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Copa Cannabica Farallones (Co)

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Farallones Medical Cannabis Cup - IV Edition
28, 29, 30, 31 March & 1 April 2021. Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

Best Sativa
1st Place: Lemon Tree - Alto Jardin
2nd Place: Pellezino - Lucky OG Seeds

Best Indica
1st Place: Zkittlez - Alto Jardin
2nd Place: Purple Punch - Killacultiva

Best Extractions with Solvents
1st Place: Critical Tangerine / Live Resin - Folklore
2nd Place: Amnesia Kush / THCA Crystallized with Sauce - Fania All Xtracts

Best Extractions Solvents Free
1st Place: Kinder Fire / Live Rosin -Alto Jardin
2nd Place: Gelatto / Flower Rosin - Rayas Extracts

Best Edibles 
1st Place: Pineapple Lemonchelo - Fania All Xtracts
2nd Place: Mantequilla de Perejil - Ana Folklore Mexico




2020 Cannabis Industry Awards

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Cannabis Industry Awards - Australia
The Awards are designed to honour Australian cannabis community pioneers and business professionals.

Community Awards Winners 
To recognise non-corporate contributions in the cannabis space, and their vital role in the history and future of this industry.

Life Time Achievement: Justin Sinclair

Advocate of the Year: Rhys Cohen

Non - Profit of the Year: Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance Inc

Artist of the Year: Guthrie Trio

People's Choice: Her Highness

Stoner of the Year: Amanda Jane

Woman of Weed: Chloe Sweetman

City of the Year: Brisbane

Education Award: CBD Reviews Australia

Event of the Year: Australian Industrial Hemp Conference

Inspiration of the Year: Aaron Ellis

Doctor of the Year: Dr. David Caldicott


Business Awards Winners 
To recognise the advancement made by organisations in the cannabis industry, business awards are presented for innovation, excellence, and impact.

Business of the Year: Hemp Homes Australia

Product of the Year: Renewal Serum by Cannabella

Service of the Year: Cannabis Doctors Australia

Innovation Award: Hemp Black by EcoFibre

Marketing of the Year: HempU Marketing

Startup of the Year: Australia Cannabis Marketplace

Hemp Award: The Australian Hemp Masonry Company

Green Award: Margaret River Hemp Co

Social Media Award: Weed Australia

Website of the Year: CanView - CDA

Dispensary of the Year: Compass Clinics

CBD Product of the Year: Xativa Freeze - dried Sublingual Wafers





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