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Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair 2017

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August 12-13 2017  Salem Oregon 
These are the winners!
1st place Three Finger Farm
2nd place Ridgeback Cannabis

1st place Ridgeback Cannabis
2nd place Shango Cannabis and Green Gear Solutions

Crowd Favorite
Three Finger Farm

Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup 2017

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prairie cup






7th Annual PMHC October 6-8 2017 Saskatoon

The winners of the 2017 Prairie Medical Cannabis Cup (PMHC)


A - Sour Tsunami (Fractal Farms)

B - The Truth (TCC)

C - Super Silver Haze (Private Grower MMAR) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

D - Cookie (Continental Group)

E - Critical Mass (Continental Group) - 1ST PLACE WINNER

F - Strawberry Cough (Continental Group) - 2ND PLACE WINNER



A - Lindsay OG (Liberty Farms) - 1ST PLACE WINNER

B - Shishkaberry (Twelve High Chicks)

C - Remo Chemo Kush (Phat Pharmer)

D - God Quad (Continental Group) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

E - Strawberry Kusk (Continental Group) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

F - Tuna Kush (Private Grower)



A - Zombie Kush (Phat Pharmer) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

B - Pineapple Express (Twelve High Chicks)

C - Gorilla Glue Number Four (Teemu Selanne - PRIVATE GROWER MMAR) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

D - White Castle (TCC)

E - Zeus (Private Grower MMAR)

F - Master Bubba (Continental Group) - 1ST PLACE WINNER



A - Liberty Cut Cookies Shatter (Liberty Farms)

B - Romulin Shatter (Lone Tree Concentrates - Grown By Reasonable Farms)

C - Sour Bubba Shatter (TCC)

D - Astro Glue Rosin (Sunshine Rosin)

E - Ghost Train Haze Rosin (Teemu Selanne - PRIVATE GROWER MMAR)

F - Terpsauce Distillate Mix (TCC)

G - Blueberry Distillate (The High Guys) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

H - Super Silver Haze Budda (Private Grower MMAR)

I - Skywalker OG Live Resin (Diamond Concentrates)

J - Crown OG Live Resin (Diamond Concentrates)

K - Kush Salad Distillate (Valley Pure)

L - Purple Syrup Rosin (Sunshine Rosin)

M - Pineapple Live Resin (Continental Group)

N - Strawberry Kush Live Resin (Continental Group)

O - Pineapple Shatter (Continental Group) - 1ST PLACE WINNER

P - Strawberry Kush Shatter (Continental Group) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
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  • Entry KS
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