Jack Herer Cup Holland

2022 Jack Herer Cup - Holland

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Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam 2022

September 10th 2022

TamTam Beachclub - Zandvoort

2020 Jack Herer Cup - Holland

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Jack Herer Cup - Amsterdam 2020

Online Awards on 12th December

There are the Winners!

Best Haze Flower
1st place: De Republiek - Super Silver Haze
2nd place: Boerejongens Sloterdijk- Blue Tangie Haze
3rd place: Relax - Silver Haze

Best Sativa Flower 
1st place:
 Gallery Colorado - Tangerine Dream
2nd place: Growers Choice - Blue Dream Sherbet
3rd place: Galaxy - Tangerine

Best Indica Flower 
1st place: Galaxy - Kosher Kush
2nd place: GreenHouse Secret Farmers - Dreamsgold
3rd place: Prix D' Ami - Kosher Star Dawg

Best Hybrid Flower 
1st place: Gallery Colorado - Purple Punch Watermelon Zkittlez 
2nd place: GreenHouse Secret Farmers - Lemonade
3rd place: Siberie - Girl Scout Cookies

Best Import Hash 
1st place: Le Mistral - Beldia
2nd place: Waterworld - Heya
3rd place: GreenHouse Secret Farmers - Super Hia

Best Neder Hash 
1st place: Relax - Relax Balls
2nd place: The Corner - Layer Cake
3rd place: The Corner - Corner String

Best Pre-Roll 
1st place: The Corner - Damwoods Shoreline
2nd place: Prix D'Ami - Donut King Amnesia
3rd place: Loft - Tangie Twister 

Best Extract 
1st place: Family First - Pink Lychee Wet Butter
2nd place: Jank's Indian Club - Flock of Birds
3rd place: Family First - Magnun Opus Wet Butter

Best CBD Product 
1st place: Goldfish Amsterdam - CBD GoodNight
2nd place: Amsterdam Genetics - CBD Gummies
3rd place: Helvetic Hemp - Helvetic Haze

Best Edible 
1st place: Boerejongens Sloterdijk - Travelers Cake
2nd place: Coffeeshop Amsterdam - Red Velvet Spacetry
3rd place: Le Mistral - Go Nuts Bonbons

Best International Product 
1st place: Kandy Krew London - THC Syrup
2nd place: Chubby Gorilla - Aviator CR Tubes
3rd place: Gemmacert - Gemmacert Pro

Best International Flower
1st place: Papillon - Runtz
2nd place: GreenHouse Secret Farmers - MAC
3rd place: Galaxy - GaK Do

Best Int. Solvent Extract
1st place: Nug Busters UK - N.E.R.D'S Sauce
2nd place: Family First - Sunset Sherbet Diamonds
3rd place: Nug Busters UK - Pink P Sugar Wax

Best Int. Solventless Extract
1st place: GreenHouse Secret Farmers - Cheese Dawg
2nd place: Johnny Dabb - Scotts OG Cold Cure Hash Rosin
3rd place: Dr. Duc Grow - Marley's Collie 

Best Coffeeshop
1st place: Boerejongens Sloterdijk
2nd place: GreenHouse Secret Farmers
3rd place: Expresso 









2019 Jack Herer Cup - Holland

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Jack Herer Cup Winners - Amsterdam 2019

Best Jack Herer Flower 
1st place:  Jacky White - Greenhouse Secret Farmers

Best Sativa Flower 
1st place:
 Silver Haze - Relax
2nd place: Moonshine - Espresso
3rd place: Lemon Haze - Dreamland

Best Indica Flower 
1st place: Purple Kosher Kush - Easy Times
2nd place: Rude Boi OG - Greenhouse Secret Farmers
3rd place: Blueberry Muffin - Get Down To It

Best Hybrid Flower 
1st place: Dancehall - Siberie
2nd place: Dreamgold - Dreamland
3rd place: Purple Fruit Punch - Family First

Best Import Hash 
1st place: NIQA Original - Dampkring
2nd place: Cream - Papillon
3rd place: Zero Zero - Catch 33

Best Neder Hash 
1st place: Zkittles Wax - Family First
2nd place: OG Slugger - Original Dampkring
3rd place: Kosher Kush Ice - Easy Times

Best Pre-Roll 
1st place: Cali's Pure - The Plug
2nd place: White Choco Block - Boerejongens
3rd place: G13 Moonrock Spliff - Papillon

Best CBD Flower 
1st place: Charlottes Dream - Growers Choice
2nd place: CBD Pihaze - CBD Botanic
3rd place: Green Magic CBD - Boerejongens Center

Best CBD Product 
1st place: Landracer C3 MCT - Greenhouse Secret Farmers
2nd place: CBD Capsules Nano - Hemp Hero
3rd place: 5% CBD Lemongrass Oil - Gold Fish Amsterdam

Best Edible 
1st place: Spacetry Special Edition - Boerejongens
2nd place: Rainbow Cake - Original Dampkring
3rd place: Organic Space Cake - Easy Times

Best Product 
1st place: Bio Organic Hemp Cones - Cones
2nd place: Eco Rolling Tray - Greengo
3rd place: THC Candies - Kandy Krew Edibles

Best International Product 
1st place: Mini Plus Vaporizer - Exxus
2nd place: Canna Pod - Bud Bar Displays
3rd place: Rosegars - Las Vegas Cannagars

Best Coffeeshop
1st place: Easy Times
2nd place: Boerejongens Sloterdijk
3rd place: Prix D'Ami