ExpoGrow Cup 2018

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 Expogrow Cannabis Cup 2018 Winners - Ficoba, Irun (Spain) 

Best Sativa

“Special Franco Loja Price”

1st place: Kannabia Seeds - Colombian Jack
2nd place: Exotic Seeds – Spicy Bich
3rd place: Green House Seeds – Arjan Haze #1

Best Indica
1st place: Green House – Franco’s Cheese
2nd place: The Plant Seeds – Gelato Plant
3rd place: Barney’s Farm – Shiskaberry

Best Extraction with solvent
1st place: Ripper Seeds – Chem Pie
2nd place: Kannabia Seeds – Diesel Glue
3rd place: Exclusive Seeds – Dr. Lemon OG 

Best Extraction without solvent
1st place TIE
R-Kiem Seeds – Dead Cheese
The Plant Seeds – Northern Lights 5 Haz
2nd place: Green Wish Seeds – Amatista
3rd place: Mr. Hide Seeds – Jekyll Kush

Best Automatic
1st place: Mr. Hide Seeds – Kritical Red
2nd place: Exotic Seeds – Monster Kush
3rd place: Mr. Hide Seeds – Northern Cream

Best Stand: Sensi Seeds

Best Seeds Bank: Exclusive Seeds

Best  Cultivation Product: Easy Rolls

Best Fertilizer: Advanced Nutrients

Best Paraphernalia: “Bud Bar” de Aso Service

Best Communication Media: Soft Secrets

Best Publication: Mama Éditions

Best Hemp Product: “Breeder Hemp Flor” de Breeder Seeds

Best CBD Product: Pura Vida CBD

Activist of the year: NORML France

Honorary Award:

Kannabia Seeds, 10 years.
Advanced Hydroponics of Holland, 25 years.