2022 Jack Herer Cup - Holland

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September 10th 2022 TamTam Beachclub - Zandvoor

These are the winners!

Best Coffeeshop
1st place: Greenhouse Secret Farmers - The Hague
2nd place: Yanks Indian Club - Zandvoort
3rd place: Gallery Colorado - Utrecht

Best Sativa Flower
1st place: Yanks Indian Club - USA Grenadine
2nd place: Blue Sea Amsterdam - Troppicana Cherry
3rd place: Gallery Colorado - Catfish

Best Indica Flower
1st place: The Box - Sherbert
2nd place: Le Mistral - RS11
3rd place: High Society - Purple OG Punch

Best Hybrid Flower
1st place: The Box - Tropicana Cherry
2nd place: Het Gelderse - White Runtz
3rd place: Le Mistral - Gold Mints

Best Neder Hash
1st place: Cremers - Mandarina
2nd place: Dizzy Duck Downtown - Blue Zushi
3rd place: Het Gelderse - Hash Valley Zkittlez

Best Edible
1st place: Magic - 24K Space Cake
2nd place: Reefer - Space Pop
3rd place: Dizzy Duck Downtown - La Chanvere Garden Bliss

Best Import Flower
1st place: Vlouw - Cherry Gelato
2nd place: Le Mistral - Space Candy
3rd place: Greenhouse Secret Farmers - Gusher Pie #3

Best Import Hash
1st place: Prix D'Ami - Champagne
2nd place: The Cat - Nepal Hash
3rd place: Reefer - Gazo

Best Solvent Extract
1st place: The Crow - Lemon Cherry
2nd place: Growers Choice Ft. Devil Harvest - Sour Zkittlez
3rd place: Magic - Lemon OG Sugar

Best Solventless Extract
1st place: The Bushdoctor Ft. We Extract BCN - Kmints Live Hash Rosin
2nd place: Magic - Mimosa
3rd place: Greenhouse Secret Farmers - Unions

Best CBD Product
1st place: Goldfish Amsterdam - Grand 24K Tangie
2nd place: Forteweed - Ice O Later Nonna Nunzia
3rd place: Goldfish Amsterdam - 5% CBD Turmeric & MCT Oil

Best Special Product 
1st place: De Pijp Zwolle - Sun Rocks
2nd place: Canna Drip - Dripwood Icecream Cookies
3rd place: Yanks Indian Club - Mimosa


Livetime Achievement Award: Henk de Vries - The Bulldog, Amsterdam