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2010 Treating Yourself Expo

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Treating YourselfFounded by Marco Renda in 2002 and distributed in countries world-wide, Treating Yourself is a journal written for patients, by patients. Their mission is to build awareness, generate interest, educate and provide the readers (which include medical marijuana, alternative medicine users, members of the hemp community, their caregivers, professionals in this and related industries) with conscientious, ethical, and reliable information to assist them with the management of their wide and varied health needs and provide them with access to safe and reliable products.

To help achieve this goal, the 2010 Treating Yourself Expo hosts a series of workshops, seminars, on subjects like medical marijuana, activism, security and safety, alternative medicine, nutrition, hemp, cooking, and more. 

Treating Yourself magazine is excited to host their 1st Medical Marijuana and Hemp Expo in July of 2010 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

These are the results of the 2010 Treating Yourself Expo



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Seed Company Sativa Cup        
Seed Company Indica Cup        
Private Grower Cup        
Compassion Clubs Cup        
Best Glass        
Best Booth        
2010 Michelle Rainey Award        

2010 HighLife Hemp Fair

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2010 - '13th HighLife Hemp Fair' -->> Held At A Secret Location

HighLife Cup 2010 goes to De Vrolijke Gaper for Amnesia


These are the results of the 2010 HighLife Hemp Fair



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize



  Paradise Seeds for
Sensi Star
Dutch Pro for
't Bunkertje for
White Widow


  Dizzy Duck for
White Widow X Bubble Gum
Growside for
Jack F1
Boerenjongens for
Mean Green Martian


  Far Out for
Hasj Plant
Serious Seeds for
Biddy Early
Kashmir Lounge for
Texels Finest


  Ocean for
Super Kristal
Pollinator Company for
LA Confidential
Dutch Pro for

Haze Hydro

  De Vrolijke Gaper for
Bazar for
Silver Haze
Kosbor for

Haze Bio

  Royal Queen Seeds for
Shinning Silver Haze
Dizzy Duck 
Ocean for


  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI