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2005 Cannabis Cup

Created on 25 November 2005. Posted in Cannabis Cup

... Dampkring for Silver Haze           Indica Cup   Soma Seeds for Lavender DNA Genetics for L.A. Confidential Paradise Seeds for Sensi Star           Sativa ...

The Winners!

Created on 24 November 2005. Posted in Site Updates

The 18th Cannabis Cup Results are in! Cannabis Cup 2005 - Barney's Breakfast Bar Indica Cup - Soma Seeds - Lavender Sativa Cup - DNA Genetics - Martian Mean Green Products - Wicked Roots - ...

2005 420 IC Growers Cup

Created on 20 April 2005. Posted in 420 IC Growers Cup

... Cleaner Bx1           Indica Grower   DNA Genetics for L.A. Confidential Homegrown Fantaseeds for Shiva Paradise Seeds for Sensi Star           Sativa Grower ...

2004 (Return of the Kind) Cannabis Cup

Created on 24 November 2004. Posted in Cannabis Cup

...  Indica Cup   B.C. Bud Depot for God Bud THSeeds for MK-Ultra DNA Genetics for L.A. Confidential           Sativa Cup   Reeferman Seeds for Love Potion #1 Green House for ...

2003 420 IC Growers Cup

Created on 20 April 2003. Posted in 420 IC Growers Cup

... Shady for Super Silver Haze DNA Genetics for Cannalope Haze           Best Glass   Sweet Leaf Glass for Triple Chamber Peace Bubbler Reuben & Co. A.J.'s Glass for ...

DNA Genetics

Created on 30 November -0001. Posted in Search - Weblinks / Seed Companies & Breeders

Cannabis Seed Company. New Kids on the block and creators of Cup Winners such as L.A. Confidential, Martian Mean Green and Chocolope.