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Elite Cup Amsterdam 2017

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Elite Cup is held every year on the International Cannabis Day in Amsterdam in June.

Public Cup Results.

Best Indica:
    FIRST: Bagheera Platinum Valley O.G
    SECOND: Mrk & CO. Rolex O.G
    THIRD: Dutch Passion Night Queen

Best Sativa:
    FIRST: G.Urban Farms Strawberry Amnesia
    SECOND: Sumo Seeds (name not Given)
    THIRD (tied): Takeaway Mexican Haze/Green Place Tangerine

Best Hybrid:
    FIRST: UGORG Disco Biscuits
    SECOND: Accelerator seeds Lake O.G
    THIRD: Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk

Best Concentrates (Solvent):
    FIRST: Totem Fire Amnesia bho live resin
    SECOND: Ne1 extracts Stardawg Live Resin Sap
    THIRD: Goodfellas Seeds Starwax

Best Concentrates (Solventless):
    FIRST: Mr K & co. Kandy Kush
    SECOND: Mr. Hyde (name not given)
    THIRD: UGORG Disco Biscuits

Best Hash:
    FIRST: Micro Genetica White Cheese Hash
    SECOND: Bagheera Mango Haze Hash
    THIRD: Green place Cookie Hash

Best Edibles:
    FIRST: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Choco slice
    SECOND: Green Place Brownie
    THIRD: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Rainbow cake

Elite Judges Results

Best Indica:
    FIRST: Mr K & Co. Rollex O.G.
    SECOND: UGORG Cookies
    THIRD: Het Ballonnetje San Fernando Valley O.G

Best Sativa:
    FIRST: UGORG Premier Sweet
    SECOND: Green Place Tangerine
    THIRD: Het Ballonnetje  G13 Mr Nice

Best Hybrid:
    FIRST: Accelerator seeds Lake O.G.
    SECOND: Green place Jonny Blaze
    THIRD: UGORG Disco Biscuits

Best Concentrates (Solvent):
    FIRST: Mellow daze Velvet cookies Wax
    SECOND: Totem Fire Amnesia bho live resin
    THIRD: Ne1 Extracts Stardawg live resin sap

Best Concentrates (Solventless):
    FIRST: UGORG Disco Biscuit
    SECOND: Mr Hyde (name not given)
    THIRD: Mr K. & co. Kandy Kush

Best Hash::
    FIRST (tie): Bagheera Mango Kush Dry Sift
    FIRST (tie): BoereJongens Green Magic Block
    SECOND: Goodfellas seeds flower power OG
    THIRD: Green Place Cookies Hash

Best Edibles:
    FIRST: Green Place Brownie
    SECOND: The Golden Green Team Cinnamon Swirl
    THIRD: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Rainbow cake

Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair 2017

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August 12-13 2017  Salem Oregon 
These are the winners!
1st place Three Finger Farm
2nd place Ridgeback Cannabis

1st place Ridgeback Cannabis
2nd place Shango Cannabis and Green Gear Solutions

Crowd Favorite
Three Finger Farm

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI