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2019 IC 420 Growers Cup

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2019 IC420 Cannabis Cup Winners

Best Club Entry
Gelato 33 s1 by Terps Army

Growers Cup - Best Indica Winner
Zkittles bx1 #2 by Orgganics

Growers Cup - Best Sativa Winner
Tropicana Cookies by Bud Professor

Breeders Cup - Best Sativa Winner
ODv3 by Lady Sativa Genetics

Breeders Cup - Best Indica Winner
Orange Groovy by Grateful Seeds

 Best Hash Winner
Hot Lemonz Dry Sift Fresh Frozen by We Flowers

Best Oil/BHO Winner
Zkittlez Diamonds by Team Flavour Hunting

Best Rosin Winner
Fruitbowl Rosin by Nature Boys


Hash Bash Cup 2019

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 Hash Bash Cup 2019

1st Place TOPICALS
- (t1)Me My Wife and Trees w/ Love Lotion
2nd Place TOPICALS- (t2)Lake Erie Coastal Relief w/Pops Salve

1st Place EDIBLE BAKED GOOD - (bg1)DC Chronics w/Carrot Cake Truffels
2nd Place EDIBLE BAKED GOOD - (bg5)Mitten Moms w/Brownie

1st Place EDIBLE CANDY- (ce3)Me My Wife and Trees w/Carrot Baked
2nd Place EDIBLE CANDY (ce4)Munchery 420 w/Candies Almond

1st Place CARTRIDGES - (c1)Shattered Thoughts w/ Goji OG
2nd Place CARTRIDGES - (c2)CoCo Extracts w/Blue Zkittles

1st Place HYBRID FLOWER - (hf13)Canna Boys w/MAC
2nd Place HYBRID FLOWER - (hf9)Totally Herbal Care w/Watermelon Zkittles

1st Place INDICA FLOWER - (if6)Totally Herbal Care w/O.Z. Kush
2nd Place INDICA FLOWER - (if3)Detroit Flower Company w/Dead Head

1st Place SATIVA FLOWER - (sf4)Totally Herbal Care w/Orange Zkittles
2nd Place SATIVA FLOWER - (sf3)Bullet proof Genetics w/White Master Star Daughter

1st Place CONCENTRATE SOLVENT - (s12)Canna Boys w/Macicana
2nd Place CONCENTRATE SOLVENT - (s7)Twist'd Terps w/GG#4

1st Place CONCENTRATE NON SOLVENT - Wojo Wax w/ Créme De Mint
2nd Place CONCENTRATE NON SOLVENT - Special Blend Gardens colab with Red Roc w/Melonade #7

1st Place MEDICALLY INFUSED PRODUCT - Totally Herbal Care w/ Dirty Zprite Hippie Cigarette
2nd Place MEDICALLY INFUSED PRODUCT - Ravenwood Family Farms w/moonrocks


  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI