
2nd – 3rd Gen Family x Dying Breed Seeds – Roze
3rd – Malcolm Hunter – Cultivate for the Cure Mac Daddy – OG Private Reserve

Light Dep:
1st – Eden Farms – Edens White Fire
2nd – Royal Budline – Zkittles
3rd – Spring Creek Farm – Silver OG

1st – Molecular Farms – Guava Jam
2nd – Abatin Farms – Kashmir Jade
1st – Gold Drop x Blue River – CBDiamonds
2nd – Gold Drop x Blue River – Star Crystals
1st – OM Edibles – CBD Mango
2nd – Lifted – Sour Bites
1st – CAD (Carters Aromatherapy Designs) – CBD Pain Cream
2nd – Prana – Prana Nectar Balm
1st – Treatwell – Balance
2nd – Miracle Relief – Pure CBD Sublingual Serum

1st – Ahti Hash x Tarhill Cannabis – Pink Lemonade
2nd – Moonshine Melts x 3rd Gen Family x Dying Breed Seeds – Gak Melon
3rd – Moonshine Melts x 3rd Gen Family x Dying Breed Seeds x Lempire Farms – Lem
1st – Moonshine Melts x 3rd Gen Family x Dying Breed Seeds – Muffinz
2nd – Moonshine Melts x 3rd Gen Family x Dying Breed Seeds – Zkittlez
3rd – Ahti Hash x Tarhill Cannabis – Pink Lemonade
1st – Lassen Cannabis Co / Serenity – Sunset Sherbet CO2 – Cryo Sauce
2nd – Big sur extracts/Indigo Pro (Producer Series) – Cloud Drop
3rd – Wildseed in collaboration with Cannabis refined – Berry White C02 Cartridge
4th – HILLSTRONG – The Clean
1st – Gold Drop x Blue River – Island Girl
2nd – Gold Drop x Blue River x Lemon Tree – Lemon Tree
3rd – Chemistry – Tangerine Power Full-spectrum Vape Cart

1st – Utopia Farms – Peanut Butter Macarron
2nd – Higher Confections x Revolution Emporium – Sea Salted Caramel
3rd – Zendo – Zendo Honey Sea Salt Almonds
1st – The Squishery – 1:1 Tincture
2nd – Magnolia Mountain – Vanilla Rosa Cannabis Tincture
3rd – Dank Granny – Evening Blend-Herbally Enhanced Tincture
1st – Newell’s Botanicals – Deep Skin Penetrating Topical Oil
2nd – Flower Power Force – Field Skin Serum
3rd – Eightfold Medicinals – Pain Relief Salve

Innovative Product:
1st – Sunnabis – Festival Throat Spray CBD Formula

Terpene Based Awards:
Most unique terpene profile (all categories):
Tied Between:
Abatin Farms – Hawaiian Sunrise – Ocimene dominant, 2:1 CBD:THC
Greenshock Farms – Hawaiian Sleigh Ride – Ocimene dominant THC variety

Regenerative Cannabis Farming Awards:
Flower Daze Farm
Briceland Forest Farm Cannabis
Lionpaw Organics

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI