High Times The High Times Cannabis Cup is one of the oldest Annual Cannabis Award Shows in the world.

2014: Winners of the 27th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam

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27th high times cannabis cupHigh Times Cannabis Cup 2014 - The 27th Awards. 
November 23rd till 27th - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In Amsterdam, in the last week of November the Judges of the Cannabis Cup will choose once again the best marijuana and hashish varieties, served by the Coffeeshops of Holland, as well as the best new varieties of seeds, hemp products and 4:20 wanna-haves.

The days will be filled with many lectures like 
“The Greenhouse & Strain Hunters: Creators of Champions” presented by Arjan and Franco, “The Military-Industrial Complex vs. the Cannabis-Industrial Complex” presented by Soma, “DNA: Creating Champions the DNA Way” presented by Don and Aaron, Calli Connection: The High-flying Future” presented by Swerve and “Cannabis Cuisine of Your Dreams” presented by Elise McDonough to mention a few.

The Cannabis Cup Awards ceremony will be presented at the Melkweg followed by Rebelution and Dirty Heads.

Inductees to the Counterculture Hall of Fame: Sasha and Ann Shulgin
Freedom Fighter of the Year: Robert Platshorn
Lifetime Achievement Award: Marc Emery

Coffeeshop Flowers:
1st - Barney’s Coffeeshop- Cookies Kush  
2nd - Green Place - OG Reekn 
3rd - The Green House - Pure Kush 

Sativa by a Seed Company:
1st - Crockett Family Farms - Tangie Crockett's Cut
2nd - DNA Genetics - Tangie 
3rd - PhenoFinders - Lemon Bubble 

Indica by a Seed Company : 
1st - The Vault Genetics - Colorado Bubba 
2nd - True Canna Genetics - The Truth 
3rd - DNA Genetics - Kosher Kush

Hybrid by a Seed Company:
1st - The Vault Genetics - Larry OG
2nd - Rare Dankness Seeds - Star Killer 
3rd - BC Bud Depot - Night Nurse  

Import Hash (Concentrates) by a Seed Company:
1st - Loud Pack Extractions & Greenwolf, LA - Super Lemon OG Concentrate 
2nd - Oasis Medical Seeds in Flint, MI - Paris OG Shatter Dab Vader 
3rd - DNA Unlimited - Lemon OG 18 Live Resin   

Neder Hash by a Coffeeshop:
1st - Barney’s Coffeeshop - Cookies Ice-Cream 
2nd - The Green House -Green House Ice  
3rd - The Grey Area - Grey Crystan   

Import Hash Coffeeshop:
1st - the Green House - Super Lemon Haze Cream 
2nd - Barney’s Coffeeshop - Carmella Cream 
3rd - The Green Place - Twisla  

Nerder Hash by a Seed Company:
1st - The Vault Genetics - The Kong 73 Non-Solvent Hash 
2nd - DNA Grow Your Own - Betty Ross 
3rd - Drysift by House of the Great Gardener -Barb 99  

CBD Flowers:
House of the Great Gardener - CBD Rene 

CBD Concentrate:
CannaVest - CBD Simple  

Best Product:
1st - The Loud Seeds Gift Bag
2nd - Devil’s Harvest
3rd - Sensi Seeds 

Best Glass:
1st - Roor
2nd - Flav421 History in the Making by the Dampkring Gallery 
3rd - Team Japan Onigari/ Demon Hunter by the Dampkring Gallery

Amsterdam Roest Map

  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai
  • Entry AI
  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI