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Karma Cup 2019

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Karma Cup Winners 2019

Bud - Hybrid
1st place: Wedding CakePhatpharms
2nd place: Zombie KushPhatpharms
3rd place: Miracle alien cookies Dirtydave ltd
Bud – Indica
1st place: Peanut Butter BreathPhatpharms
2nd place: Lindsay OGLiberty Farms
3rd place: Koffee CakePhatpharms
Bud – Sativa
1st place: Banana punchUnlicensed producer
2nd place: MimosaPhatpharms
3rd place: AmnesiaPhatpharms
High Terpene Extract – Sativa Dom.
1st place: Platinum Blueberry Lemonade Live ResinKind Selections
2nd place: Banada RuntsGas Town
3rd place: Platinum Strawberry Guava PunchKind Selections
High Terpene Extract – Indica Dom.
1st place: Chemdog 91 Live ResinKind Selections
2nd place: GG4Unlicensed Producer
3rd place: Platinum GG4 Live ResinTeam Remo
1st place: Blackdogrosinstar London Donavan collab
2nd place: Pink KushHigh Grade Extracts
3rd place: Purple godrosinstar
Solvent Extract / BHO
1st place: Hang 10Hystar Extracts
2nd place: Custard CreamHystar Extracts
3rd place: Frankie’s Incense ShatterDabonimous Extracts
1st place: Sour Amnesia Terp CartHigh Voltage Extracts
2nd place: Romulan Terp CartHigh Voltage Extracts
3rd place: THC Distillate CartridgeLondon Donovan
CBD Product
1st place: GummiezCannafused
2nd place: Ringo’s Gift CBD SauceInterior Cannabis Collective
3rd place: White DominaRemo Brands
1st place: 2 gram Fatman MoonrocketFukushima Preroll Factory
2nd place: Fire CrackerInterior Cannabis Collective
3rd place: Rosin Rock Pre-RollRosinDawgs     
1st place: Smashed S’mores BiscottiCannabiscotti Inc.
2nd place: Space BombsSofa King Good Bakery
3rd place: Reeses Pieces BitesThe Healing Garden Canada
1st place: Buddha barMiss envy
2nd place: Organic Pain SalveKayabliss healing remedies
3rd place: CBD Cooling creamSugar shack edibles


Karma Cup 2018

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Karma Cup 2018 Winners

Bud – Hybrid
1st place:ZombiePhat Pharms Craft Cannabis Co.
2nd place:Wedding CakePhat Pharms Craft Cannabis Co.
3rd place:Gorilla Glue #4Unlicensed Producer
Bud – Indica
1st place:Remo KushPhat Pharms Craft Cannabis Co
2nd place:Tahoe OG KushPrivate Grower
3rd place:Grape PiePhat Pharms Craft Cannabis Co
Bud – Sativa
1st placee:Ghost Train Haze #1Unlicensed Producer
2nd place:TrainwreckPhat Pharms Craft Cannabis Co
3rd place:Grapefruit HazeForbidden Garden
CBD Concentrates
1st place:CBD Terp SauceMiss Envy Botanicals
2nd place:CBD IsolateMiss Envy Botanicals
3rd place:CBD IsolateThompson Caribou
1st place:Twisted Tiramisu CannabiscottiCannabiscotti
2nd place:Choco-budzPurple Krown Canna Co
3rd place:Cosmic PretzelsSofaKing Good Bakery
1st place:–High Grade Extracts
2nd place:–London Donovan Extracts
Functional Glass
1st place:Dragon’s BreathKorey Glass
2nd place:Pool SharksRedbeard Glass
3rd place:Peacock Alien Parallax Symbiosis    Tropical Iceberg Glass
1st place:–Seaway Valley Extracts
2nd place:Black Dog OGLondon Donovan Extracts
3rd place:Terp Distillate PenHigh Grade Extracts
1st place:Citrus SkunkFukushima Preroll Factory
2nd place:Triple Hash JointDirty Dave Ltd.
Solvent – Hybrid
1st place:Sweet SkunkHystar Extracts
2nd place:Gorilla GlueHystar Extracts
3rd place:Locktite777Dirty Dave Ltd
Solvent – Indica
1st place:Death BubbaHystar Extracts
2nd place: Destroyer KushHystar Extracts
3rd place:Purple TerpsSeven Star
Solvent – Sativa
1st place:FrodoHystar Extracts
2nd place:Old School Haze WaxBeard Bros
3rd place:Thai StickBeard Bros
Solventless / Non-solvent
1st place:Blue GodRosinstar
2nd place:Where’s My Bike?Maple Budder
3rd place:Wedding Cake x Ghost Train HazeUnlicensed Producer
High Terpene
1st place:Super Love PotionBeard Bros
2nd place:Super Old School LemonBeard Bros
3rd place:Black Dog OG Diamond SauceLondon Donovan Extracts
1st place:Buddha BarMiss Envy Botanicals
2nd place:RecoverBare Coconut
3rd place:19 Paths Herbal Pain RubHealth Therapy Products


  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI