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Magus GeneticsMagus Genetics

Gerrit, the owner and founder of Magus Genetics, has been involved with growing and breeding high quality marijuana since 1990. Through a thorough understanding of breeding principles/techniques and an utmost dedication, he has been able to develop some of the most exceptional varieties that are available today. His first strain "Warlock" quickly became a big worldwide success story and the seed bank`s flagship, with a trademark potency and aroma. Other unique strains should follow, such as Exile or Double Dutch - have a look into our "Seeds" category.

Their philosophy is to produce and offer only a handful of selected high-grade strains that are highly homogeneous and extraordinary in terms of potency and aroma. Less is more when it comes to seed strain quality!

In 2012 Magus Genetics announced a friendly takeover by Serious Seeds, four of the former Magus strains have been taken over by Serious Seeds.