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Homegrown Cup 2017

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Homegrown Cup 201

Winners of the Homegrown Cup 2017

1-Kosbor -  Neville's Haze
2-Ganjaman -  AMG
3-New Balance - Big Buddha Cheese

1-Lady Sativa Genetics - Orange Diesel v3
2-Organic Earth - Blood Orange Tangie
3-Nugg Run Extracts - Holy Grail Kush

1-LadySativa Genetics - Super Orange Glue
2-Dutch Passion - Sindria UGC x Glueberry OG
3-Brother Extracts - 24k Gold

1-1e Hulp - Strawberry Banana
2-1e Hulp - GG#4
3-Brother Extracts - Fruit Bowl + 24k

1-Ne1 Extracts - Mandarin Kush
2-Ambrosia Extracts - Headbanger
3- Nugg Run Extracts - Headbanger

1-Ne1 Extracts - Manndarin Kush
2-Lady Sativa Extracts - Marmalade
3-Lume Extracts - Agent Orange

Homegrown Cup 2016

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Winners of the Homegrown Cup 2016.



1st  Scott's OG by Organic Earth
1st  Super Orange Glue by Lady Sativa Genetics

2nd Pineapple Express by Toermalijn
2nd Platinum Valley Kush by Accelerator Seeds

3rd  RKS by Brother Extracts
3rd  Exodus Kush by Brother Extracts


1st Brainstorm by Dutch Passion

2nd New Balance Speciasl by Newe Balance

3rd Royal Cheese by Marcel


Traditional Hash

1st Alien Cheese Breath by Brother Extracts

2nd Tangerine G13 Block by Amsterdam Genetics

3rd Golden Berry Block by Amsterdam Genetics

HomeGrown Cup 2015

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The HomeGrown Cup organization leans on an old tradition of celebrating the annual agriculture harvests at the end of the season. The HomeGrown Cup emphasizes the benefits of growing your own cannabis for personal use and sharing with friends; recreational, medical and therapeutic. It is strictly an invitational competition. Only competitors and organizers are permitted entry to the judging session, held at a secret location.

The 1st Edition of the HomeGrown Cup was held in Amsterdam, in December 2015.

These are the winners!

Outdoor Category

Dutch Passion’s Shaman by Cannabis Social Club Amsterdam

Indoor Category

Marimberos’ Nicole by Coffeeshop Toermalijn Tilburg

Concentrate Category

Lemon Cookie Dough (Lemon Bubble x Hypro) BHO Nug Run by Ambrosia Extracts