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Koos Zwart Award 2022 - August de Loor

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August de Loor

Since August de Loor became the first community worker in the Netherlands in 1970, he has been involved in everything related to drugs and drug policy in Amsterdam and far beyond. For years he ran the Drugs Advice Bureau and carried out pioneering work in the field of harm reduction, XTC testing at parties, the Safe House campaign, heroin distribution and the coffee shop as a crucial part of drug policy. 



August de Loor - photo: actv/flickr

Harvest Cup 2021

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Harvest Cup





The Winners of the 2021 Harvest Cup, held November 2021 at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA

Savory Edibles:
1st place - Nicci’s Pickles – Sweet & Spicy Pickle Slices
2nd place - The Serenity Baker – Snack Muffin

CBD Flower / Extract:
1st place - Northeast Alternatives – Whipped Cherry Tangie Purple Sunset Batter
2nd place - Northeast Alternatives – Inzanitangi Runtz Man Batter

Topicals / Transdermals:
1st place - Who is Mary Palmer – High Intensity Pain Cream
2nd place - Sharn Hewitt – Not Your Mom’s Confections – Lotion

Tinctures / Capsules:
1st place - Queenie Care FECO Capsules
2nd place - Sanctuary Medicinals Extra Strength Sativa Capsules

1st place - TriCann – Blackberry Kush Rosin
2nd place - Rugged Roots Inc – Peanut Butter Breath Badder

Sweet Edibles:
1st place - Northeast Alternatives – Nostalgia Bites PB&J Infused Bonbons
2nd place - Edible Artisan Treats – Baklava

CBD Edibles:
1st place - Northeast Alternatives – Posh Nibbles Infused Ganache Bonbons
2nd place - Who is Mary Palmer – Apple Punch

Syrups / Sauces/Condiments:
1st place - Tricann Alternatives Tomatillo Sauce
2nd place - Tricann Alternatives Cannabutter Spray

CBD Topicals/Transdermals:
1st place - Who is Mary Palmer – Rose Lotion
2nd place - TriCann Alternatives – Bergamot Blossom Body Wash & Body Lotion

1st place - TerpLife – Mulled Apple Cider
2nd place - Who is Mary Palmer – Cape Cod Lemonade

Sativa Flower:
1st place - City Slickers Genetics – Pineapple Citrus
2nd place - Cody Gagliardi – Lilac Poison

Indica Flower:
1st place - House of Cultivar – Designer Runtz
2nd place - Rugged Roots Inc – Runtz


  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI