Highlife (cup) Hemp Fair

HighLife Cup 2017

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High Life Cup And Cannabis Liberation Day


And the winners of the High Life Cannabis Cup 2017 are:



1st Place - Purple Orange by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck

2nd Place - Supper Bubbles by Coffeeshop Magic

3rd Place - Critical Dynamite by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck



1st Place - OG Cheese by Coffeeshop Regine

2nd Place - Lady Cane Sour Diesel by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck

3rd Place Ultimate AK by Sumo Seeds



1st Place - Auto Jack by Paradise Seeds

2nd Place - Amnesia Auto by Kera Seeds

3rd Place - Auto Glueberry O.G


HAZE (Hydro)

1st Place - Nevilles Haze by Coffeeshop Kosbor

2nd Place - Green Magic Haze by Coffeeshop Boerenjongens

3rd Place - Amnesia Haze by Coffeeshop 't Bunkertje


HAZE (Soil)

1st Place - Amnesia by Club Media

2nd Place - White Amnesia by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck

3rd Place - Amnesia by Coffeeshop Kosbor



1st Place - Master Kush by Dutch Passion

2nd Place - Lemon Larry by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck

3rd Place - Platinum Valley Kush by Accelerator Seeds



1st Place - Skunk Berry by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck

2nd Place - Big Buddha Cheese by Missouri Maastricht

3rd Place - Amsterdam Cheese by Kera Seeds



1st Place - Amnesia Ganja Haze by Sumo Seeds

2nd Place - Chocolope Skunkberry by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck

3rd Place - El Diablo by Coffeeshop Easy Going



1st Place - White Widow by Coffeeshop Regin

2nd Place - Yumbolt by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck

3rd Place - Super Santa Maria by Coffeeshop Zero Zero



1st Place - CBD Auto Compassion Lime by Dutch Passion

2nd Place - Girl Scout Cookies CBD by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck

3rd Place - White Widow Medical by Coffeeshop 't Bunkertje



1st Place - Green Magic Block by Coffeeshop Boerenjongens

2nd Place - Caramellow by Coffeeshop Club Media

3rd Place - Lemon Haze Hash by Coffeeshop Warda International


HASH (Extracts)

1st Place - Space Rock by Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck

2nd Place - Rif by Coffeeshop Zero Zero

3rd Place - Tbizla by Coffeeshop Regine



Highlife Cup 2016

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Highlife Cup 2016

Held during Cannabis Liberation Day 2016 in Amsterdam

cannabis bevrijdingsdag

These are the results of the 2016 Highlife Cup

Winner of the Highlife Cup 2016 is Coffeeshop Magic (The Hague) for Super Amnesia Haze



1st Place

 2nd Place

 3rd Place



Coffeeshop 't Bunkertje, Appeldoorn

Jack Herer

Sumo Seeds

Green Mango

Coffeeshop Magic, The Hague




Sumo Seeds

Apple Berry

Serious Seeds


Coffeeshop Missouri, Maastricht

Blueberry Cheese




 Dutch Passion

AutoNight Queen


Industrial Plant Auto CBD

Kera Seeds

Amnesia Auto

Kush strains  


Paradise Seeds

Dutch Kush

Coffeeshop Mississippi, Maastricht

Karmarado OG

Dutch Delight Seeds

Sugar Kush



Boerenjongens Centrum, Amsterdam

Tangerine G13 block

Boerenjongens West, Amsterdam

Kosher Tangie block

 Coffeeshop Regine, Haarlem

Regine’s Primera


Haze Hydro


Paradise Seeds

Atomical Haze

Coffeeshop Magic, The Hague

S5 Haze

Coffeeshop 't Bunkertje, Apeldoorn

Silver Haze


Haze Bio


Coffeeshop Magic, The Hague

Super Amnesia Haze 

Coffeeshop Kosbor, Maastricht


Kera Seeds

Amnesia Mac Ganja Bio




  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI