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Emerald Cannabis Cup 2022

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Emerald Cup Winners 2022

The Emerald Cup 2022 was held in  Los Angeles from the 29 - 30 May 2022


The Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award: Woody Harrelson 



Sungrown Flower Category Winners
1st Place Farmer and the Felon – Lemon Sponge Cake
2nd Place Rebel Grown – Double OG Chem
3rd Place Farmer and the Felon x Cookie Fam Genetics – Georgia Pie


Sungrown – BREEDER’S CUP Category Winner: Rebel Grown – Double OG Chem


Mixed Light Flower Category Winners
1st Place LitHouse – Modified Grapes
2nd Place LitHouse – Jealousy
3rd Place LitHouse – Lemon Lava


Mixed Light – BREEDER’S CUP Category Winner: Healing Herb Farms – Lemon Head OG x Zkittlez


Indoor Flower Category Winners
1st Place Fig Farms – Animal Face
2nd Place Panacea – Pablo’s Revenge
3rd Place Fig Farms – Blue Face



Indoor Flower BREEDER’S CUP Category Winner: Fig Farms – Holy Moly!


Sungrown Greenhouse Flower
1st Place Local Cannabis Co – Sherbhead
2nd Place Glass House Farms – Glass House Farms Waiting Game
3rd Place Local Cannabis Co – Ice Cream Cake


Personal Use Flower
1st Place Parker PZ Moselle – Ohrangatang Titties
2nd Place Colin Teurfs x Dan Pomerantz – Double OG Chem 4
3rd Place Matt Jones – Cheese


3rd Party Certified Sungrown Flower: Emerald Spirit Botanicals – Farm Cut – Pink Boost Goddess


3rd Party Certified Mixed Light Flower Category Winners
1st Place Old Briceland Cannabis Company – Epiphany
2nd Place Old Briceland Cannabis Company – Area 41
3rd Place Old Briceland Cannabis Company – White Gummies #1


Best in Show Category Winner: Farmer and the Felon – Lemon Sponge Cake



Pre-Roll – Infused Solventless Extract Category Winners
1st Place Sovereign – Geode Joint – Modified Lemons
2nd Place El Toro Verde – El Toro Verde Cannagar
3rd Place Vital Grown x Sticky Fields x Compassionate Heart x Massive Creations x Feeling Frosty – Mendo Massive


Pre-Roll – Infused Solvent Extract
1st Place Paletas – Paletas Mother’s Milk Infused Blunt
2nd Place Sugar Daddy – Sugar Daddy Indica 2.5G Infused Blunt
3rd Place Weedwoodz – Weedwoodz XOXO


Pre-Roll – Non-Infused Category Winners
1st Place Lost Paradise Organics – Gelonade 6pk Flower Pre-Roll
2nd Place Atrium Cultivation – Juice Z Pre-Roll
3rd Place Country – 1:1 Good Neighbor Pre-Roll 6pk



Ice Water Hash Category Winners
1st Place Heritage Hash Co – Whitethorn Rose Live Bubble Hash
2nd Place el Krem – Papaya Bomb Ice Water Hash
3rd Place Papa’s Select – Amarelo #9 90u Ice Water Hash


Rosin Category Winners
1st Place Rosin Tech Labs x Luma Farms – Papaya
2nd Place Heritage Hash Co – Whitethorn Rose Live Rosin
3rd Place Kalya x LUMA Farms – Lemon Limez


Personal Use Solventless Category Winners
1st Place Alice Reis x Flynn Abeln – Wooksauce Winery Screaming Mimis
2nd Place Brett Byrd – Modified Grapes Full spec 45-159 creme brulee consistency w/THC-A layer
3rd Place Brett Byrd – Gush Mints Full Spec 45-159



C02 Cartridge Category Winners
1st Place Haku – Haku CO2 Live Resin
2nd Place Featured Farms x Burzt Farms – Burzt by Featured Farms
3rd Place Wildseed Co x Cannabis Refined – Cherry Wife CO2 Cartridge


Distillate Cartridge Category Winners
1st Place LEGION – Monarch – Strawberry Banana – Cannabis Derived Terpenes
2nd Place GoldDrop x Fig Farms – Kush Mint Cookies Nug Run Vape Cartridge
3rd Place Beezle Brands – Orange Blossom Buzz Cartridge


Live Resin Cartridge Category Winners
1st Place URSA Extracts – Liquid Diamond Sauce Humboldt Jack
2nd Place Arcata Fire x Humboldt Seed Co – Raspberry Live Resin Sauce Cart
3rd Place Lemon Tree x Holy Water x Orchard Beach Farms – Kiwi tree Single Source Live Resin Cartridge


Solventless Cartridge Category Winners
1st Place Doc Green’s – Runtz Live Rosin Vape Cartridge
2nd Place Jetty Extracts – Fatso Solventless Vape
3rd Place Arcata Fire x Highwater Farms – Key Lime Pie Solventless



Hydro-Carbon Solid Category Winners
1st Place Beezle Brands x Luma Farms – Key Lime Paya Live Resin Budder
2nd Place Beezle Brands x Earthen Farms – Gary Payton Live resin Budder
3rd Place URSA Extracts – -Live Badder Modified Grapes


Hydro-Carbon Liquid Category Winners
1st Place Cosmic x Peak x Feeling Frosty – White Runtz
2nd Place FIELD x Wizard Trees x Doja – FIELD x Wizard Trees x Doja RS-11 Live Resin
3rd Place Cosmic x Peak x Feeling Frosty – Orange Daiquiri



Therapeutic Topical Category Winners
1st Place Care By Design – CBD Joint & Muscle Cream
2nd Place Kush Queen – Kush Queen Transdermal THC Water Based Personal Lubricant
3rd Place OM x Feeling Frosty – Sweet Dreams CBN Rosin Bath Bomb


Cosmetic Topical Category Winners
1st Place Proof – Face Serum
2nd Place OM x Feeling Frosty – Himalayan Kush Rosin Bath Bomb


Personal Use Topical Category Winner: Erica A – Deep Muscle Rub – Liniment Lotion



Tincture Category Winners
1st Place Care By Design – Refresh Drops 1:1 MAX
2nd Place Santa Cruz Mountain Tops – La Luna
3rd Place Lempire Farmaseed – LEM OG 1000mg Rosin Tincture



Edibles – Beverage Category Winners
1st Place HiFi Sessions x Lagunitas x Absolute Xtracts – HiFi Hoppy Chill
2nd Place Pure Beauty – Little Strong Drink
3rd Place K-Zen Beverages – Mad Lilly Passion Fruit Mango Spritzer


Edibles – Beverage Enhancer Category Winner: S*Shots – Berry Blast


Edibles – Gummies Category Winners
1st Place Kalya x Elephante – Papaya Rosin Gummies
2nd Place Space Gem – Sweet Sleepy Fig
3rd Place Queen Mary – Enchanted


Edibles – Sweet Category Winners
1st Place Cosmic Edibles x Kalya – Solventless Rosin Plant-Based Chocolate Chip Sprinkles Cookie Dough
2nd Place Oasis – Peanut Butter Cup Minis
3rd Place Mammamia – Capri Lemon Cake Bites


Edibles – Savory Category Winners
1st Place Potli x SF Roots – Shrimp Chips
2nd Place TSUMo Snacks – TSUMo Snacks Classic Cheese Crunchers



Alternative Cannabinoid Flower Category Winners
1st Place Pure Beauty – Terry T & Gelato 33
2nd Place Glass House Farms – Jelly Fish
3rd Place Glass House Farms – Tangelo Flow


Alternative Cannabinoid Flower Breeder’s Cup Category Winner: Pure Beauty – Terry T & Gelato 33


Alternative Cannabinoid Hemp Flower Category Winners
1st Place Flowgardens – Orange Glaze #32 
2nd Place Flowgardens – Grapefruit


Alternative Cannabinoid Edible Category Winner
1st Place Papa & Barkley – Sleep Releaf
2nd Place Granny B Goods 1:1 Canamels
3rd Place Hi Burst Raspberry Lemonade Fruit Chews


Alternative Cannabinoid Beverage Category Winner: KHEMIA – Chakra Chai


Alternative Cannabinoid Topical Category Winner: Carter’s Aroma Therapy Designs – Rasta Roll-On


Alternative Cannabinoid Tincture Category Winners
1st Place Sunrise Mountain Farms – PACIFIC – Full Spectrum CBD Rich Tincture
2nd Place PROOF – CBN Tincture
3rd Place Fiddler’s Green – Kindred Spirit – Raw Tincture


Alternative Cannabinoid Cartridge Category Winners
1st Place Chemistry – Serpentine
2nd place Kurvana –  CBD All-In-One – Banana Smoothie 5:1:5


Hemp-Derived Ingestible Category Winners
1st Place Green Truth – Trifecta Immune (CBDA-CBGA-CBDVA)
2nd Place Kurvana CBD Dream 2:1:3


Hemp-Derived Topical Category Winners
1st Place WeedSport – WeedSport CBD Muscle Stick
2nd Place Pure Dharma – Glow CBD Activated Oil Serum

Most Innovative Product – Consumable Category Winner: Holy Water x Honey Suckle Lotus  – Jelly Ranchers. Unholy Rosin/Resin Split Jar

Most Innovative Product – Industry Asset Category Winner: Huckleberry Hill Farms – Sow Your Own Magic

Breeders Hall Of Fame Category Winner: Greg McAllister

Visionary Award for Glass Artistry Category Winner: Scott Deppe – Mothership Glass

Regenerative Farm Award Category Winner: Emerald Spirit Botanicals – Farm Cut

Best Photo Contest Winner – Amateur Category Winner: Claudia Price – Pancake Stomper No. 5

Best Photo Contest Winner – Professional Category Winner: Benjamin Neff – The Heart

Best Dispensary – Northern California Category Winner: Mercy Wellness – Redwood Dr – Cotati

Best Dispensary – Central California Category Winner: Big Sur Canna + Botanicals – Carmel Rancho Ln – Carmel

Best Dispensary – Southern California Category Winner: Cornerstone Wellness – Colorado Blvd – Los Angeles

Eco-Conscious Packaging – Category Winner: Sol Spirit Farms

Environmentally Conscious Indoor – Category Winner: Moon Valley Cannabis

Hash Bash Cup 2022

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 Hash Bash Cup 2022 Winners!



1st - Cresco Labs - Do-Si-Lato

2nd - SOB - Wedding Pie


1st - Cresco Labs - Marshmallow OG

2nd - SOB - Tropicana Cookies


1st - Pegasus Green - Garlic Breath

2nd - MichiganTerpFarmz - Blueberry Sieve



1st - Shattered Jays - Black Berry Pie

2nd - Shattered Jays - Chocolate Covered Strawberry



1st - Every Damn Gram - Strawberry Lemonade Taffy

2nd - Liquid Gold - Snickers Drops




1st - Michigan Extract - Grape Valley Kush

2nd - Michigan Extracts - Cherry On Top


1st - Cresco Labs - Marshmallow OG Budder

2nd - Cresco Labs - Glazed Apricot Gelato Sauce


1st - Waterboy Extracts - GMO Cookies

2nd - Wojo Wax - Tropic Keyes


1st - Michigan Wax Wizard

2nd - ?????

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI