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Oregon Cannabis Growers Cup 2021

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Oregon Cannabis Growers Cup - 2021
12 pm - 8 pm, December 4th.

The Cup Event & Award Ceremony were held in Riddle, Douglas County, Oregon.

These are the winners!

1st place: Nelson & Company Organics - GMO
2nd place: Luvli - Pressure
3rd place: RNG Seeds - Forbidden Fruit

1st place: Dirt Dawgz - Orange Push Pop x Animal Mintz
2nd place: Stoney Acres - Royal Limez
3rd place: Alter Farms - Orange Asphalt

1st place: The Plant - Sherbacio
2nd place: Cannaessentiat - Tangies & Cream
3rd place: Grateful Greenery - OA Mac

1st place: Arrowleaf Hemp 
2nd place: Elli-Hou Farms (CBD) - Super Sour Lifter
3rd place: Black Tie CBD - BT Kush

1st place: Madrone Farms - Papaya
2nd place: Madrone Farms - Honey Banana
3rd place: Nelson & Company Organics

1st place: Rebel Roots farms - Blueberry Muffin Live Resin Diamonds
2nd place: Burnt River Farms - Samoa Cookies
3rd place: Halo + Hush - OG Kush

1st place: NW Kind - Blueberry Muffin #4
2nd place: Cannabis Nation Farms -Oregon Blueberry
3rd place: Halo + Winberry - Tropical Trainwreck

CBD Extracts
1st place: Angel Industries - Angel CBG-A Crumble
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

1st place: Rebel Spirit Cannabis - Gooble Gobble
2nd place: Decibel Farms - TRZ
3rd place: Trichome Farms - Runtz

Infused Pre-Roll
1st place: Decibel Farms - TRZ Loud
2nd place: Entourage Cannabis (CBDiscovery) - Powdered Donuts x Watermelon Zittes
3rd place: Quantum - Larry Byrd Breath

1 x 1
1st place: Chalice Brands (Bald Peak Farms) - Strawberry Remedy #9
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

1st place: Angel Industries - Rainbow Children
2nd place: Tj's Gardens - Tj's Indica Flower Blend
3rd place: Elysium Fields - Mob Boss

1st place: Rebel Roots Farms - Strawberry Guava
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

1st place: Major Drinks - Major Drink
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

CBD Vape
1st place: Firefly Extracts - Cherry Wife
2nd place: Higher Cultures - Harlequin 1:1
3rd place: Total Cannabinoid Company - Special Sauce

1st place: Decibel Farms - Wilson Zero #3
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

THC Topical
1st place: Angel Industries - Angel Muscle Lotion
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

CBD Topical
1st place: Horn Creek Hemp - Ruby's Max Strength
2nd place: not entered
3rd place: not entered

High 95 Cup 2021

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V Edition of the High 95 Cup, Maine (Massachusetts) 2021.

These are the results of the 2021 High 95 Cup



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Indoor   Skunkfoot Farms - Platinum Kush & Hazy Hill Farm - Devilz Cake Skunkfoot Farms - GMO Rootbeer High Rollers - Wizard Punch
Sun Grown   Scotttmd - Thai Sour 4 Baldface Botanicals - Do Si Dos Jedi Ganja Warrior - Lemon Tree x Terpensteien
Organic   Old School Farms - Mimosa & Jedi Ganja Warrior - G$ Green Xtrax - Original Glue (GG4) Best Friends Farms - Gas Masque
Greenhouse    Skunkfoot Farms -GMO Skunkfoot Farms - Papaya & Best Friends Farms - Bramble Berry Weaving Genetics - Poison Peaches & Slunkfoot Farms - Myn. Trop
Hash   Ripple Wellness - Purple Pie Hazy Hill Farm - Grape Cream 2.1  Ripple Wellness - GMO + Triangle Mints
Rosin   Royal River - Driving Miss Papaya Symbiosis Solventless - Tropical Runtz Green Truck - Tropicanna Smash Melonz
THC   31.9% Best Friends Farms - Shoki Masque 31% Moon Blooms - Sour Banana Sherbet 30.8% Weaving Genetics - Orange Cream Pop
 Solvent   Pamolab LLC - Peanut Butter Breath  Tokah Farms - Cherry Ghostenade Hoot Family Farm - Gelato 33
  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI