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Koos Zwart Award 2017 - Doede de Jong

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 The Koos Zwart Award 2017 goes to Doede de Jong

/Doede_de_JongOrganic cannabis farmer Doede de Jong, sentenced to a confiscation order of half a million euros for cannabis cultivation, received the Koos Zwart Award during Cannabis Liberation Day in June 2017. This prize is awarded each year by the coffee shops united in the PCN, for a person who has committed himself to the legalization and normalization of cannabis.

Koos Zwart Award 2016 - Rick Simpson

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The Koos Zwart Award 2016 goes to Rick Simpson

/RICK_SIMPSONThe Koos Zwart Award 2016 goes to Rick Simpson, one of the world's largest pioneers in the field of medicinal cannabis oil. The PCN awards the prize every year to someone who has made an exceptional effort to legalize and normalize cannabis. Simpson came to the Netherlands for the presentation, during the eighth Cannabis Liberation Day, on 12 June in Amsterdam.

Koos Zwart Award 2018 - Dries van Agt

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The Koos Zwart Award 2018 goes to Dries van Agt

-oud-premier_van_agtFormer Prime Minister Dries van Agt smoked his very fist joint at the age of 86 on Wednesday. Despite introducing the cannabis tolerance policy as Minister of Justice in 1976, Van Agt never actually tried weed himself, the association of Dutch coffeeshops PCN said on its site.

Van Agt smoked his first joint on 18 jan. 2018,  the day that he was awarded the Koos Zwart Award, a prize awarded by the PCN to people who made an extraordinary effort in legalizing and normalizing cannabis.

The former Prime Minister also used the occasion to again call for legalizing cannabis. "Comrades, this is the year of victory!" he said. "Our salvation comes from California and Canada, the breakthrough is now really close." Canada and California both recently legalized the sale of marijuana.

The new Dutch government included an experiment on regulated cannabis cultivation in the government agreement. Municipalities are lining up to take part, with Rotterdam pushing to be the first.

Koos Zwart was a cannabis activist who died in 2014.
Every year the PCN (Platform Cannabisbedrijven Nederland) presents the Koos Zwart Award to someone who has had great benefits for the cannabis world.


Koos Zwart Award 2015 - Ben Dronkers

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The Koos Zwart Award 2015 goes to Ben Dronkers

Ben_DronkersOn Sunday the 14th of June 2015 the 7th Cannabis Liberation Day took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During this festival the founder of Sensi Seeds, Ben Dronkers, was honoured with the Koos Zwart Award; an annual recognition for activists who have made an outstanding contribution to the normalization and legalization of cannabis.